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BAP1 sequence of uveal melanoma and mesothelioma samples

Detection of BAP1 mutations in DNA from uveal melanoma and mesothelioma samples.

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Study ID Study Title Study Type
EGAS00001001520 Cancer Genomics

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ID File Type Size Located in
EGAF00001216216 cram 438.9 MB
EGAF00001216217 cram 435.7 MB
EGAF00001216218 cram 515.5 MB
EGAF00001216219 cram 393.3 MB
EGAF00001216220 cram 373.3 MB
EGAF00001216221 cram 335.4 MB
EGAF00001216222 cram 303.6 MB
EGAF00001216223 cram 287.7 MB
EGAF00001216224 cram 321.7 MB
EGAF00001216225 cram 360.3 MB
EGAF00001216226 cram 498.6 MB
EGAF00001216227 cram 561.1 MB
EGAF00001216228 cram 317.2 MB
EGAF00001216229 cram 420.4 MB
EGAF00001216230 cram 292.0 MB
EGAF00001216231 cram 272.7 MB
EGAF00001216232 cram 510.9 MB
EGAF00001216233 cram 401.5 MB
EGAF00001216234 cram 346.5 MB
EGAF00001216235 cram 326.9 MB
EGAF00001216236 cram 423.8 MB
EGAF00001216237 cram 408.4 MB
22 Files (8.5 GB)