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March 2016 update of Whole genome bisulfite sequencing assay data (fastq) for reference epigenomes generated at Centre for Epigenome Mapping Technologies, Genome Sciences Center, B.C. Cancer Agency as part of the International Human Epigenome Consortium.

March 2016 update of Whole genome bisulfite sequencing assay data (fastq) for reference epigenomes generated at Centre for Epigenome Mapping Technologies (Canadian Epigenetics, Environment and Health Research Consortium), Genome Sciences Center, B.C. Cancer Agency, Vancouver, Canada as part of the International Human Epigenome Consortium.

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BC Cancer, part of the Provincial Health Services Authority - Data Access Policy

Access to this data is controlled. There are a number of steps that a researcher must take to obtain access to this data, including execution of a Data Access Agreement between the institutions. The process is overseen by the Technology Development Office; please contact our general email address Please only click the "request data" button on the EGA website after a Data Access Agreement is fully executed.

Studies are experimental investigations of a particular phenomenon, e.g., case-control studies on a particular trait or cancer research projects reporting matching cancer normal genomes from patients.

Study ID Study Title Study Type
EGAS00001000552 Other

This table displays only public information pertaining to the files in the dataset. If you wish to access this dataset, please submit a request. If you already have access to these data files, please consult the download documentation.

ID File Type Size Located in
EGAF00001109841 fastq.gz 19.0 GB
EGAF00001109842 fastq.gz 19.5 GB
EGAF00001109843 fastq.gz 23.1 GB
EGAF00001109844 fastq.gz 22.7 GB
EGAF00001109845 fastq.gz 23.0 GB
EGAF00001109846 fastq.gz 22.6 GB
EGAF00001109847 fastq.gz 22.0 GB
EGAF00001109848 fastq.gz 21.8 GB
EGAF00001109875 fastq.gz 19.3 GB
EGAF00001109876 fastq.gz 20.1 GB
EGAF00001109877 fastq.gz 19.3 GB
EGAF00001109878 fastq.gz 20.1 GB
EGAF00001109879 fastq.gz 17.9 GB
EGAF00001109880 fastq.gz 18.1 GB
EGAF00001109881 fastq.gz 22.4 GB
EGAF00001109882 fastq.gz 23.3 GB
EGAF00001109883 fastq.gz 22.3 GB
EGAF00001109884 fastq.gz 23.0 GB
EGAF00001109885 fastq.gz 20.6 GB
EGAF00001109886 fastq.gz 20.6 GB
EGAF00001109887 fastq.gz 20.5 GB
EGAF00001109888 fastq.gz 20.6 GB
EGAF00001109889 fastq.gz 18.7 GB
EGAF00001109890 fastq.gz 19.2 GB
EGAF00001109891 fastq.gz 25.3 GB
EGAF00001109892 fastq.gz 25.1 GB
EGAF00001109893 fastq.gz 25.1 GB
EGAF00001109894 fastq.gz 24.9 GB
EGAF00001109895 fastq.gz 18.0 GB
EGAF00001109896 fastq.gz 18.4 GB
EGAF00001109897 fastq.gz 15.4 GB
EGAF00001109898 fastq.gz 16.3 GB
EGAF00001109899 fastq.gz 15.6 GB
EGAF00001109900 fastq.gz 16.3 GB
EGAF00001109901 fastq.gz 21.3 GB
EGAF00001109902 fastq.gz 21.5 GB
EGAF00001109903 fastq.gz 17.4 GB
EGAF00001109904 fastq.gz 18.1 GB
EGAF00001109905 fastq.gz 21.3 GB
EGAF00001109906 fastq.gz 21.7 GB
EGAF00001109907 fastq.gz 19.5 GB
EGAF00001109908 fastq.gz 19.6 GB
EGAF00001109909 fastq.gz 19.0 GB
EGAF00001109910 fastq.gz 19.1 GB
EGAF00001109911 fastq.gz 20.4 GB
EGAF00001109912 fastq.gz 20.7 GB
EGAF00001109913 fastq.gz 19.6 GB
EGAF00001109914 fastq.gz 19.9 GB
EGAF00001109915 fastq.gz 19.8 GB
EGAF00001109916 fastq.gz 20.3 GB
EGAF00001109917 fastq.gz 19.5 GB
EGAF00001109918 fastq.gz 19.6 GB
EGAF00001109919 fastq.gz 33.9 GB
EGAF00001109920 fastq.gz 34.0 GB
EGAF00001109921 fastq.gz 17.5 GB
EGAF00001109922 fastq.gz 18.3 GB
EGAF00001109923 fastq.gz 18.7 GB
EGAF00001109924 fastq.gz 19.3 GB
EGAF00001109925 fastq.gz 16.2 GB
EGAF00001109926 fastq.gz 17.1 GB
EGAF00001109927 fastq.gz 34.6 GB
EGAF00001109928 fastq.gz 34.2 GB
EGAF00001109929 fastq.gz 16.2 GB
EGAF00001109930 fastq.gz 16.9 GB
EGAF00001109931 fastq.gz 26.5 GB
EGAF00001109932 fastq.gz 25.6 GB
EGAF00001109933 fastq.gz 19.9 GB
EGAF00001109934 fastq.gz 20.6 GB
EGAF00001109935 fastq.gz 20.0 GB
EGAF00001109936 fastq.gz 20.6 GB
EGAF00001109937 fastq.gz 33.0 GB
EGAF00001109938 fastq.gz 34.6 GB
EGAF00001109939 fastq.gz 19.1 GB
EGAF00001109940 fastq.gz 19.0 GB
EGAF00001109941 fastq.gz 19.1 GB
EGAF00001109942 fastq.gz 19.9 GB
EGAF00001109943 fastq.gz 18.9 GB
EGAF00001109944 fastq.gz 19.7 GB
EGAF00001109945 fastq.gz 20.5 GB
EGAF00001109946 fastq.gz 21.2 GB
EGAF00001109947 fastq.gz 20.1 GB
EGAF00001109948 fastq.gz 20.4 GB
EGAF00001109949 fastq.gz 24.0 GB
EGAF00001109950 fastq.gz 23.9 GB
EGAF00001109951 fastq.gz 24.0 GB
EGAF00001109952 fastq.gz 24.0 GB
EGAF00001109953 fastq.gz 18.7 GB
EGAF00001109954 fastq.gz 19.2 GB
EGAF00001109955 fastq.gz 19.3 GB
EGAF00001109956 fastq.gz 20.0 GB
EGAF00001109957 fastq.gz 23.0 GB
EGAF00001109958 fastq.gz 23.8 GB
EGAF00001109959 fastq.gz 23.2 GB
EGAF00001109960 fastq.gz 23.7 GB
EGAF00001109961 fastq.gz 20.3 GB
EGAF00001109962 fastq.gz 20.9 GB
EGAF00001109963 fastq.gz 18.7 GB
EGAF00001109964 fastq.gz 19.1 GB
EGAF00001109965 fastq.gz 20.3 GB
EGAF00001109966 fastq.gz 20.6 GB
EGAF00001109967 fastq.gz 29.2 GB
EGAF00001109968 fastq.gz 27.8 GB
EGAF00001109969 fastq.gz 15.0 GB
EGAF00001109970 fastq.gz 15.7 GB
EGAF00001109971 fastq.gz 14.8 GB
EGAF00001109972 fastq.gz 15.5 GB
EGAF00001109973 fastq.gz 33.1 GB
EGAF00001109974 fastq.gz 31.6 GB
108 Files (2.3 TB)