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This dataset include BAM files of 808 samples from GCAT cohort. Technology used HiSeq 4000, read length 150 bp, inner mate distance 300 bp. For each sample the paired -ends are generated in separated files. Each FASTQ is splitted in multiple LANEs and grouped by the Multiplex index.

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2. GENERAL POLICY FOR TRANSMISSION OF GCAT SAMPLES AND DATA The GCAT samples and data are accessible to the international scientific community for biomedical research of excellence in terms of ethical and scientific aspects. The GCAT will make the largest quantity of data possible available to the public through its website at a general level (aggregate level).This includes a limited list of the socio-demographic and medical variables associated with the samples and the biological samples collected by the project Access to the samples is by payment and by a costing policy specifically defined to favor public and collaborative research. Access to the samples and data must be paid for according to the current GCAT taxes. Access to data and to biological samples is highly controlled. The scientific and ethical committees will ensure that petitions meet scientific, ethical, technical and economic standards to give priority to excellent projects. Incompatibility of the project with the consent given by the participant will be the main reason for excluding a donation. The GCAT guarantees anonymity and confidentiality in the transmission process by means of a methodology that guarantees the protection of the data deposited in the GCAT. Samples are always transmitted in dissociated form, with a code. It is not allowed cross data-sets without advice / persmission of DAC GCAT The transmission of data is guaranteed by the signature of a material/datatransfer agreement (MTA/DTA). The transmission of data is allowed only after the signature of a material/datatransfer agreement (MTA/DTA). Cession samples / Data are for a limited periode of time and should be reneweled as stated at MTA/DTA

GCAT DATA ACCES AGREEMENT This agreement governs the terms on which access will be granted to the data generated by the GCAT Project The purpose of this Agreement is to establish the terms and conditions under which GCAT shall provide the Material to User for its use in connection with the activities detailed in whereas and for the sole purpose of the development of the Project, which has been positively evaluated by the Scientific and Ethics Committee of GCAT. In signing this agreement, You are agreeing to be bound by the terms and conditions of access set out in this agreement. This Barcelona, (hereinafter, the “Effective Date”) For the sake of clarity, the terms of access set out in this agreement apply both to the User and the User’s Institution (as defined below). User Institution and User are referred to within the agreement as “You” and “Your” shall be construed accordingly. User and GCAT shall be collectively referred to as the “Parties”, or individually as “Party”. Whereas 1. GCAT means the GCAT Project, a group of IMPPC-IGTP-funded investigators, a list of which can be found on the study website GCAT is interested in providing and / or give access to User to GCAT Data. 2. Data means all and any human genetic / biological / health related data obtained from the Project, including the know-how and all proprietary information in relation thereto, which are described in Annex 2 (hereinafter, the "Data"). 3. Data Subject means a person, who has been informed of the purpose for which the Data is held and has given his/her informed consent thereto. 4. User means a researcher whose User Institution has previously completed this Data Access Agreement and has received acknowledgement of its acceptance. User is interested in receiving the Data for the sole purpose of using it in the project which is detailed in Annex 3 of the Agreement (hereinafter, the "Project"). 5. User Institution means the organization at which the User is employed, affiliated or enrolled. 6. Publications means, without limitation, articles published in print journals, electronic journals, reviews, books, posters and other written and verbal presentations of research. Now therefore, in consideration of the mutual promises, covenants and conditions set forth herein, the Parties have agreed on the subscription of this Agreement (hereinafter, the "Agreement") in accordance with the following: 1. TERMS AND CONDITIONS USE OF THE DATA 1. Prior to the transfer of Data, and according to the Project described in the Annex 3 of the present Agreement, a supply of data shall be carried out by User, as specified in the Request Form attached as Annex 4. 2. User represents and warrants that it shall use the Data for the purposes established in the present Agreement, and User agrees that it shall not be entitled to carry out any other analysis of the DATA for any other purpose (commercial or non-commercial) without GCAT’s prior written consent. 3. Samples and related information will be sent codified, so User shall not be able to directly identify the donors of such samples / data. The Parties undertake to comply with existing legislation to protect the identity and privacy of the subjects of the biological samples. 4. If the donor withdraws its authorization towards the use of his/her samples, GCAT shall notice User of such circumstance and User shall immediately stop using the samples of such donor. The results already obtained shall not be affected by the donor’s consent withdrawal. IN SIGNING THIS AGREEMENT YOU: 1. You agree to use the Data only for the advancement of medical research, according to the consent obtained from Data Subjects. 2. You agree to use the data for the approved purpose and project described in your application; use of the data for a new purpose or project will require a new application and approval. 3. You agree not to use data from the GCAT to carry out any other analysis for any other purpose (commercial or non-commercial) without GCAT’s prior written consent. 4. You agree not to use Data from the GCAT to carry out any other analysis for any other purpose (commercial or non-commercial), or transfer to thrid parties without GCAT’s prior written consent. 5. You agree to preserve, at all times, the confidentiality of information and Data pertaining to Data Subjects. In particular, You undertake not to use, or attempt to use the Data to compromise or otherwise infringe the confidentiality of information on Data Subjects and their right to privacy. 6. You agree not to attempt to link the Data provided under this agreement to other information or archive data available for the data sets provided, even if access to that Data has been formally granted to You, or it is freely available without restriction, without specific permission being sought from the relevant access committees. 7. You agree not to sell, license, transfer or disclose the Data, in whole or part, or any identifiable material derived from the Data, to others, except as necessary for data/safety monitoring or programme management or is required by law or court order. Should You wish to share the Data with a collaborator out with the same Institution, the third party must make a separate application for access to the Data, and agree to be bound by the terms and conditions of access. 8. You accept that Data will be reissued from time to time, with suitable versioning. If the reissue is at the request of Data Subjects and/or other ethical scrutiny, You will destroy earlier versions of the Data. 9. You agree to abide by the terms outlined in the ' GCAT Publications Policy' 10. You accept that the GCAT, the original data creators, depositors or copyright holders, or the funders of the Data or any part of the Data supplied: a) makes no warranties in respect of Data and provides it “as is”, without any express or implied warranty of any kind, including any warranty as to merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose, accuracy, completeness or violation of third party intellectual property rights. b) bear no legal responsibility for the accuracy or comprehensiveness of the Data; c) accept no liability for indirect, consequential,or incidental, damages or losses arising from use of the Data, or from the unavailability of, or break in access to, the Data for whatever reason. 11. You understand and acknowledge that the Data is protected by copyright and other intellectual property and data protection rights, and that duplication, except as reasonably required to carry out Your research with the Data, or sale of all or part of the Data on any media is not permitted. 12. You recognize that nothing in this agreement shall operate to transfer to the User Institution any intellectual property rights relating to the Data. The User Institution has the right to develop intellectual property based on comparisons with their own data. 13. You accept to guarantee at all times the availability of genetic information that may have been obtained from the Data 14. You accept to notice GCAT of the existence of any relevant and valid clinical data regarding the subjects and/or their family members. Such compliance is construed in accordance with the frame established by the Act 14/2007, of Biomedical Research, and the internal GCAT regarding return of results as described in ELSI GCAT document (available at GCAT webpage). 15. You accept that it may be necessary for the GCAT to alter the terms of this agreement from time to time in order to address new concerns regarding GCAT Project. In this event, the GCAT will contact You to inform You of any changes and You agree that Your continued use of the Data shall be dependent on the parties entering into a new version of the Agreement. 