TERT rearrangements are frequent in neuroblastoma and identify aggressive tumors

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EGAD00001001635 N/A 42

Dataset Description

Whole genome sequencing detected structural rearrangements of TERT in 17/75 high stage neuroblastoma with 5 cases resulting from chromothripsis. Rearrangements were associated with increased TERT expression and targeted immediate up- and down-stream regions of TERT, placing in 7 cases a super-enhancer close to the breakpoints. TERT rearrangements (23%), ATRX deletions (11%) and MYCN amplifications (37%) identify three almost non-overlapping groups of high stage neuroblastoma, each associated with very poor prognosis. This submission contains all newly sequenced samples only.study_refcenter AMC

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More details: EGAC00001000047


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