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UCL COVID-19 Single-cell PBMC

Single-cell multi-omic profiling of COVID19 patients recruited from University College London. Data represent RNA-seq, surface protein measurements (CITE-seq) of 192 antibody targets, along with VDJ-seq profiling of single T cell and B cell receptors. Samples are pooled, with 4 donors per pool. Germ-line genotypes derived from previous single-cell RNA-sequencing are provided (VCF) to aid demultiplexing of single-cell and assignment to specific patient donor samples.

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Data sharing of Single-cell multi-omic profiling of human PBMCs, including adaptive immune cell receptor sequences derived from a cross-center cohort of COVID-19, & respiratory disease patients, along with healthy controls recruited via University College London.

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Study ID Study Title Study Type
EGAS00001005465 Other

This table displays only public information pertaining to the files in the dataset. If you wish to access this dataset, please submit a request. If you already have access to these data files, please consult the download documentation.

ID File Type Size Located in
EGAF00005394161 fastq.gz 3.8 GB
EGAF00005394162 fastq.gz 45.6 GB
EGAF00005394163 fastq.gz 46.4 GB
EGAF00005394164 fastq.gz 3.9 GB
EGAF00005394165 fastq.gz 44.9 GB
EGAF00005394166 fastq.gz 45.4 GB
EGAF00005394167 fastq.gz 3.4 GB
EGAF00005394168 fastq.gz 41.4 GB
EGAF00005394169 fastq.gz 42.4 GB
EGAF00005394170 fastq.gz 3.4 GB
EGAF00005394171 fastq.gz 39.9 GB
EGAF00005394172 fastq.gz 40.8 GB
EGAF00005394173 fastq.gz 3.6 GB
EGAF00005394174 fastq.gz 43.1 GB
EGAF00005394175 fastq.gz 44.2 GB
EGAF00005394176 fastq.gz 4.1 GB
EGAF00005394177 fastq.gz 49.5 GB
EGAF00005394178 fastq.gz 50.7 GB
EGAF00005394179 fastq.gz 3.0 GB
EGAF00005394180 fastq.gz 31.8 GB
EGAF00005394181 fastq.gz 32.4 GB
EGAF00005394182 fastq.gz 4.3 GB
EGAF00005394183 fastq.gz 52.2 GB
EGAF00005394184 fastq.gz 53.3 GB
EGAF00005394185 fastq.gz 2.3 GB
EGAF00005394186 fastq.gz 27.7 GB
EGAF00005394187 fastq.gz 28.0 GB
EGAF00005394188 fastq.gz 4.3 GB
EGAF00005394189 fastq.gz 50.5 GB
EGAF00005394190 fastq.gz 51.6 GB
EGAF00005394191 fastq.gz 1.5 GB
EGAF00005394192 fastq.gz 13.4 GB
EGAF00005394193 fastq.gz 13.0 GB
EGAF00005394194 fastq.gz 887.5 MB
EGAF00005394195 fastq.gz 7.9 GB
EGAF00005394196 fastq.gz 8.1 GB
EGAF00005394197 fastq.gz 10.3 GB
EGAF00005394198 fastq.gz 1.1 GB
EGAF00005394199 fastq.gz 10.1 GB
EGAF00005394200 fastq.gz 8.4 GB
EGAF00005394201 fastq.gz 8.8 GB
EGAF00005394202 fastq.gz 1.2 GB
EGAF00005394203 fastq.gz 10.0 GB
EGAF00005394204 fastq.gz 968.5 MB
EGAF00005394205 fastq.gz 8.5 GB
EGAF00005394206 fastq.gz 8.8 GB
EGAF00005394207 fastq.gz 901.3 MB
EGAF00005394208 fastq.gz 7.3 GB
EGAF00005394209 fastq.gz 7.6 GB
EGAF00005394210 fastq.gz 504.1 MB