16. You agree that you will submit a report to the GCAT Data Access Committee, if requested, on completion of the agreed purpose. The GCAT Data Access Committee agrees to treat the report and all information, data, results, and conclusions contained within such report as confidential information belonging to the User Institution. 17. You accept that the Data is protected by and subject to international laws, including but not limited to the Spanish Data Protection Act 15/1999, and that You are responsible for ensuring compliance with any such applicable law. The GCAT Data Access Committee reserves the right to request and inspect data security and management documentation to ensure the adequacy of data protection measures in countries that have no national laws comparable to that which pertain in the EAA. 18. This agreement shall be construed, interpreted and governed by the laws of Spain and Catalonia and shall be subject to the non-exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of the city of Barcelona (Spain). 2. DELIVERY OF THE DATA AND TRANSFER OF RISK AND FEES 1. Upon execution of this Agreement, GCAT agrees to deliver the Data to User in the term, formal conditions and with the information and/or documentation indicated in Annex 2 and Annex 5. 2. Once provided the Data, any risk related to the Data shall be transferred to User, who shall be responsible for its use, storage and, given the case, disposal, always subject to applicable laws and regulations. 3. User must bear all reasonable expenditures fee resulting from the supply, storage and processing of data. 3. GCAT PUBLICATIONS POLICY PUBLICATIONS AND INDUSTRIAL AND/OR INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY RIGHTS 1. The access to any Data shall not be construed as to grant an option or license to User under any patent, trade secret or other rights now or hereinafter held by GCAT, other than the non-exclusive, non-transferable, revocable right to use any Data for the purposes indicated herein. 2. User shall notice Provider, here GCAT, of the global results obtained from the Project due to the use of Material, in accordance with what is stated in the applicable legal dispositions (Act 14/2007, of Biomedical Research and Royal Decree 1716/2011, of Biobanks). Specifically, User undertakes to send GCAT through e-mail, to the address a copy of any publication based on the use of Material (or derivatives), in the term of three (3) months from the publication. 3. The ownership on the results related to Data developed by the User shall be considered on a case by case basis (see description in Annex 1). In any case GCAT shall have a royalty-free, worldwide, non-transferable, non-exclusive license to use such results for research and non-commercial purposes. 4. In any event, protection of Intellectual and/or Industrial Property Rights relating to results shall observe at all times the moral rights of the inventors or authors, expressly including the right to be mentioned as inventors or authors. 5. In accordance with scientific practices, the contributions of data of GCAT, given the case, shall be expressly mentioned in all the public disclosures, both written or orally and through a co-authorship statement, regarding any research where data has been used. 6. All authors who use data from the project must acknowledge the GCAT using the following wording "This study makes use of data generated by the GCAT |Genomes for Life Project. Cohort study of the Genomes of Catalonia”, PMPPC-IGTP. IGTP is part of the CERCA Program / Generalitat de Catalunya, and cite the relevant primary GCAT publication ( A full list of the investigators who contributed to the generation of the data is available from 7. Users should note that the GCAT bears no responsibility for the further analysis or interpretation of these data, over and above that published by the GCAT 8. Funding for the project was provided by the MINECO (ADE 10/00026) and RYC-2011-07822". 4. WARRANTY AND LIABILITY 1. User represents and warrants that shall use the Material in compliance with all applicable laws and regulations, including but not limited to, health and research regulations and the Protocol approved by the Ethic and scientific Committee. 2. GCAT states that the samples have been obtained following the law and in compliance with ethical and quality requirements regarding Biological Samples (proper processing of samples and ethical-legal guarantees of these procedures). 3. GCAT shall not be liable for any damages arising from the use, handling, storage or disposal of the Material by User. 5. CONFIDENTIALITY 1. Subject to the other provisions of this Agreement, both Parties agree to treat any and all other information which is disclosed between the Parties orally, electronically, visually, or in a document or other tangible form and which is identified as confidential or which may reasonably be inferred to be confidential; and test results, error data, feedback, or other reports, in connection with the Material (hereinafter “Confidential Information”), with all cautions reasonably necessary and practicable to prevent its disclosure to persons other than those of their employees, agents or contractors who need to have access to the Confidential Information for the purposes of or as envisaged by this Agreement. 2. Each Party warrants that all such employees shall be obliged to maintain the confidentiality of the Confidential Information and to use it only in accordance with the provisions of this Agreement, and each Party shall use all reasonable endeavours to avoid and act against non-compliance by its employees. 3. The confidentiality obligations hereinabove mentioned shall not apply to Information which the receiving Party can establish by written record was in its possession before the date hereof and not obtained, directly or indirectly, from the other Party. Information which is or becomes in the future public knowledge through no fault or omission of either Party, its employees or its directors. Information lawfully obtained by either Party after the date hereof from a third party with the right to disclose it. The confidentiality obligations contained in this Agreement shall not prevent either Party from disclosing Confidential Information as a result of an administrative or judicial order to regulatory authorities. However, the disclosing Party shall notify the other Party as soon as practicable and, in addition, shall make its best efforts to procure confidential treatment by the receiving Party or authority. 4. The obligations assumed under this clause shall remain in full force and effect even after termination of this Agreement, as long as the information remains confidential. 6. TERMINATION 1. This Agreement shall enter into force on the date of the last signature herein below. 2. The term of this Agreement shall be one year from the application for acces to the Material / Data ; or (ii) upon finalization of the Project according to Annex 3, whichever occurs first, without prior notice by any of the Parties. Notwithstanding the referred term, this Agreement shall remain in full force and effect indefinitely for as long as Data are secret and confidential. You accept that this agreement will terminate immediately upon any breach of this agreement by You and You will be required to destroy any Data held. 3. Any breach of this Agreement by any of the Parties may be remedied within thirty (30) days of receiving written notice thereof. Any uncured breaches or breaches which, by nature, are not capable of being remedied shall entitle the other Party to claim proper fulfillment or alternatively, to terminate this Agreement, and in any case, to be indemnified for damages resulting from the aforementioned breach. 4. Upon termination or expiration of this Agreement, howsoever caused, User will automatically discontinue its use of the Material and will, unless otherwise agreed, return or destroy any remaining Material. 5. The provisions concerning Publications, Intellectual Property, Confidentiality and Warranty and Liability shall survive this termination or expiration. 7. MISCELLANEOUS 1. Any formal notice required or permitted by this Agreement must be delivered in writing and sent by certified mail, return receipt requested, addressed to the other Party at the address shown at the beginning of this Agreement or at such other address for which such Party gives notice hereunder. 2. Should any part, article, paragraph, sentence or clause of this Agreement be deemed vague, valid or inapplicable, such part shall be eliminated and the rest of the Agreement shall remain valid and in force. 3. This Agreement may not be changed or modified in any way, orally or otherwise, unless such amendment is made in writing and signed by both Parties. 4. This Agreement may not be assigned by either of the Parties in any case without the express prior written consent of the other Party. 8. GOVERNING AND JURISDICTION 1. This Agreement shall be governed by and construed under the laws of Spain. 2. With express waiver to any other jurisdiction that may correspond to the Parties, any dispute or controversy in relation to, in connection with or resulting from this Agreement shall be exclusively resolved by the courts of the city of Barcelona (Spain).

Studies are experimental investigations of a particular phenomenon, e.g., case-control studies on a particular trait or cancer research projects reporting matching cancer normal genomes from patients.

Study ID Study Title Study Type
EGAS00001003018 Other

This table displays only public information pertaining to the files in the dataset. If you wish to access this dataset, please submit a request. If you already have access to these data files, please consult the download documentation.

