Single cell transcriptomes of of primary tumors and normal endometrial derived organoids treated with DBZ

Dataset ID Technology Samples
EGAD00001006280 NextSeq 550 18

Dataset Description

Endometrial carcinoma, the most common gynecologic cancer, develops from endometrial epithelium which is composed of secretory and ciliated cells. Pathologic classification is unreliable and there is a need for prognostic tools. We used single cell sequencing to study organoid model systems derived from normal endometrial endometrium to discover novel markers specific for endometrial ciliated or secretory cells. We performed single cell sequencing on endometrial and ovarian tumours, and on organoids both treated with DBZ and normal and found both secretory-like and ciliated-like tumour cells.

Who controls access to this dataset

For each dataset that requires controlled access, there is a corresponding Data Access Committee (DAC) who determine access permissions. Access to actual data files is not managed by the EGA. If you need to request access to this data set, please contact:

DAC: British Columbia Cancer Agency (BCCA), PHSAs Technology Development Office, Data Access Committee
Contact person: Sarah J​​ane Lee
Email: tdoadmin [at] phsa [dot] ca
More details: EGAC00001001636


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