Single Cell Sequencing of Sperm (scSperm)

Dataset ID Technology Samples
EGAD00001001216 Illumina HiSeq 2000 12

Dataset Description

The aim of this project is to genotype and sequence single spermatozoa from two men, one in his twenties and the other in his seventies. The resulting data is used to quantify the mutations that have arisen in the gametes of both individuals in order to better understand the effect of aging on mutation rates and modes.Project Outline. In order to quantify mutations, semen from two individuals are sequenced. 48 single sperm cells are isolated from each individual, and their DNA is extracted. The resulting genomes are amplified using PicoPlex, GenomiPhi MDA, Repli-G MDA, and MALBAC. QC step is applied to check the quality of WGA DNA using standard Sequenom plex (26 SNPs). A subset of 32 amplification products which pass the intiall QC, are genotyped using Affymetrix SNP6 chips. 12 of the genotyped amplification products are also sequenced. In addition, one multi-cell sample per individual is sequenced as a reference and for validation purposes.Altogether, 12 single cell sperm genomes and two multi-cell genomes are sequenced, coming to a total of 14 genomes. Of the single cell sperm genomes, 2 are sequenced to 50x coverage, and the other 10 to 25x coverage. Both multi-cell genomes are sequenced to 25x coverage.

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More details: EGAC00001000205


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