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SNV and indel calls from 8086 individuals in the British Autozygosity Populations BioResource dataset

This includes variant calls (single nucleotide variants and small insertions/deletions) from 8086 (mostly British Pakistani/British Bangladeshi) individuals from the following studies: 1. 3781 British Pakistani/British Bangladeshi adults from East London Genes and Health 2. 2791 British South Asian mothers from Born in Bradford 3. 1428 British South Asian adults from Birmingham 4. 86 individuals (mixed ancestries) from families with rare diseases, from Queen Mary University London All of the Birmingham and most of the Born in Bradford samples were previously sequenced as part of PMID: 26940866. Mapping was done with bwa-mem and variant calling was carried out with GATK HaplotypeCaller. We removed variant sites for which the following was true: SNPs: "QD < 2.0 || FS > 30 || MQ < 40.0 || MQRankSum < -12.5 || ReadPosRankSum < -8.0" Indels: "QD < 2.0 || FS > 30 || ReadPosRankSum < -20.0"

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Studies are experimental investigations of a particular phenomenon, e.g., case-control studies on a particular trait or cancer research projects reporting matching cancer normal genomes from patients.

Study ID Study Title Study Type
EGAS00001001565 Other

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ID File Type Size Located in
EGAF00002338043 vcf.gz 2.6 GB
EGAF00002338044 vcf.gz 304.4 MB
EGAF00002338045 vcf.gz 2.3 GB
EGAF00002338046 vcf.gz 285.9 MB
EGAF00002338047 vcf.gz 3.1 GB
EGAF00002338048 vcf.gz 401.4 MB
EGAF00002338049 vcf.gz 3.1 GB
EGAF00002338050 vcf.gz 421.2 MB
EGAF00002338051 vcf.gz 2.6 GB
EGAF00002338052 vcf.gz 354.5 MB
EGAF00002338053 vcf.gz 2.3 GB
EGAF00002338054 vcf.gz 335.0 MB
EGAF00002338055 vcf.gz 3.4 GB
EGAF00002338056 vcf.gz 440.0 MB
EGAF00002338057 vcf.gz 4.4 GB
EGAF00002338058 vcf.gz 574.0 MB
EGAF00002338059 vcf.gz 1.6 GB
EGAF00002338060 vcf.gz 166.3 MB
EGAF00002338061 vcf.gz 715.5 MB
EGAF00002338062 vcf.gz 98.9 MB
EGAF00002338063 vcf.gz 1.7 GB
EGAF00002338064 vcf.gz 196.0 MB
EGAF00002338065 vcf.gz 5.9 GB
EGAF00002338066 vcf.gz 722.8 MB
EGAF00002338067 vcf.gz 4.4 GB
EGAF00002338068 vcf.gz 494.4 MB
EGAF00002338069 vcf.gz 927.0 MB
EGAF00002338070 vcf.gz 119.9 MB
EGAF00002338071 vcf.gz 3.7 GB
EGAF00002338072 vcf.gz 434.5 MB
EGAF00002338073 vcf.gz 3.1 GB
EGAF00002338074 vcf.gz 332.4 MB
EGAF00002338075 vcf.gz 2.1 GB
EGAF00002338076 vcf.gz 259.4 MB
EGAF00002338077 vcf.gz 2.1 GB
EGAF00002338078 vcf.gz 268.4 MB
EGAF00002338079 vcf.gz 1.1 GB
EGAF00002338080 vcf.gz 153.4 MB
EGAF00002338081 vcf.gz 3.3 GB
EGAF00002338082 vcf.gz 461.6 MB
EGAF00002338083 vcf.gz 3.8 GB
EGAF00002338084 vcf.gz 428.3 MB
EGAF00002338085 vcf.gz 2.5 GB
EGAF00002338086 vcf.gz 313.7 MB
EGAF00002338087 txt 609.4 kB
45 Files (68.3 GB)