ID File Type Size Located in
EGAF00005432457 bam 123.5 GB
EGAF00005432458 bai 8.9 MB
EGAF00005432459 bam 132.2 GB
EGAF00005432460 bai 8.9 MB
EGAF00005432461 bam 133.4 GB
EGAF00005432462 bai 9.0 MB
EGAF00005432463 bam 124.9 GB
EGAF00005432464 bai 8.9 MB
EGAF00005432465 bam 122.3 GB
EGAF00005432466 bai 8.9 MB
EGAF00005432467 bam 122.7 GB
EGAF00005432468 bai 8.8 MB
EGAF00005432469 bam 130.4 GB
EGAF00005432470 bai 8.8 MB
EGAF00005432471 bam 130.3 GB
EGAF00005432472 bai 8.9 MB
EGAF00005432473 bam 128.7 GB
EGAF00005432474 bai 8.8 MB
EGAF00005432475 bam 115.7 GB
EGAF00005432476 bai 8.9 MB
EGAF00005432477 bam 135.0 GB
EGAF00005432478 bai 8.9 MB
EGAF00005432479 bam 119.1 GB
EGAF00005432480 bai 8.8 MB
EGAF00005432481 bam 135.1 GB
EGAF00005432482 bai 9.0 MB
EGAF00005432483 bam 123.8 GB
EGAF00005432484 bai 8.9 MB
EGAF00005432485 bam 125.0 GB
EGAF00005432486 bai 8.9 MB
EGAF00005432487 bam 118.3 GB
EGAF00005432488 bai 8.9 MB
EGAF00005432489 bam 126.6 GB
EGAF00005432490 bai 8.9 MB
EGAF00005432491 bam 129.3 GB
EGAF00005432492 bai 9.0 MB
EGAF00005432493 bam 136.2 GB
EGAF00005432494 bai 8.9 MB
EGAF00005432495 bam 133.5 GB
EGAF00005432496 bai 8.8 MB
EGAF00005432497 bam 131.3 GB
EGAF00005432498 bai 8.8 MB
EGAF00005432499 bam 133.6 GB
EGAF00005432500 bai 8.9 MB
EGAF00005432501 bam 136.8 GB
EGAF00005432502 bai 9.0 MB
EGAF00005432503 bam 132.5 GB
EGAF00005432504 bai 8.8 MB
EGAF00005432505 bam 122.5 GB
EGAF00005432506 bai 8.8 MB
EGAF00005432507 bam 112.2 GB
EGAF00005432508 bai 8.9 MB
EGAF00005432509 bam 126.2 GB
EGAF00005432510 bai 8.9 MB
EGAF00005432511 bam 124.4 GB
EGAF00005432512 bai 8.9 MB
EGAF00005432513 bam 125.6 GB
EGAF00005432514 bai 8.8 MB
EGAF00005432515 bam 127.1 GB
EGAF00005432516 bai 8.9 MB
EGAF00005432517 bam 139.8 GB
EGAF00005432518 bai 9.0 MB
EGAF00005432519 bam 129.9 GB
EGAF00005432520 bai 9.0 MB
EGAF00005432521 bam 116.0 GB
EGAF00005432522 bai 8.9 MB
EGAF00005432523 bam 127.9 GB
EGAF00005432524 bai 8.9 MB
EGAF00005432525 bam 124.5 GB
EGAF00005432526 bai 8.9 MB
EGAF00005432527 bam 125.0 GB
EGAF00005432528 bai 8.9 MB
EGAF00005432529 bam 143.1 GB
EGAF00005432530 bai 8.9 MB
EGAF00005432531 bam 128.5 GB
EGAF00005432532 bai 9.0 MB
EGAF00005432533 bam 128.8 GB
EGAF00005432534 bai 8.8 MB
EGAF00005432535 bam 119.3 GB
EGAF00005432536 bai 8.8 MB
EGAF00005432537 bam 119.7 GB
EGAF00005432538 bai 8.8 MB
EGAF00005432539 bam 129.2 GB
EGAF00005432540 bai 8.9 MB
EGAF00005432541 bam 134.1 GB
EGAF00005432542 bai 8.9 MB
EGAF00005432543 bam 129.7 GB
EGAF00005432544 bai 8.9 MB
EGAF00005432545 bam 123.4 GB
EGAF00005432546 bai 9.0 MB
EGAF00005432547 bam 130.7 GB
EGAF00005432548 bai 8.9 MB
EGAF00005432549 bam 132.1 GB
EGAF00005432550 bai 8.8 MB
EGAF00005432551 bam 115.5 GB
EGAF00005432552 bai 8.8 MB
EGAF00005432553 bam 127.9 GB
EGAF00005432554 bai 8.9 MB
EGAF00005432555 bam 126.7 GB
EGAF00005432556 bai 8.8 MB
EGAF00005432557 bam 142.6 GB
EGAF00005432558 bai 8.9 MB
EGAF00005432559 bam 118.4 GB
EGAF00005432560 bai 8.9 MB
EGAF00005432561 bam 141.7 GB
EGAF00005432562 bai 9.0 MB
EGAF00005432563 bam 133.4 GB
EGAF00005432564 bai 9.0 MB
EGAF00005432565 bam 134.9 GB
EGAF00005432566 bai 8.9 MB
EGAF00005432567 bam 123.2 GB
EGAF00005432568 bai 8.9 MB
EGAF00005432569 bam 134.7 GB
EGAF00005432570 bai 9.0 MB
EGAF00005432571 bam 135.8 GB
EGAF00005432572 bai 9.0 MB
EGAF00005432573 bam 123.0 GB
EGAF00005432574 bai 8.8 MB
EGAF00005432575 bam 123.4 GB
EGAF00005432576 bai 8.8 MB
EGAF00005432577 bam 130.3 GB
EGAF00005432578 bai 8.8 MB
EGAF00005432579 bam 126.9 GB
EGAF00005432580 bai 8.8 MB
EGAF00005432581 bam 135.0 GB
EGAF00005432582 bai 8.9 MB
EGAF00005432583 bam 119.4 GB
EGAF00005432584 bai 8.9 MB
EGAF00005432585 bam 128.0 GB
EGAF00005432586 bai 8.9 MB
EGAF00005432587 bam 116.3 GB
EGAF00005432588 bai 8.8 MB
EGAF00005432589 bam 124.1 GB
EGAF00005432590 bai 8.8 MB
EGAF00005432591 bam 136.6 GB
EGAF00005432592 bai 8.8 MB
EGAF00005432593 bam 130.3 GB
EGAF00005432594 bai 8.9 MB
EGAF00005432595 bam 122.5 GB
EGAF00005432596 bai 8.9 MB
EGAF00005432597 bam 125.7 GB
EGAF00005432598 bai 8.9 MB
EGAF00005432599 bam 129.1 GB
EGAF00005432600 bai 8.9 MB
EGAF00005432601 bam 128.8 GB
EGAF00005432602 bai 9.0 MB
EGAF00005432603 bam 134.1 GB
EGAF00005432604 bai 8.9 MB
EGAF00005432605 bam 125.0 GB
EGAF00005432606 bai 8.9 MB
EGAF00005432607 bam 124.7 GB
EGAF00005432608 bai 8.9 MB
EGAF00005432609 bam 131.2 GB
EGAF00005432610 bai 9.0 MB
EGAF00005432611 bam 126.7 GB
EGAF00005432612 bai 8.9 MB
EGAF00005432613 bam 143.3 GB
EGAF00005432614 bai 9.0 MB
EGAF00005432615 bam 124.2 GB
EGAF00005432616 bai 8.9 MB
EGAF00005432617 bam 130.5 GB
EGAF00005432618 bai 8.8 MB
EGAF00005432619 bam 131.6 GB
EGAF00005432620 bai 8.8 MB
EGAF00005432621 bam 135.8 GB
EGAF00005432622 bai 8.9 MB
EGAF00005432623 bam 134.9 GB
