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ScRNA-seq of PBMC and whole blood samples reveales a dysregulated myeloid cell compartment in severe COVID-19

In a dual-center, two-cohort study, we performed single-cell RNA-sequencing of whole blood and peripheral blood mononuclear cells to determine changes in immune cell composition and activation in mild vs. severe COVID-19 over time. This study provides detailed insights into the systemic immune response to SARS-CoV-2 infection and reveals profound alterations in the myeloid cell compartment associated with severe COVID-19.

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Data access policy for Schulte-Schrepping et al., 2020: Severe COVID-19 is marked by a dysregulated myeloid cell compartment

Access to data generated is made available by completing the data access agreement for review by the data access committee and will be granted exclusively to qualified investigators for appropriate use.

Studies are experimental investigations of a particular phenomenon, e.g., case-control studies on a particular trait or cancer research projects reporting matching cancer normal genomes from patients.

Study ID Study Title Study Type
EGAS00001004571 Other
ID File Type Size Located in
EGAF00004824525 fastq.gz 23.3 GB
EGAF00004824526 fastq.gz 1.1 GB
EGAF00004824527 fastq.gz 999.6 MB
EGAF00004824528 fastq.gz 540.4 MB
EGAF00004824529 fastq.gz 10.1 GB
EGAF00004824530 fastq.gz 24.0 GB
EGAF00004824531 fastq.gz 10.1 GB
EGAF00004824532 fastq.gz 9.9 GB
EGAF00004824533 fastq.gz 500.6 MB
EGAF00004824534 fastq.gz 23.9 GB
EGAF00004824535 fastq.gz 9.8 GB
EGAF00004824536 fastq.gz 1.1 GB
EGAF00004824537 fastq.gz 998.2 MB
EGAF00004824538 fastq.gz 501.8 MB
EGAF00004824539 fastq.gz 23.2 GB
EGAF00004824540 fastq.gz 542.0 MB
EGAF00004824541 fastq.gz 43.8 GB
EGAF00004824542 fastq.gz 17.7 GB
EGAF00004824543 fastq.gz 1.4 GB
EGAF00004824544 fastq.gz 41.6 GB
EGAF00004824545 fastq.gz 692.8 MB
EGAF00004824546 fastq.gz 18.7 GB
EGAF00004824547 fastq.gz 15.4 GB
EGAF00004824548 fastq.gz 718.7 MB
EGAF00004824549 fastq.gz 14.9 GB
EGAF00004824550 fastq.gz 758.4 MB
EGAF00004824551 fastq.gz 545.8 MB
EGAF00004824552 fastq.gz 572.6 MB
EGAF00004824553 fastq.gz 25.8 GB
EGAF00004824554 fastq.gz 24.9 GB
EGAF00004824555 fastq.gz 4.9 GB
EGAF00004824556 fastq.gz 4.7 GB
EGAF00004824557 fastq.gz 11.4 GB
EGAF00004824558 fastq.gz 5.1 GB
EGAF00004824559 fastq.gz 11.4 GB
EGAF00004824560 fastq.gz 4.9 GB
EGAF00004824561 fastq.gz 451.3 MB
EGAF00004824562 fastq.gz 226.4 MB
EGAF00004824563 fastq.gz 10.9 GB
EGAF00004824564 fastq.gz 421.7 MB
EGAF00004824565 fastq.gz 12.0 GB
EGAF00004824566 fastq.gz 212.1 MB
EGAF00004827389 csv 65.8 kB
EGAF00004827405 fastq.gz 412.1 MB
EGAF00004827406 fastq.gz 7.3 GB
EGAF00004827407 fastq.gz 12.7 GB
EGAF00004827408 fastq.gz 420.4 MB
EGAF00004827409 fastq.gz 511.6 MB
EGAF00004827410 fastq.gz 12.9 GB
EGAF00004827411 fastq.gz 501.0 MB
EGAF00004827412 fastq.gz 7.2 GB
EGAF00004827413 fastq.gz 5.1 GB
EGAF00004827414 fastq.gz 11.9 GB
EGAF00004827415 fastq.gz 5.3 GB
EGAF00004827416 fastq.gz 222.7 MB
EGAF00004827417 fastq.gz 12.5 GB
EGAF00004827418 fastq.gz 436.5 MB
EGAF00004827419 fastq.gz 30.9 GB
EGAF00004827420 fastq.gz 39.8 GB
EGAF00004827421 fastq.gz 33.5 GB
EGAF00004827422 fastq.gz 43.2 GB
EGAF00004827423 fastq.gz 35.0 GB
EGAF00004827424 fastq.gz 43.9 GB
EGAF00004827425 fastq.gz 36.5 GB
EGAF00004827426 fastq.gz 45.4 GB
EGAF00004827427 fastq.gz 31.6 GB
EGAF00004827428 fastq.gz 39.6 GB
EGAF00004827429 fastq.gz 36.8 GB
EGAF00004827430 fastq.gz 45.2 GB
EGAF00004827431 fastq.gz 23.7 GB
EGAF00004827432 fastq.gz 33.2 GB
EGAF00004827433 fastq.gz 12.9 GB
EGAF00004827434 fastq.gz 17.6 GB
EGAF00004829311 fastq.gz 37.1 GB
EGAF00004829312 fastq.gz 48.1 GB
EGAF00004829313 fastq.gz 39.8 GB
EGAF00004829314 fastq.gz 51.1 GB
EGAF00004829315 fastq.gz 35.0 GB
EGAF00004829316 fastq.gz 44.2 GB
EGAF00004829317 fastq.gz 31.7 GB
EGAF00004829318 fastq.gz 40.7 GB
EGAF00004829319 fastq.gz 18.2 GB
EGAF00004829320 fastq.gz 27.1 GB
EGAF00004829321 fastq.gz 31.1 GB
EGAF00004829322 fastq.gz 46.6 GB
EGAF00004829323 fastq.gz 18.3 GB
EGAF00004829324 fastq.gz 25.2 GB
EGAF00004829325 fastq.gz 11.5 GB
EGAF00004829326 fastq.gz 15.6 GB
EGAF00004829327 fastq.gz 41.4 GB
EGAF00004829328 fastq.gz 53.5 GB
EGAF00004829329 fastq.gz 40.3 GB
EGAF00004829330 fastq.gz 52.4 GB
EGAF00004829331 fastq.gz 31.4 GB
EGAF00004829332 fastq.gz 38.5 GB
EGAF00004829333 fastq.gz 34.2 GB
EGAF00004829334 fastq.gz 42.7 GB
97 Files (1.9 TB)