Transcriptomics of CD8 T cells and Immune Checkpoint Blockade

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EGAC00001001482 Benjamin Fairfax benjamin [dot] fairfax [at] oncology [dot] ox [dot] ac [dot] uk No additional information is available

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EGAD00001005973 We are interested in inter-individual variation in transcriptional response to immune checkpoint blockade. We have analysed poly A purified RNA expression from CD8 T cells (297 transcriptomes in total) isolated from metastatic melanoma patients (n=106) prior to and during treatment with either single agent (Pembrolizumab) or combination (Ipilimumab/ Nivolumab) immune checkpoint blockade. We compare expression at different stages of treatment and additionally contrast this with that from healthy controls (n=68). Illumina HiSeq 4000 297