Methylation biomarker study of magnesium deficiency and colorectal cancer

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Five US studies using the Mg tolerance test, the "gold standard" test of Mg status, indicated that >50% participants had Mg deficiency. In our ongoing US trial, we have found a similar result. In growing recognition of the importance of Mg in human health, very recently, Mg was selected by the US Federal Dietary Reference Intake (DRI) Committee to update the DRI. In US and other populations at high risk of Mg deficiency, high Mg intake has been linked to reduced risk of colorectal neoplasia, insulin resistance, metabolic syndrome, type 2 diabetes, and cardiovascular disease (CVD). Conversely, in populations not at high risk of Mg deficiency, high Mg intake has been related to increased risk of total mortality (e.g. total cancer, colorectal cancer, and CVD), particularly when calcium intake is low. These observations suggest that the associations between high Mg intake and disease risks may completely differ by the underlying Mg status. Due to major limitations, the Mg tolerance test is not used in conventional clinical practice and rarely used in research. Instead, serum Mg ... (Show More)

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