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Data policy for data release for the NETWork! data

Data release This statement defines how other researchers can access the data used in this research. Microarray RNA expression data (Affymetrix mRNA, and Affymetrix miRNA data), microarray methylation data (Illumina Infinium data) and clinico-pathological annotation, is available to external researchers via EGA. We will also make DNA sequence data from tumours and corresponding normal tissues available to researchers. However, we have obligations to provide this data through a specific process. Specific values are ascribed to DNA information by New Zealand Māori (1), requiring a unique culturally specific approach to sharing genomic datasets. Māori have expectations about linkage of genomic and clinical datasets that are summarised in New Zealand's definitive Guidelines document on genomic research with Māori which states that "… there is an expectation of Māori involvement in governance over access to and the linking of data" (2). This requirement for shared governance is consistent with obligations under New Zealand's founding document, The Treaty of Waitangi. To meet this expectation, a specific governance process will be required for external researchers to access the DNA sequence data from this study. In addition, we have an obligation to protect the identity of patients included in this study. This is particularly important where there are small numbers of patients of specific ancestry that might lead to identification of individual participants, and in light of the fact that we had ethical approval to include unconsented patients in some cases. The governance process will require external researchers to apply to a governance group with Māori representation for access to the data. The application will require a detailed list of the data requested, the research objectives, study methodology and funding. Data access will be granted on the condition that: (i) the proposed study does not use this data in genetic or genomic comparisons based on ancestry, either alone or combined with other data sets, (ii) that the data is not passed on to other researchers, (iii) a list of specific types of scientifically inappropriate analysis and reporting methods will not be used (3) and (iv) a research report and copies of any publications resulting from the research are submitted to the governance group. The governance group will not be concerned with any aspect of intellectual property. References 1. Hudson M, Beaton A, Milne M, Port W, Russell K, Smith B, Toki V, Uerata L and Wilcox P. He Tangata Kei Tua: Guidelines for Biobanking with Māori. October 2016. Te Mata Hautu Taketake, University of Waikato, Hamilton, New Zealand. (Page 32). 2. Hudson M, Beaton A, Milne M, Port W, Russell K, Smith B, Toki V, Uerata L and Wilcox P. Te Mata Ira: Guidelines for Genomic Research with Māori. October 2016. Te Mata Hautu Taketake, University of Waikato, Hamilton, New Zealand. (Pages 36-37). 3. Hudson M, Beaton A, Milne M, Port W, Russell K, Smith B, Toki V, Uerata L and Wilcox P. Te Mata Ira: Guidelines for Genomic Research with Māori. October 2016. Te Mata Hautu Taketake, University of Waikato, Hamilton, New Zealand. (Pages 30-33).

Studies are experimental investigations of a particular phenomenon, e.g., case-control studies on a particular trait or cancer research projects reporting matching cancer normal genomes from patients.

Study ID Study Title Study Type
EGAS00001003038 Other

This table displays only public information pertaining to the files in the dataset. If you wish to access this dataset, please submit a request. If you already have access to these data files, please consult the download documentation.

ID File Type Size Located in
EGAF00002862099 bam 483.3 MB
EGAF00002862100 bam 514.3 MB
EGAF00002862101 bam 306.4 MB
EGAF00002862102 bam 409.7 MB
EGAF00002862103 bam 144.1 MB
EGAF00002862104 bam 619.4 MB
EGAF00002862105 bam 170.1 MB
EGAF00002862106 bam 394.6 MB
EGAF00002862107 bam 173.6 MB
EGAF00002862108 bam 424.6 MB
EGAF00002862109 bam 258.6 MB
EGAF00002862110 bam 1.5 GB
EGAF00002862111 bam 185.7 MB
EGAF00002862112 bam 441.0 MB
EGAF00002862113 bam 73.3 MB
EGAF00002862114 bam 449.4 MB
EGAF00002862115 bam 478.3 MB
EGAF00002862116 bam 397.6 MB
EGAF00002862117 bam 179.3 MB
EGAF00002862118 bam 457.7 MB
EGAF00002862119 bam 516.5 MB
EGAF00002862120 bam 165.8 kB
EGAF00002862121 bam 427.1 MB
EGAF00002862122 bam 234.5 MB
EGAF00002862123 bam 901.1 MB
EGAF00002862124 bam 163.8 MB
EGAF00002862125 bam 571.9 MB
EGAF00002862126 bam 64.3 MB
EGAF00002862127 bam 502.6 MB
EGAF00002862128 bam 613.5 MB
EGAF00002862129 bam 1.1 GB
EGAF00002862130 bam 205.6 MB
EGAF00002862131 bam 866.4 MB
EGAF00002862132 bam 410.6 MB
EGAF00002862133 bam 458.6 MB
EGAF00002862134 bam 363.8 MB
EGAF00002862135 bam 568.0 MB
EGAF00002862136 bam 232.1 MB
EGAF00002862137 bam 451.8 MB
EGAF00002862138 bam 128.3 MB
EGAF00002862139 bam 126.4 MB
EGAF00002862140 bam 67.1 MB
EGAF00002862141 bam 284.9 MB
EGAF00002862142 bam 128.6 MB
EGAF00002862143 bam 219.9 MB
EGAF00002862144 bam 315.5 MB
EGAF00002862145 bam 267.6 MB
EGAF00002862146 bam 476.3 MB
EGAF00002862147 bam 862.4 MB
EGAF00002862148 bam 192.2 MB
EGAF00002862149 bam 415.3 MB
EGAF00002862150 bam 257.1 MB
EGAF00002862151 bam 788.7 MB
EGAF00002862152 bam 355.9 MB
EGAF00002862153 bam 311.7 MB
EGAF00002862154 bam 321.5 MB
EGAF00002862155 bam 344.7 MB
EGAF00002862156 bam 183.3 MB
EGAF00002862157 bam 718.7 MB
EGAF00002862158 bam 346.1 MB
EGAF00002862159 bam 182.5 MB
EGAF00002862160 bam 459.1 MB
EGAF00002862161 bam 357.1 MB
EGAF00002862162 bam 207.4 MB
EGAF00002862163 bam 200.8 MB
EGAF00002862164 bam 275.8 MB
EGAF00002862165 bam 350.5 MB
EGAF00002862166 bam 138.0 MB
EGAF00002862167 bam 159.9 MB
EGAF00002862168 bam 584.7 MB
EGAF00002862169 bam 551.5 MB
EGAF00002862170 bam 311.7 MB
EGAF00002862171 bam 407.0 MB
EGAF00002862172 bam 344.6 MB
EGAF00002862173 bam 454.3 MB
EGAF00002862174 bam 613.6 MB
EGAF00002862175 bam 482.3 MB
EGAF00002862176 bam 357.0 MB
EGAF00002862177 bam 926.8 MB
EGAF00002862178 bam 62.4 MB
EGAF00002862179 bam 305.1 MB
EGAF00002862180 bam 332.7 MB
EGAF00002862181 bam 324.0 MB
EGAF00002862182 bam 330.3 MB
EGAF00002862183 bam 235.5 MB
EGAF00002862184 bam 149.2 MB
EGAF00002862185 bam 214.8 MB
EGAF00002862186 bam 323.9 MB
EGAF00002862187 bam 620.9 MB
EGAF00002862188 bam 397.4 MB
EGAF00002862189 bam 518.7 MB
EGAF00002862190 bam 131.8 MB
EGAF00002862191 bam 147.8 MB
EGAF00002862192 bam 2.3 MB
EGAF00002862193 bam 104.8 MB
EGAF00002862194 bam 217.1 MB
96 Files (35.6 GB)