EGAF00005394211 fastq.gz 392.7 MB
EGAF00005394212 fastq.gz 3.9 GB
EGAF00005394213 fastq.gz 5.0 GB
EGAF00005394214 fastq.gz 3.9 GB
EGAF00005394215 fastq.gz 512.5 MB
EGAF00005394216 fastq.gz 5.1 GB
EGAF00005394217 fastq.gz 723.7 MB
EGAF00005394218 fastq.gz 7.5 GB
EGAF00005394219 fastq.gz 3.8 GB
EGAF00005394220 fastq.gz 508.8 MB
EGAF00005394221 fastq.gz 5.2 GB
EGAF00005394222 fastq.gz 5.2 GB
EGAF00005394223 fastq.gz 589.8 MB
EGAF00005394224 fastq.gz 5.9 GB
EGAF00005394225 fastq.gz 5.8 GB
EGAF00005394226 fastq.gz 332.6 MB
EGAF00005394227 fastq.gz 3.2 GB
EGAF00005394228 fastq.gz 3.3 GB
EGAF00005394229 fastq.gz 312.3 MB
EGAF00005394230 fastq.gz 3.0 GB
EGAF00005394231 fastq.gz 3.1 GB
EGAF00005394232 fastq.gz 388.3 MB
EGAF00005394233 fastq.gz 3.6 GB
EGAF00005394234 fastq.gz 3.9 GB
EGAF00005394235 fastq.gz 632.8 MB
EGAF00005394236 fastq.gz 6.1 GB
EGAF00005394237 fastq.gz 6.5 GB
EGAF00005394238 fastq.gz 374.6 MB
EGAF00005394239 fastq.gz 3.5 GB
EGAF00005394240 fastq.gz 3.7 GB
EGAF00005394241 fastq.gz 377.1 MB
EGAF00005394242 fastq.gz 3.6 GB
EGAF00005394243 fastq.gz 3.7 GB
EGAF00005394244 fastq.gz 337.1 MB
EGAF00005394245 fastq.gz 3.3 GB
EGAF00005394246 fastq.gz 3.3 GB
EGAF00005394247 fastq.gz 470.1 MB
EGAF00005394248 fastq.gz 4.9 GB
EGAF00005394249 fastq.gz 5.0 GB
EGAF00005394250 fastq.gz 1.5 GB
EGAF00005394251 fastq.gz 13.7 GB
EGAF00005394252 fastq.gz 13.2 GB
EGAF00005394253 fastq.gz 1.2 GB
EGAF00005394254 fastq.gz 10.5 GB
EGAF00005394255 fastq.gz 9.7 GB
EGAF00005394256 fastq.gz 987.6 MB
EGAF00005394257 fastq.gz 909.3 MB
EGAF00005394258 fastq.gz 7.7 GB
EGAF00005394259 fastq.gz 8.0 GB
EGAF00005394260 fastq.gz 10.5 GB
EGAF00005394261 fastq.gz 492.6 MB
EGAF00005394262 fastq.gz 5.1 GB
EGAF00005394263 fastq.gz 5.0 GB
EGAF00005394264 fastq.gz 5.2 GB
EGAF00005394265 fastq.gz 5.0 GB
EGAF00005394266 fastq.gz 3.9 GB
EGAF00005394267 fastq.gz 500.3 MB
EGAF00005394268 fastq.gz 4.9 GB
EGAF00005394269 fastq.gz 385.3 MB
EGAF00005394270 fastq.gz 4.0 GB
EGAF00005394271 fastq.gz 3.9 GB
EGAF00005394272 fastq.gz 391.1 MB
EGAF00005394273 fastq.gz 3.8 GB
EGAF00005394274 fastq.gz 5.0 GB
EGAF00005394275 fastq.gz 7.6 GB
EGAF00005394276 fastq.gz 375.4 MB
EGAF00005394277 fastq.gz 3.9 GB
EGAF00005394278 fastq.gz 426.7 MB
EGAF00005394279 fastq.gz 4.5 GB
EGAF00005394280 fastq.gz 4.4 GB
EGAF00005400375 vcf 2.6 MB
EGAF00005400376 vcf 2.8 MB
EGAF00005400378 vcf 3.1 MB
EGAF00005400379 vcf 3.0 MB
EGAF00005400380 vcf 3.3 MB
EGAF00005400381 vcf 3.3 MB
EGAF00005400382 vcf 3.0 MB
EGAF00005400383 vcf 3.1 MB
EGAF00005400384 vcf 3.3 MB
EGAF00005400385 vcf 3.3 MB
EGAF00005400386 vcf 3.0 MB
EGAF00005400387 vcf 2.8 MB
EGAF00005400388 vcf 2.6 MB
EGAF00005400389 vcf 2.8 MB
EGAF00005400390 vcf 3.1 MB
EGAF00005400391 vcf 3.0 MB
EGAF00005400392 vcf 3.3 MB
EGAF00005400393 vcf 3.3 MB
EGAF00005400394 vcf 3.0 MB
EGAF00005400395 vcf 2.8 MB
EGAF00005400396 vcf 3.3 MB
EGAF00005400397 vcf 3.3 MB
142 Files (1.3 TB)