Identifying autosomal recessive mutations causing neurological disorders

Dataset ID Technology Samples
EGAD00001000340 Illumina Genome Analyzer II 3

Dataset Description

The objective of this study is to resequence of targeted intervals containing autosomal recessive variants causing neurological disorders in consanguineous pedigrees. Using homozygosity mapping, three intervals of very different sizes have previously been unambiguously mapped for three different neurological diseases: 2.4Mb, 8Mb and 14.3Mb in size, for Microlissencephaly, Severe Mental Retardation and Complicated hereditary spastic paraplegia respectively. This study is a pilot to assess how well custom targeted resequencing performs across a broad size range of intervals. The study design is to use a different custom capture probe set for each interval, pulldown from a single patient from each family, and sequence 1 lane using Illumina paired-reads for each sample. Candidate variants will be followed up in the families themselves, and in patients with similar phenotypes from outbred populations

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