EGAF00005432624 bai 8.9 MB
EGAF00005432625 bam 131.1 GB
EGAF00005432626 bai 9.0 MB
EGAF00005432627 bam 135.0 GB
EGAF00005432628 bai 8.9 MB
EGAF00005432629 bam 143.8 GB
EGAF00005432630 bai 9.0 MB
EGAF00005432631 bam 125.5 GB
EGAF00005432632 bai 8.8 MB
EGAF00005432633 bam 124.3 GB
EGAF00005432634 bai 8.9 MB
EGAF00005444964 bam 135.7 GB
EGAF00005444965 bai 8.8 MB
EGAF00005444966 bam 142.3 GB
EGAF00005444967 bai 8.8 MB
EGAF00005444968 bam 120.4 GB
EGAF00005444969 bai 8.8 MB
EGAF00005444970 bam 139.0 GB
EGAF00005444971 bai 9.0 MB
EGAF00005444972 bam 131.0 GB
EGAF00005444973 bai 8.8 MB
EGAF00005444974 bam 131.6 GB
EGAF00005444975 bai 8.9 MB
EGAF00005444976 bam 128.2 GB
EGAF00005444977 bai 8.8 MB
EGAF00005444978 bam 124.4 GB
EGAF00005444979 bai 8.9 MB
EGAF00005444980 bam 127.4 GB
EGAF00005444981 bai 8.9 MB
EGAF00005444982 bam 129.7 GB
EGAF00005444983 bai 8.9 MB
EGAF00005444984 bam 124.8 GB
EGAF00005444985 bai 8.8 MB
EGAF00005444986 bam 141.7 GB
EGAF00005444987 bai 8.9 MB
EGAF00005444988 bam 126.7 GB
EGAF00005444989 bai 8.9 MB
EGAF00005444990 bam 140.7 GB
EGAF00005444991 bai 9.0 MB
EGAF00005444992 bam 130.1 GB
EGAF00005444993 bai 8.9 MB
EGAF00005444994 bam 118.0 GB
EGAF00005444995 bai 8.9 MB
EGAF00005444996 bam 116.6 GB
EGAF00005444997 bai 8.9 MB
EGAF00005444998 bam 128.1 GB
EGAF00005444999 bai 8.8 MB
EGAF00005445000 bam 123.8 GB
EGAF00005445001 bai 8.8 MB
EGAF00005445002 bam 129.4 GB
EGAF00005445003 bai 8.9 MB
EGAF00005445004 bam 132.1 GB
EGAF00005445005 bai 9.0 MB
EGAF00005445006 bam 143.1 GB
EGAF00005445007 bai 8.9 MB
EGAF00005445008 bam 130.3 GB
EGAF00005445009 bai 8.8 MB
EGAF00005445010 bam 125.8 GB
EGAF00005445011 bai 8.8 MB
EGAF00005445012 bam 130.7 GB
EGAF00005445013 bai 8.8 MB
EGAF00005445014 bam 126.1 GB
EGAF00005445015 bai 8.8 MB
EGAF00005445016 bam 126.7 GB
EGAF00005445017 bai 8.9 MB
EGAF00005445018 bam 131.9 GB
EGAF00005445019 bai 8.9 MB
EGAF00005445020 bam 123.3 GB
EGAF00005445021 bai 8.8 MB
EGAF00005445022 bam 125.9 GB
EGAF00005445023 bai 8.9 MB
EGAF00005445024 bam 119.2 GB
EGAF00005445025 bai 8.9 MB
EGAF00005445026 bam 126.2 GB
EGAF00005445027 bai 8.8 MB
EGAF00005445028 bam 128.2 GB
EGAF00005445029 bai 8.8 MB
EGAF00005445030 bam 125.7 GB
EGAF00005445031 bai 8.9 MB
EGAF00005445032 bam 131.1 GB
EGAF00005445033 bai 9.0 MB
EGAF00005445034 bam 126.4 GB
EGAF00005445035 bai 8.9 MB
EGAF00005445036 bam 127.0 GB
EGAF00005445037 bai 9.0 MB
EGAF00005445038 bam 125.4 GB
EGAF00005445039 bai 8.8 MB
EGAF00005445040 bam 122.6 GB
EGAF00005445041 bai 8.8 MB
EGAF00005445042 bam 128.5 GB
EGAF00005445043 bai 8.9 MB
EGAF00005445044 bam 135.2 GB
EGAF00005445045 bai 8.8 MB
EGAF00005445046 bam 121.3 GB
EGAF00005445047 bai 8.9 MB
EGAF00005445048 bam 118.6 GB
EGAF00005445049 bai 8.9 MB
EGAF00005445050 bam 127.7 GB
EGAF00005445051 bai 9.0 MB
EGAF00005445052 bam 132.5 GB
EGAF00005445053 bai 9.0 MB
EGAF00005445054 bam 123.3 GB
EGAF00005445055 bai 8.9 MB
EGAF00005445056 bam 130.3 GB
EGAF00005445057 bai 8.9 MB
EGAF00005445058 bam 133.5 GB
EGAF00005445059 bai 8.9 MB
EGAF00005445060 bam 128.5 GB
EGAF00005445061 bai 8.9 MB
EGAF00005445062 bam 125.8 GB
EGAF00005445063 bai 8.8 MB
EGAF00005445064 bam 119.7 GB
EGAF00005445065 bai 8.9 MB
EGAF00005445066 bam 146.5 GB
EGAF00005445067 bai 8.9 MB
EGAF00005445255 bam 123.9 GB
EGAF00005445256 bai 8.8 MB
EGAF00005445257 bam 129.8 GB
EGAF00005445258 bai 9.0 MB
EGAF00005445259 bam 126.7 GB
EGAF00005445260 bai 8.9 MB
EGAF00005445261 bam 133.0 GB
EGAF00005445262 bai 8.8 MB
EGAF00005445263 bam 127.1 GB
EGAF00005445264 bai 8.9 MB
EGAF00005445265 bam 133.4 GB
EGAF00005445266 bai 8.8 MB
EGAF00005445267 bam 129.5 GB
EGAF00005445268 bai 9.0 MB
EGAF00005445269 bam 128.7 GB
EGAF00005445270 bai 8.8 MB
EGAF00005445271 bam 128.5 GB
EGAF00005445272 bai 9.0 MB
EGAF00005445273 bam 128.4 GB
EGAF00005445274 bai 9.0 MB
EGAF00005445275 bam 120.5 GB
EGAF00005445276 bai 8.9 MB
EGAF00005445277 bam 130.1 GB
EGAF00005445278 bai 8.9 MB
EGAF00005445279 bam 124.9 GB
EGAF00005445280 bai 8.8 MB
EGAF00005445281 bam 132.0 GB
EGAF00005445282 bai 8.8 MB
EGAF00005445283 bam 139.6 GB
EGAF00005445284 bai 8.9 MB
EGAF00005445285 bam 131.1 GB
EGAF00005445286 bai 8.9 MB
EGAF00005445287 bam 127.8 GB
EGAF00005445288 bai 8.9 MB
EGAF00005445289 bam 129.7 GB
EGAF00005445290 bai 8.9 MB
EGAF00005445291 bam 125.6 GB
EGAF00005445292 bai 8.8 MB
EGAF00005445293 bam 127.0 GB
EGAF00005445294 bai 8.8 MB
EGAF00005445295 bam 126.7 GB
EGAF00005445296 bai 8.9 MB
EGAF00005445297 bam 132.7 GB
EGAF00005445298 bai 9.0 MB
EGAF00005445299 bam 129.2 GB
EGAF00005445300 bai 9.0 MB
EGAF00005445301 bam 122.3 GB
EGAF00005445302 bai 8.9 MB
EGAF00005445303 bam 133.7 GB
EGAF00005445304 bai 9.0 MB
EGAF00005445305 bam 135.5 GB
EGAF00005445306 bai 8.9 MB
EGAF00005445307 bam 131.6 GB
