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unmapped Bam files from whole transcriptome RNA-seq

In this study we characterized genomic alterations in two to five metachronous bladder tumors from 29 patients initially diagnosed with early stage disease. Fourteen patients (32 tumors) had non progressive disease (NPD) and 15 patients (34 tumors) had progressive disease (PD). Whole exome sequencing (WES, ~50x mean read depth and whole transcriptome RNA-seq was performed (RNA was not advalible for 4 tumors). Data provided here consist of 71 unmapped Bam files form whole transcriptome RNA-seq.

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MOMA DAC Access Policy

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Studies are experimental investigations of a particular phenomenon, e.g., case-control studies on a particular trait or cancer research projects reporting matching cancer normal genomes from patients.

Study ID Study Title Study Type
EGAS00001001686 Other
ID File Type Size Located in
EGAF00001224231 bam 6.9 GB
EGAF00001224232 bam 13.3 GB
EGAF00001224233 bam 6.4 GB
EGAF00001224234 bam 6.3 GB
EGAF00001224235 bam 5.9 GB
EGAF00001224236 bam 10.0 GB
EGAF00001224237 bam 2.1 GB
EGAF00001224238 bam 4.0 GB
EGAF00001224239 bam 8.2 GB
EGAF00001224240 bam 5.8 GB
EGAF00001224241 bam 10.4 GB
EGAF00001224242 bam 3.1 GB
EGAF00001224243 bam 6.4 GB
EGAF00001224244 bam 14.5 GB
EGAF00001224245 bam 4.2 GB
EGAF00001224246 bam 5.1 GB
EGAF00001224247 bam 4.3 GB
EGAF00001224248 bam 2.6 GB
EGAF00001224249 bam 2.1 GB
EGAF00001224250 bam 8.1 GB
EGAF00001224251 bam 6.7 GB
EGAF00001224252 bam 8.7 GB
EGAF00001224253 bam 679.7 MB
EGAF00001224254 bam 823.7 MB
EGAF00001224255 bam 860.8 MB
EGAF00001224256 bam 7.4 GB
EGAF00001224257 bam 7.3 GB
EGAF00001224258 bam 9.3 GB
EGAF00001224259 bam 4.3 GB
EGAF00001224260 bam 4.1 GB
EGAF00001224261 bam 7.1 GB
EGAF00001224262 bam 9.4 GB
EGAF00001224263 bam 2.1 GB
EGAF00001224264 bam 8.1 GB
EGAF00001224265 bam 12.7 GB
EGAF00001224266 bam 7.8 GB
EGAF00001224267 bam 4.6 GB
EGAF00001224268 bam 8.5 GB
EGAF00001224269 bam 13.1 GB
EGAF00001224270 bam 5.6 GB
EGAF00001224271 bam 4.8 GB
EGAF00001224272 bam 4.7 GB
EGAF00001224273 bam 3.6 GB
EGAF00001224274 bam 7.3 GB
EGAF00001224275 bam 7.6 GB
EGAF00001224276 bam 11.9 GB
EGAF00001224277 bam 5.3 GB
EGAF00001224278 bam 7.1 GB
EGAF00001224279 bam 4.2 GB
EGAF00001224280 bam 11.0 GB
EGAF00001224281 bam 6.0 GB
EGAF00001224282 bam 1.9 GB
EGAF00001224283 bam 17.1 GB
EGAF00001224284 bam 14.7 GB
EGAF00001224285 bam 14.7 GB
EGAF00001224286 bam 2.2 GB
EGAF00001224287 bam 3.7 GB
EGAF00001224288 bam 3.7 GB
EGAF00001224289 bam 8.3 GB
EGAF00001224290 bam 9.2 GB
EGAF00001224291 bam 4.2 GB
EGAF00001224292 bam 5.3 GB
EGAF00001224293 bam 2.2 GB
EGAF00001224294 bam 6.7 GB
EGAF00001224295 bam 11.2 GB
EGAF00001224296 bam 1.1 GB
EGAF00001224297 bam 2.3 GB
EGAF00001224298 bam 4.3 GB
EGAF00001224299 bam 1.6 GB
EGAF00001224300 bam 8.0 GB
EGAF00001224301 bam 5.7 GB
71 Files (460.5 GB)