WGS data of patients diagnosed with NKTL

Dataset ID Technology Samples
EGAD00001005231 HiSeq X Ten,Illumina HiSeq 2000 120

Dataset Description

Whole-genome sequencing (WGS) was performed for 50 pairs of tumor-normal samples from patients diagnosed with NKTL. Genomic DNA from tumor tissue was extracted with QIAamp DNA Mini Kit. The DNA for the matching normal was obtained from blood or buccal swabs and purified by Blood and Cell Culture DNA Mini kit or E.Z.N.A. Tissue DNA Kit (Omega Bio-tek) according to manufacturer’s instructions. The quantity and quality were assessed by Quant-iT PicoGreen dsDNA Assay Kit (Invitrogen) and agarose gel electrophoresis. All sequencing libraries were prepared using TruSeq Nano DNA Library Prep Kit (Illumina). Paired-end sequencing was performed on Illumina HiSeq 2000 or HiSeq X Ten as 2x101 bp or 2x151 bp, respectively.

Who controls access to this dataset

For each dataset that requires controlled access, there is a corresponding Data Access Committee (DAC) who determine access permissions. Access to actual data files is not managed by the EGA. If you need to request access to this data set, please contact:

DAC for NKTL study. National Cancer Centre Singapore.
Contact person: Lim Jing Quan
Email: lim [dot] jing [dot] quan [at] nccs [dot] com [dot] sg
More details: EGAC00001000640


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