Whole exome profiling of spatial biopsies of high grade serous epithelial ovarian cancer patients

Dataset ID Technology Samples
EGAD00001004154 NextSeq 500 28

Dataset Description

This data set is comprised of data from seven distinct high grade serous epithelial ovarian cancer (HGS-EOC) partients, from whom multiple biopsies were taken at the time of surgery, from the ovary and from different locations in the peritoneal cavity.

This data set contains 28 samples, sequenced with a whole exome sequencing approach.

Who controls access to this dataset

For each dataset that requires controlled access, there is a corresponding Data Access Committee (DAC) who determine access permissions. Access to actual data files is not managed by the EGA. If you need to request access to this data set, please contact:

Department of Oncology at Mario Negri Institute
Contact person: Maurizio DIncalci
Email: maurizio [dot] dincalci [at] marionegri [dot] it
More details: EGAC00001000934


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