Mechanisms of patient response to Dabrafenib in Melanoma

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EGAD00001001375 Illumina HiSeq 2500 169

Dataset Description

Samples will be from the BRF113683 (BREAK-3) study which is a Phase III Randomized, Open-label Study Comparing GSK2118436 to Dacarbazine (DTIC) in Previously Untreated Subjects With BRAF Mutation Positive Advanced (Stage III) or Metastatic (Stage IV) Melanoma (n=250 enrolled)*NGS [Agilent capture (Sanger V2 panel): 360 genes and 20 gene fusions; Illumina HiSEQ Sequencing]*CNV: [via NGS or Affy SNP 6.0 or Illumina Omni (TBD)]Bioinformatics: Analysis will be performed using core Sanger informatics pipelines similar to those previously described (Papaemmanuil E et al. (2013) Blood. 22:3616 -3627). Briefly, copy number analysis will be performed using the ASCAT algorithm, and base substitutions, small insertions and deletions using the CAVEMAN and Pindel algorithms, respectively. Statistical approaches including generalized linear models will be used to predict clinical variables such as maximum clinical response and duration of response using genetic data. Sanger and EBI to conduct analysis; Raw data and correlation with clinical endpoints to be analyzed by both EBI/Sanger and GSK (unique pipeline analyses to increase call confidence)

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