EGAF00005445308 bai 9.0 MB
EGAF00005445309 bam 127.9 GB
EGAF00005445310 bai 8.9 MB
EGAF00005445311 bam 119.9 GB
EGAF00005445312 bai 8.9 MB
EGAF00005445313 bam 127.5 GB
EGAF00005445314 bai 9.0 MB
EGAF00005445315 bam 131.7 GB
EGAF00005445316 bai 8.9 MB
EGAF00005445317 bam 126.0 GB
EGAF00005445318 bai 9.0 MB
EGAF00005445319 bam 129.5 GB
EGAF00005445320 bai 8.9 MB
EGAF00005445321 bam 122.6 GB
EGAF00005445322 bai 9.0 MB
EGAF00005445323 bam 116.6 GB
EGAF00005445324 bai 8.9 MB
EGAF00005445325 bam 134.1 GB
EGAF00005445326 bai 8.9 MB
EGAF00005445327 bam 129.7 GB
EGAF00005445328 bai 8.9 MB
EGAF00005445329 bam 122.4 GB
EGAF00005445330 bai 8.9 MB
EGAF00005445331 bam 127.2 GB
EGAF00005445332 bai 9.0 MB
EGAF00005445333 bam 124.7 GB
EGAF00005445334 bai 8.9 MB
EGAF00005445335 bam 127.9 GB
EGAF00005445336 bai 9.0 MB
EGAF00005445337 bam 120.6 GB
EGAF00005445338 bai 8.8 MB
EGAF00005445339 bam 130.4 GB
EGAF00005445340 bai 8.9 MB
EGAF00005445341 bam 122.6 GB
EGAF00005445342 bai 8.9 MB
EGAF00005474047 bam 118.0 GB
EGAF00005474048 bai 8.8 MB
EGAF00005474049 bam 121.3 GB
EGAF00005474050 bai 8.8 MB
EGAF00005474051 bam 115.2 GB
EGAF00005474052 bai 8.8 MB
EGAF00005474053 bam 124.7 GB
EGAF00005474054 bai 8.9 MB
EGAF00005474055 bam 130.1 GB
EGAF00005474056 bai 8.9 MB
EGAF00005474057 bam 123.2 GB
EGAF00005474058 bai 8.8 MB
EGAF00005474059 bam 122.4 GB
EGAF00005474060 bai 8.9 MB
EGAF00005474061 bam 124.7 GB
EGAF00005474062 bai 8.9 MB
EGAF00005474063 bam 114.8 GB
EGAF00005474064 bai 8.8 MB
EGAF00005474065 bam 120.4 GB
EGAF00005474066 bai 8.8 MB
EGAF00005474067 bam 118.3 GB
EGAF00005474068 bai 8.9 MB
EGAF00005474069 bam 120.4 GB
EGAF00005474070 bai 8.8 MB
EGAF00005474071 bam 144.3 GB
EGAF00005474072 bai 9.1 MB
EGAF00005474073 bam 125.5 GB
EGAF00005474074 bai 8.8 MB
EGAF00005474075 bam 118.3 GB
EGAF00005474076 bai 8.9 MB
EGAF00005474077 bam 130.8 GB
EGAF00005474078 bai 8.9 MB
EGAF00005474079 bam 118.4 GB
EGAF00005474080 bai 8.8 MB
EGAF00005474081 bam 123.4 GB
EGAF00005474082 bai 8.8 MB
EGAF00005474083 bam 117.6 GB
EGAF00005474084 bai 8.9 MB
EGAF00005474085 bam 124.0 GB
EGAF00005474086 bai 9.0 MB
EGAF00005474087 bam 138.9 GB
EGAF00005474088 bai 8.9 MB
EGAF00005474089 bam 126.8 GB
EGAF00005474090 bai 9.0 MB
EGAF00005474091 bam 129.2 GB
EGAF00005474092 bai 8.8 MB
EGAF00005474093 bam 120.6 GB
EGAF00005474094 bai 8.9 MB
EGAF00005474095 bam 118.6 GB
EGAF00005474096 bai 8.8 MB
EGAF00005474097 bam 118.4 GB
EGAF00005474098 bai 8.9 MB
EGAF00005474099 bam 139.9 GB
EGAF00005474100 bai 8.9 MB
EGAF00005474101 bam 125.5 GB
EGAF00005474102 bai 8.9 MB
EGAF00005474103 bam 132.6 GB
EGAF00005474104 bai 8.9 MB
EGAF00005474105 bam 117.6 GB
EGAF00005474106 bai 8.9 MB
EGAF00005474107 bam 119.3 GB
EGAF00005474108 bai 8.8 MB
EGAF00005474109 bam 124.1 GB
EGAF00005474110 bai 8.8 MB
EGAF00005474111 bam 139.2 GB
EGAF00005474112 bai 9.0 MB
EGAF00005474113 bam 130.0 GB
EGAF00005474114 bai 9.0 MB
EGAF00005474115 bam 127.3 GB
EGAF00005474116 bai 8.8 MB
EGAF00005474117 bam 127.5 GB
EGAF00005474118 bai 8.9 MB
EGAF00005474119 bam 120.0 GB
EGAF00005474120 bai 8.9 MB
EGAF00005474121 bam 127.9 GB
EGAF00005474122 bai 8.8 MB
EGAF00005474123 bam 120.2 GB
EGAF00005474124 bai 8.8 MB
EGAF00005474125 bam 125.0 GB
EGAF00005474126 bai 8.8 MB
EGAF00005474127 bam 130.4 GB
EGAF00005474128 bai 9.0 MB
EGAF00005474129 bam 129.8 GB
EGAF00005474130 bai 8.8 MB
EGAF00005474131 bam 119.7 GB
EGAF00005474132 bai 8.9 MB
EGAF00005474133 bam 121.6 GB
EGAF00005474134 bai 8.9 MB
EGAF00005474135 bam 130.3 GB
EGAF00005474136 bai 8.8 MB
EGAF00005474137 bam 118.3 GB
EGAF00005474138 bai 8.9 MB
EGAF00005474139 bam 119.0 GB
EGAF00005474140 bai 8.8 MB
EGAF00005474141 bam 131.6 GB
EGAF00005474142 bai 8.9 MB
EGAF00005474143 bam 121.3 GB
EGAF00005474144 bai 8.9 MB
EGAF00005474145 bam 130.1 GB
EGAF00005474146 bai 8.9 MB
EGAF00005474147 bam 123.1 GB
EGAF00005474148 bai 8.8 MB
EGAF00005474149 bam 118.9 GB
EGAF00005474150 bai 8.8 MB
EGAF00005474151 bam 133.9 GB
EGAF00005474152 bai 8.9 MB
EGAF00005474153 bam 118.2 GB
EGAF00005474154 bai 8.8 MB
EGAF00005474155 bam 123.6 GB
EGAF00005474156 bai 8.9 MB
EGAF00005474157 bam 137.6 GB
EGAF00005474158 bai 9.1 MB
EGAF00005474159 bam 127.7 GB
EGAF00005474160 bai 8.9 MB
EGAF00005474161 bam 121.8 GB
EGAF00005474162 bai 8.8 MB
EGAF00005474163 bam 136.7 GB
EGAF00005474164 bai 8.8 MB
EGAF00005474165 bam 117.4 GB
EGAF00005474166 bai 8.9 MB
EGAF00005474167 bam 119.7 GB
EGAF00005474168 bai 8.8 MB
EGAF00005474169 bam 131.4 GB
EGAF00005474170 bai 8.9 MB
EGAF00005474171 bam 133.0 GB
EGAF00005474172 bai 9.0 MB
EGAF00005474173 bam 132.3 GB
EGAF00005474174 bai 8.9 MB
EGAF00005474175 bam 122.7 GB
EGAF00005474176 bai 8.9 MB
EGAF00005474177 bam 127.7 GB
EGAF00005474178 bai 8.8 MB
EGAF00005474179 bam 128.5 GB
