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RNA-seq assessment of the impact of fasting-mimicking diet on tumor tissue specimens from early-stage breast cancer patients

RNA-seq data (44 samples) from tumor tissue specimens pre and post fasting-mimicking diet from 22 early-stage breast cancer patients.

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Policy for Data Access

Raw data from RNA-seq analyses are available upon reasonable request to the PI of the study (Claudio Vernieri). The outcome of the request will depend on the type of analysis to be performed and the context of the proposed study.

Studies are experimental investigations of a particular phenomenon, e.g., case-control studies on a particular trait or cancer research projects reporting matching cancer normal genomes from patients.

Study ID Study Title Study Type
EGAS00001004944 RNASeq
ID File Type Size Located in
EGAF00004966707 fastq.gz 723.8 MB
EGAF00004966708 fastq.gz 759.2 MB
EGAF00004966709 fastq.gz 846.0 MB
EGAF00004966710 fastq.gz 881.7 MB
EGAF00004966711 fastq.gz 849.6 MB
EGAF00004966712 fastq.gz 881.1 MB
EGAF00004966713 fastq.gz 733.3 MB
EGAF00004966714 fastq.gz 766.2 MB
EGAF00004966715 fastq.gz 785.4 MB
EGAF00004966716 fastq.gz 853.3 MB
EGAF00004966717 fastq.gz 699.6 MB
EGAF00004966718 fastq.gz 765.9 MB
EGAF00004966719 fastq.gz 802.2 MB
EGAF00004966720 fastq.gz 859.2 MB
EGAF00004966721 fastq.gz 713.4 MB
EGAF00004966722 fastq.gz 748.3 MB
EGAF00004966723 fastq.gz 633.0 MB
EGAF00004966724 fastq.gz 673.1 MB
EGAF00004966725 fastq.gz 879.6 MB
EGAF00004966726 fastq.gz 921.5 MB
EGAF00004966727 fastq.gz 645.3 MB
EGAF00004966728 fastq.gz 700.8 MB
EGAF00004966729 fastq.gz 767.8 MB
EGAF00004966730 fastq.gz 811.0 MB
EGAF00004966731 fastq.gz 807.1 MB
EGAF00004966732 fastq.gz 857.3 MB
EGAF00004966733 fastq.gz 997.8 MB
EGAF00004966734 fastq.gz 1.0 GB
EGAF00004966735 fastq.gz 794.9 MB
EGAF00004966736 fastq.gz 829.2 MB
EGAF00004966737 fastq.gz 832.1 MB
EGAF00004966738 fastq.gz 868.2 MB
EGAF00004966739 fastq.gz 786.9 MB
EGAF00004966740 fastq.gz 847.4 MB
EGAF00004966741 fastq.gz 669.0 MB
EGAF00004966742 fastq.gz 723.9 MB
EGAF00004966743 fastq.gz 695.2 MB
EGAF00004966744 fastq.gz 747.0 MB
EGAF00004966745 fastq.gz 828.3 MB
EGAF00004966746 fastq.gz 903.9 MB
EGAF00004966747 fastq.gz 785.4 MB
EGAF00004966748 fastq.gz 822.9 MB
EGAF00004966749 fastq.gz 809.6 MB
EGAF00004966750 fastq.gz 875.7 MB
EGAF00004966751 fastq.gz 684.1 MB
EGAF00004966752 fastq.gz 728.8 MB
EGAF00004966753 fastq.gz 661.1 MB
EGAF00004966754 fastq.gz 715.1 MB
EGAF00004966755 fastq.gz 662.6 MB
EGAF00004966756 fastq.gz 693.3 MB
EGAF00004966757 fastq.gz 987.5 MB
EGAF00004966758 fastq.gz 1.0 GB
EGAF00004966759 fastq.gz 801.1 MB
EGAF00004966760 fastq.gz 845.2 MB
EGAF00004966761 fastq.gz 687.2 MB
EGAF00004966762 fastq.gz 719.7 MB
EGAF00004966763 fastq.gz 570.4 MB
EGAF00004966764 fastq.gz 617.7 MB
EGAF00004966765 fastq.gz 719.5 MB
EGAF00004966766 fastq.gz 769.2 MB
EGAF00004966767 fastq.gz 671.7 MB
EGAF00004966768 fastq.gz 734.9 MB
EGAF00004966769 fastq.gz 804.4 MB
EGAF00004966770 fastq.gz 852.0 MB
EGAF00004966771 fastq.gz 946.6 MB
EGAF00004966772 fastq.gz 1.0 GB
EGAF00004966773 fastq.gz 929.3 MB
EGAF00004966774 fastq.gz 974.5 MB
EGAF00004966775 fastq.gz 593.8 MB
EGAF00004966776 fastq.gz 655.6 MB
EGAF00004966777 fastq.gz 642.2 MB
EGAF00004966778 fastq.gz 672.7 MB
EGAF00004966779 fastq.gz 1.2 GB
EGAF00004966780 fastq.gz 1.2 GB
EGAF00004966781 fastq.gz 992.7 MB
EGAF00004966782 fastq.gz 1.1 GB
EGAF00004966783 fastq.gz 655.1 MB
EGAF00004966784 fastq.gz 686.4 MB
EGAF00004966785 fastq.gz 743.0 MB
EGAF00004966786 fastq.gz 793.8 MB
EGAF00004966787 fastq.gz 875.1 MB
EGAF00004966788 fastq.gz 909.1 MB
EGAF00004966789 fastq.gz 746.1 MB
EGAF00004966790 fastq.gz 783.6 MB
EGAF00004966791 fastq.gz 781.8 MB
EGAF00004966792 fastq.gz 812.9 MB
EGAF00004966793 fastq.gz 696.7 MB
EGAF00004966794 fastq.gz 739.4 MB
88 Files (70.3 GB)