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Using your EGA account

The purpose of this page is to help you access and download the data you have been granted permission to view through your EGA account.

To obtain an EGA account please register here. Once your account is created, you can find details on how to manage your EGA account here.

EGA access policy

(New account holders please read)

  1. Access to EGA services are only provided to EGA account holders.
  2. EGA accounts are created, updated and closed upon direct instruction from the relevant DAC contact, using the EGA account management tools or through EGA Helpdesk.
  3. As part of the EGA account creation process, the EGA account holder must reset their password when instructed. Password resets are checked and verified usually within 24 business hours, during which time the EGA account is inaccessible.
  4. EGA accounts are assigned on an individual basis for the exclusive use of the registered EGA account holder; log-in details must remain private and only be used by the EGA account holder.
  5. Controlled access data files are only provided, in accordance to the permissions set by the DAC, to EGA account holders.
  6. EGA controlled access data files are encrypted prior to download and must be decrypted on the EGA account holders side.
  7. EGA account holders are provided access to the EGA download streamer to download access approved datasets and files therein.
  8. The EGA download streamer represents the primary means for the EGA account holder to download access approved datasets and files therein.
  9. EGA account holders may be provided with an EGA download account for accessing approved datasets and files therein, using FTP or Aspera in response to clearly defined technical reasons, which may restrict the use of the EGA download streamer.
  10. It is the sole responsibility of the EGA account holder to ensure full compliance to all terms and conditions of the Data Access Agreement are met once data is downloaded from the EGA.
  11. Should you move institute you must contact all Data Access Committee's contacts to update your details and, if necessary, re-apply for data access.
  12. The Data Access Agreement (DAA) is a contract made between the DAC and the EGA account holder; the EGA is not responsible for enforcing the DAA.
  13. EGA reserves the right to place EGA accounts 'onhold', pending DAC approval to re-activate, should EGA account 'misuse' be suspected.

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