Lung cancer organoids

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EGAD00001004013 HiSeq X Ten 4

Dataset Description

Organoids are self-organizing 3D structures grown from stem cells that recapitulate essential aspects of organ structure and function. Here we describe a method to establish long-term culture conditions of human airway epithelial organoids that contain all major cell populations and allow personalized human disease modelling. We collected macroscopically inconspicuous lung tissue from non-small-cell lung cancer (NSCLC) patients undergoing medically indicated surgery and isolated epithelial cells to engineer 3D organoids. We exploit the potential to derive sub-clones from AOs to demonstrate the feasibility of CRISPR gene editing. Finally, we show that AOs readily allow modelling of viral infections such as RSV and for the first time demonstrate the possibility to study neutrophil-epithelium interaction in an organoid model. Taken together, we anticipate that human AOs will find broad applications in the study of adult human airway epithelium in health and disease.

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