EGAF00005474180 bai 8.9 MB
EGAF00005474181 bam 118.0 GB
EGAF00005474182 bai 8.9 MB
EGAF00005474183 bam 133.2 GB
EGAF00005474184 bai 9.0 MB
EGAF00005474185 bam 123.3 GB
EGAF00005474186 bai 8.8 MB
EGAF00005474187 bam 123.7 GB
EGAF00005474188 bai 8.9 MB
EGAF00005474189 bam 134.8 GB
EGAF00005474190 bai 9.1 MB
EGAF00005474191 bam 124.8 GB
EGAF00005474192 bai 8.9 MB
EGAF00005474193 bam 132.2 GB
EGAF00005474194 bai 8.9 MB
EGAF00005474195 bam 124.6 GB
EGAF00005474196 bai 8.9 MB
EGAF00005474197 bam 116.9 GB
EGAF00005474198 bai 8.9 MB
EGAF00005474199 bam 126.2 GB
EGAF00005474200 bai 8.9 MB
EGAF00005474201 bam 129.3 GB
EGAF00005474202 bai 8.8 MB
EGAF00005474203 bam 123.5 GB
EGAF00005474204 bai 8.9 MB
EGAF00005474205 bam 126.7 GB
EGAF00005474206 bai 9.1 MB
EGAF00005474207 bam 131.8 GB
EGAF00005474208 bai 9.0 MB
EGAF00005474209 bam 119.3 GB
EGAF00005474210 bai 8.8 MB
EGAF00005474211 bam 125.5 GB
EGAF00005474212 bai 9.0 MB
EGAF00005474213 bam 141.6 GB
EGAF00005474214 bai 8.9 MB
EGAF00005474215 bam 124.8 GB
EGAF00005474216 bai 8.9 MB
EGAF00005474217 bam 127.9 GB
EGAF00005474218 bai 8.9 MB
EGAF00005474219 bam 145.8 GB
EGAF00005474220 bai 9.1 MB
EGAF00005474221 bam 132.2 GB
EGAF00005474222 bai 8.8 MB
EGAF00005474223 bam 141.6 GB
EGAF00005474224 bai 9.1 MB
EGAF00005474225 bam 136.2 GB
EGAF00005474226 bai 8.8 MB
EGAF00005474227 bam 131.4 GB
EGAF00005474228 bai 8.9 MB
EGAF00005474229 bam 123.2 GB
EGAF00005474230 bai 8.9 MB
EGAF00005474231 bam 130.1 GB
EGAF00005474232 bai 9.0 MB
EGAF00005474233 bam 120.0 GB
EGAF00005474234 bai 8.8 MB
EGAF00005474235 bam 121.6 GB
EGAF00005474236 bai 8.9 MB
EGAF00005474237 bam 128.3 GB
EGAF00005474238 bai 8.8 MB
EGAF00005474239 bam 130.2 GB
EGAF00005474240 bai 8.9 MB
EGAF00005474241 bam 125.2 GB
EGAF00005474242 bai 8.8 MB
EGAF00005484142 bam 134.9 GB
EGAF00005484143 bai 8.8 MB
EGAF00005484144 bam 123.0 GB
EGAF00005484145 bai 8.9 MB
EGAF00005484146 bam 115.9 GB
EGAF00005484147 bai 8.9 MB
EGAF00005484148 bam 123.9 GB
EGAF00005484149 bai 8.8 MB
EGAF00005484150 bam 124.9 GB
EGAF00005484151 bai 8.8 MB
EGAF00005484152 bam 127.6 GB
EGAF00005484153 bai 8.9 MB
EGAF00005484154 bam 120.5 GB
EGAF00005484155 bai 8.8 MB
EGAF00005484156 bam 127.1 GB
EGAF00005484157 bai 8.8 MB
EGAF00005484158 bam 137.6 GB
EGAF00005484159 bai 8.9 MB
EGAF00005484160 bam 126.9 GB
EGAF00005484161 bai 8.9 MB
EGAF00005484162 bam 121.2 GB
EGAF00005484163 bai 8.8 MB
EGAF00005484164 bam 128.2 GB
EGAF00005484165 bai 9.0 MB
EGAF00005484166 bam 125.9 GB
EGAF00005484167 bai 8.9 MB
EGAF00005484168 bam 147.8 GB
EGAF00005484169 bai 8.8 MB
EGAF00005484170 bam 121.4 GB
EGAF00005484171 bai 8.9 MB
EGAF00005484172 bam 118.7 GB
EGAF00005484173 bai 8.8 MB
EGAF00005484174 bam 144.2 GB
EGAF00005484175 bai 9.1 MB
EGAF00005484176 bam 124.3 GB
EGAF00005484177 bai 8.9 MB
EGAF00005484178 bam 128.1 GB
EGAF00005484179 bai 8.8 MB
EGAF00005484180 bam 121.5 GB
EGAF00005484181 bai 8.9 MB
EGAF00005484182 bam 128.2 GB
EGAF00005484183 bai 8.9 MB
EGAF00005484184 bam 136.5 GB
EGAF00005484185 bai 8.9 MB
EGAF00005484186 bam 126.9 GB
EGAF00005484187 bai 8.9 MB
EGAF00005484188 bam 118.9 GB
EGAF00005484189 bai 8.9 MB
EGAF00005484190 bam 140.1 GB
EGAF00005484191 bai 9.1 MB
EGAF00005484192 bam 118.4 GB
EGAF00005484193 bai 8.8 MB
EGAF00005484194 bam 139.3 GB
EGAF00005484195 bai 8.9 MB
EGAF00005484196 bam 129.2 GB
EGAF00005484197 bai 9.0 MB
EGAF00005484198 bam 130.4 GB
EGAF00005484199 bai 8.8 MB
EGAF00005484200 bam 127.9 GB
EGAF00005484201 bai 8.9 MB
EGAF00005484202 bam 119.6 GB
EGAF00005484203 bai 8.9 MB
EGAF00005484204 bam 134.3 GB
EGAF00005484205 bai 8.8 MB
EGAF00005484206 bam 123.9 GB
EGAF00005484207 bai 8.9 MB
EGAF00005484208 bam 129.7 GB
EGAF00005484209 bai 8.9 MB
EGAF00005484210 bam 120.1 GB
EGAF00005484211 bai 8.9 MB
EGAF00005484212 bam 126.2 GB
EGAF00005484213 bai 8.9 MB
EGAF00005484214 bam 135.3 GB
EGAF00005484215 bai 8.9 MB
EGAF00005484216 bam 129.7 GB
EGAF00005484217 bai 8.9 MB
EGAF00005484218 bam 120.3 GB
EGAF00005484219 bai 8.8 MB
EGAF00005484220 bam 125.4 GB
EGAF00005484221 bai 8.8 MB
EGAF00005484222 bam 127.9 GB
EGAF00005484223 bai 8.8 MB
EGAF00005484224 bam 124.4 GB
EGAF00005484225 bai 8.8 MB
EGAF00005484226 bam 129.1 GB
EGAF00005484227 bai 8.8 MB
EGAF00005484228 bam 127.8 GB
EGAF00005484229 bai 8.9 MB
EGAF00005484230 bam 124.4 GB
EGAF00005484231 bai 8.9 MB
EGAF00005484232 bam 152.0 GB
EGAF00005484233 bai 8.9 MB
EGAF00005484234 bam 119.3 GB
EGAF00005484235 bai 8.9 MB
EGAF00005484236 bam 125.7 GB
EGAF00005484237 bai 8.9 MB
EGAF00005484238 bam 116.3 GB
EGAF00005484239 bai 8.8 MB
EGAF00005484240 bam 133.1 GB
EGAF00005484241 bai 8.8 MB
EGAF00005484242 bam 140.2 GB
EGAF00005484243 bai 9.0 MB
EGAF00005484244 bam 151.7 GB
EGAF00005484245 bai 9.0 MB
EGAF00005484246 bam 135.3 GB
