Transcriptional profiling of tauopathies in human IPS-derived neurons (2019-08-21)

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EGAD00001005277 Illumina HiSeq 2000 11

Dataset Description

This project is a pilot study, in collaboration with Maria Grazia Spillantini and Mariangela Iovino (Cambridge Centre for Brain Repair), to investigate the utility of IPS-derived neurons for the study of neurodegenerative disorders. Our aim is to characterise the transcriptional consequences of tauopathies using neurons derived from differentiated IPSCs as a model system. We will use IPS cells derived from six individuals, four with known mutations in the tau protein, 2 without. RNA will be extracted at Day 0 and Day 65 of differentiation by which time the neuronal tauopathy is apparent. RNA will be extracted and the transcriptome of each line characterised using RNAseq. We will then search for genes that are differentially expressed between the transcriptomes of individuals with tau mutations versus those in controls. My lab will analyse the RNAseq data, comparing both affected and controls and both time-points, to establish candidate genes. Darren Logan’s lab, along with our collaborators, will experimentally verify and further investigate these genes in additional lines and animal models.
From this analysis we will generate a list of candidate genes that are differentially expressed between cases and controls. This study will not only help us understand the molecular basis of tauopathies, but also identify gene candidates for biomarkers of neurodegenerative disease. It will serve as a proof of principle for future planned studies into generating and transcriptomically analysing an allelic series of Tau mutations in IPSCs with a controlled genetic background.
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