DPR mRNA Seq team

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EGAC00001002600 Ashutosh Dhingra ashutosh [dot] dhingra [at] dzne [dot] de No additional information is available

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Dataset ID Description Technology Samples
EGAD00001008674 To investigate the mode of action and potential side-effects we analyzed differential gene expression in Postmitotic C9orf72 iPSC-Neurons by RNAseq. The cells were treated in a 2 dose regime at 10 µm in 0.1 % DMSO for 9 days. Compound treated iPSC-Neurons were washed with PBS, frozen on dry ice and stored at -80°C until RNA isolation. The RNA was isolated using miRNA Mini Kit (Qiagen) using 700 μl of Qiazol. A total of 250 ng of RNA per sample was processed for mRNA library preparation as per the manufacturer’s instructions for Illumina® Stranded mRNA Prep Ligation to be used with the IDT® for Illumina® RNA UD Indexes Set B and sequenced using NextSeq 500/550 High Output Kit v2.5 (Illumina) on NextSeq 550 (Illumina). The data was processed and analyzed using CLC genomics workbench (Version 21.0.3, Qiagen) NextSeq 550 27