EGAF00005484247 bai 8.9 MB
EGAF00005484248 bam 126.3 GB
EGAF00005484249 bai 8.9 MB
EGAF00005484250 bam 161.1 GB
EGAF00005484251 bai 9.1 MB
EGAF00005484252 bam 122.0 GB
EGAF00005484253 bai 8.8 MB
EGAF00005484254 bam 133.2 GB
EGAF00005484255 bai 8.8 MB
EGAF00005484256 bam 122.3 GB
EGAF00005484257 bai 8.9 MB
EGAF00005484258 bam 125.6 GB
EGAF00005484259 bai 8.9 MB
EGAF00005484260 bam 129.2 GB
EGAF00005484261 bai 9.0 MB
EGAF00005484262 bam 123.0 GB
EGAF00005484263 bai 8.8 MB
EGAF00005484264 bam 125.4 GB
EGAF00005484265 bai 8.9 MB
EGAF00005484266 bam 121.0 GB
EGAF00005484267 bai 8.9 MB
EGAF00005484268 bam 132.4 GB
EGAF00005484269 bai 8.8 MB
EGAF00005484270 bam 128.2 GB
EGAF00005484271 bai 8.9 MB
EGAF00005484272 bam 141.7 GB
EGAF00005484273 bai 8.8 MB
EGAF00005484274 bam 129.2 GB
EGAF00005484275 bai 8.9 MB
EGAF00005484276 bam 132.2 GB
EGAF00005484277 bai 8.9 MB
EGAF00005484278 bam 121.1 GB
EGAF00005484279 bai 8.8 MB
EGAF00005484280 bam 134.1 GB
EGAF00005484281 bai 9.0 MB
EGAF00005484282 bam 119.4 GB
EGAF00005484283 bai 8.8 MB
EGAF00005484284 bam 128.6 GB
EGAF00005484285 bai 8.9 MB
EGAF00005484286 bam 123.0 GB
EGAF00005484287 bai 8.9 MB
EGAF00005484288 bam 120.3 GB
EGAF00005484289 bai 8.8 MB
EGAF00005484290 bam 135.9 GB
EGAF00005484291 bai 9.0 MB
EGAF00005484292 bam 122.0 GB
EGAF00005484293 bai 8.9 MB
EGAF00005484294 bam 155.8 GB
EGAF00005484295 bai 9.1 MB
EGAF00005484296 bam 137.5 GB
EGAF00005484297 bai 8.9 MB
EGAF00005484298 bam 132.9 GB
EGAF00005484299 bai 8.8 MB
EGAF00005484300 bam 121.2 GB
EGAF00005484301 bai 8.9 MB
EGAF00005488439 bam 123.3 GB
EGAF00005488440 bai 8.9 MB
EGAF00005488441 bam 129.6 GB
EGAF00005488442 bai 8.9 MB
EGAF00005488443 bam 123.5 GB
EGAF00005488444 bai 8.8 MB
EGAF00005488445 bam 132.2 GB
EGAF00005488446 bai 8.9 MB
EGAF00005488447 bam 117.8 GB
EGAF00005488448 bai 8.8 MB
EGAF00005488449 bam 121.2 GB
EGAF00005488450 bai 8.9 MB
EGAF00005488451 bam 123.6 GB
EGAF00005488452 bai 8.9 MB
EGAF00005488453 bam 128.4 GB
EGAF00005488454 bai 8.9 MB
EGAF00005488455 bam 125.3 GB
EGAF00005488456 bai 9.0 MB
EGAF00005488457 bam 125.8 GB
EGAF00005488458 bai 8.9 MB
EGAF00005488459 bam 118.6 GB
EGAF00005488460 bai 8.8 MB
EGAF00005488461 bam 125.8 GB
EGAF00005488462 bai 8.9 MB
EGAF00005488463 bam 125.3 GB
EGAF00005488464 bai 8.8 MB
EGAF00005488465 bam 129.0 GB
EGAF00005488466 bai 8.9 MB
EGAF00005488467 bam 123.2 GB
EGAF00005488468 bai 8.9 MB
EGAF00005488469 bam 120.2 GB
EGAF00005488470 bai 9.0 MB
EGAF00005488471 bam 123.2 GB
EGAF00005488472 bai 8.9 MB
EGAF00005488473 bam 127.8 GB
EGAF00005488474 bai 9.0 MB
EGAF00005488475 bam 146.9 GB
EGAF00005488476 bai 8.8 MB
EGAF00005559798 bam 126.2 GB
EGAF00005559799 bai 8.9 MB
EGAF00005559800 bam 112.0 GB
EGAF00005559801 bai 8.9 MB
EGAF00005559802 bam 121.5 GB
EGAF00005559803 bai 8.9 MB
EGAF00005559804 bam 120.7 GB
EGAF00005559805 bai 8.9 MB
EGAF00005559806 bam 122.3 GB
EGAF00005559807 bai 8.8 MB
EGAF00005559808 bam 146.6 GB
EGAF00005559809 bai 8.9 MB
EGAF00005559810 bam 108.1 GB
EGAF00005559811 bai 8.9 MB
EGAF00005559812 bam 117.5 GB
EGAF00005559813 bai 8.8 MB
EGAF00005559814 bam 119.8 GB
EGAF00005559815 bai 8.8 MB
EGAF00005559816 bam 119.0 GB
EGAF00005559817 bai 8.8 MB
EGAF00005559818 bam 133.0 GB
EGAF00005559819 bai 9.0 MB
EGAF00005559820 bam 120.2 GB
EGAF00005559821 bai 9.0 MB
EGAF00005559822 bam 119.0 GB
EGAF00005559823 bai 8.9 MB
EGAF00005559824 bam 123.4 GB
EGAF00005559825 bai 9.0 MB
EGAF00005559826 bam 115.7 GB
EGAF00005559827 bai 8.9 MB
EGAF00005559828 bam 125.6 GB
EGAF00005559829 bai 9.0 MB
EGAF00005559830 bam 121.9 GB
EGAF00005559831 bai 8.9 MB
EGAF00005559832 bam 117.8 GB
EGAF00005559833 bai 9.0 MB
EGAF00005559834 bam 124.9 GB
EGAF00005559835 bai 8.9 MB
EGAF00005559836 bam 116.5 GB
EGAF00005559837 bai 8.8 MB
EGAF00005559838 bam 121.4 GB
EGAF00005559839 bai 8.8 MB
EGAF00005559840 bam 119.7 GB
EGAF00005559841 bai 8.9 MB
EGAF00005559842 bam 124.0 GB
EGAF00005559843 bai 9.0 MB
EGAF00005559844 bam 115.0 GB
EGAF00005559845 bai 8.9 MB
EGAF00005559846 bam 131.6 GB
EGAF00005559847 bai 9.0 MB
EGAF00005559848 bam 113.9 GB
EGAF00005559849 bai 8.8 MB
EGAF00005559850 bam 112.7 GB
EGAF00005559851 bai 8.9 MB
EGAF00005559852 bam 114.5 GB
EGAF00005559853 bai 8.9 MB
EGAF00005559854 bam 118.4 GB
EGAF00005559855 bai 8.9 MB
EGAF00005559856 bam 129.9 GB
EGAF00005559857 bai 8.8 MB
EGAF00005559858 bam 121.1 GB
EGAF00005559859 bai 9.0 MB
EGAF00005559860 bam 109.3 GB
EGAF00005559861 bai 8.8 MB
EGAF00005559862 bam 124.7 GB
EGAF00005559863 bai 8.9 MB
EGAF00005559864 bam 116.1 GB
EGAF00005559865 bai 8.8 MB
EGAF00005559866 bam 128.1 GB
EGAF00005559867 bai 8.9 MB
EGAF00005559868 bam 132.6 GB
EGAF00005559869 bai 8.9 MB
EGAF00005559870 bam 122.7 GB
EGAF00005559871 bai 8.9 MB
EGAF00005559872 bam 110.5 GB
EGAF00005559873 bai 8.9 MB
EGAF00005559874 bam 115.0 GB
EGAF00005559875 bai 8.8 MB
EGAF00005559876 bam 139.6 GB
EGAF00005559877 bai 9.0 MB
EGAF00005559878 bam 121.4 GB
EGAF00005559879 bai 9.0 MB
EGAF00005559880 bam 123.2 GB
EGAF00005559881 bai 8.9 MB
EGAF00005559882 bam 118.4 GB
EGAF00005559883 bai 8.9 MB
EGAF00005559884 bam 126.9 GB
EGAF00005559885 bai 9.0 MB
EGAF00005559886 bam 126.2 GB
EGAF00005559887 bai 8.9 MB
EGAF00005559888 bam 124.0 GB
EGAF00005559889 bai 8.8 MB
EGAF00005559890 bam 115.6 GB
EGAF00005559891 bai 8.9 MB
EGAF00005559892 bam 127.2 GB
EGAF00005559893 bai 8.9 MB
EGAF00005559894 bam 153.2 GB
EGAF00005559895 bai 8.9 MB
EGAF00005559896 bam 117.0 GB
EGAF00005559897 bai 8.8 MB
EGAF00005559898 bam 120.0 GB
EGAF00005559899 bai 9.0 MB
EGAF00005559900 bam 120.3 GB
EGAF00005559901 bai 8.8 MB
EGAF00005559902 bam 125.2 GB
EGAF00005559903 bai 9.0 MB
EGAF00005559904 bam 118.7 GB
EGAF00005559905 bai 8.9 MB
EGAF00005559906 bam 132.7 GB
EGAF00005559907 bai 9.0 MB
EGAF00005559908 bam 123.1 GB
EGAF00005559909 bai 8.8 MB
EGAF00005559910 bam 126.6 GB
EGAF00005559911 bai 9.0 MB
EGAF00005559912 bam 120.7 GB
EGAF00005559913 bai 9.0 MB
EGAF00005559914 bam 123.4 GB
EGAF00005559915 bai 8.9 MB
EGAF00005559916 bam 135.4 GB
EGAF00005559917 bai 8.9 MB
EGAF00005559918 bam 136.2 GB
EGAF00005559919 bai 9.0 MB
EGAF00005559920 bam 124.1 GB
EGAF00005559921 bai 8.9 MB
EGAF00005559922 bam 125.9 GB
EGAF00005559923 bai 9.0 MB
EGAF00005559924 bam 132.5 GB
EGAF00005559925 bai 9.0 MB
EGAF00005559926 bam 121.8 GB
EGAF00005559927 bai 8.9 MB
EGAF00005559928 bam 130.2 GB
EGAF00005559929 bai 8.9 MB
EGAF00005559930 bam 122.4 GB
EGAF00005559931 bai 8.8 MB
EGAF00005559932 bam 120.3 GB
EGAF00005559933 bai 8.9 MB
EGAF00005559934 bam 130.9 GB
EGAF00005559935 bai 8.9 MB
EGAF00005559936 bam 136.3 GB
EGAF00005559937 bai 9.0 MB
EGAF00005559938 bam 124.0 GB
EGAF00005559939 bai 8.8 MB
EGAF00005559940 bam 123.5 GB
EGAF00005559941 bai 8.8 MB
EGAF00005559942 bam 123.2 GB
EGAF00005559943 bai 8.9 MB
EGAF00005559944 bam 108.1 GB
EGAF00005559945 bai 8.9 MB
EGAF00005559946 bam 111.4 GB
EGAF00005559947 bai 8.9 MB
EGAF00005559948 bam 134.8 GB
EGAF00005559949 bai 8.9 MB
EGAF00005559950 bam 133.0 GB
EGAF00005559951 bai 9.0 MB
EGAF00005559952 bam 115.4 GB
EGAF00005559953 bai 8.9 MB
EGAF00005559954 bam 117.8 GB
EGAF00005559955 bai 8.9 MB
EGAF00005559956 bam 120.7 GB
EGAF00005559957 bai 8.9 MB
EGAF00005559958 bam 118.0 GB
EGAF00005559959 bai 8.9 MB
EGAF00005559960 bam 114.1 GB
EGAF00005559961 bai 9.0 MB
EGAF00005559962 bam 123.6 GB
EGAF00005559963 bai 8.9 MB
EGAF00005559964 bam 107.8 GB
EGAF00005559965 bai 8.9 MB
EGAF00005559966 bam 111.7 GB
EGAF00005559967 bai 8.8 MB
EGAF00005559968 bam 118.9 GB
EGAF00005559969 bai 9.0 MB
EGAF00005559970 bam 127.4 GB
EGAF00005559971 bai 8.9 MB
EGAF00005559972 bam 130.5 GB
EGAF00005559973 bai 9.0 MB
EGAF00005559974 bam 143.8 GB
EGAF00005559975 bai 9.1 MB
EGAF00005559976 bam 193.5 GB
EGAF00005559977 bai 9.1 MB
EGAF00005559978 bam 128.3 GB
EGAF00005559979 bai 8.9 MB
EGAF00005559980 bam 126.2 GB
EGAF00005559981 bai 9.0 MB
EGAF00005559982 bam 125.9 GB
EGAF00005559983 bai 8.9 MB
EGAF00005559984 bam 132.2 GB
EGAF00005559985 bai 9.0 MB
EGAF00005559986 bam 133.7 GB
EGAF00005559987 bai 9.0 MB
EGAF00005559988 bam 138.5 GB
EGAF00005559989 bai 8.9 MB
EGAF00005559990 bam 121.1 GB
EGAF00005559991 bai 8.9 MB
EGAF00005559992 bam 119.8 GB
EGAF00005559993 bai 8.9 MB
EGAF00005559994 bam 127.4 GB
EGAF00005559995 bai 8.9 MB
EGAF00005559996 bam 112.5 GB
EGAF00005559997 bai 8.8 MB
EGAF00005559998 bam 120.2 GB
EGAF00005559999 bai 8.8 MB
EGAF00005687036 bam 123.3 GB
EGAF00005687037 bai 8.9 MB
EGAF00005687038 bam 124.0 GB
EGAF00005687039 bai 8.9 MB
EGAF00005687040 bam 132.9 GB
EGAF00005687041 bai 8.9 MB
EGAF00005687042 bam 112.9 GB
EGAF00005687043 bai 8.9 MB
EGAF00005687044 bam 117.0 GB
EGAF00005687045 bai 9.0 MB
EGAF00005687046 bam 127.5 GB
EGAF00005687047 bai 9.0 MB
EGAF00005687048 bam 115.2 GB
EGAF00005687049 bai 8.8 MB
EGAF00005687050 bam 135.2 GB
EGAF00005687051 bai 8.9 MB
EGAF00005687052 bam 118.8 GB
EGAF00005687053 bai 8.9 MB
EGAF00005687054 bam 120.3 GB
EGAF00005687055 bai 8.9 MB
EGAF00005687056 bam 133.2 GB
EGAF00005687057 bai 8.9 MB
EGAF00005687058 bam 120.7 GB
EGAF00005687059 bai 8.8 MB
EGAF00005687060 bam 117.4 GB
EGAF00005687061 bai 9.0 MB
EGAF00005687062 bam 123.8 GB
EGAF00005687063 bai 9.0 MB
EGAF00005687064 bam 121.5 GB
EGAF00005687065 bai 8.9 MB
EGAF00005687066 bam 125.1 GB
EGAF00005687067 bai 8.9 MB
EGAF00005687068 bam 121.5 GB
EGAF00005687069 bai 8.9 MB
EGAF00005687070 bam 117.3 GB
EGAF00005687071 bai 8.9 MB
EGAF00005687072 bam 123.2 GB
EGAF00005687073 bai 8.9 MB
EGAF00005687074 bam 133.3 GB
EGAF00005687075 bai 8.9 MB
EGAF00005687076 bam 126.2 GB
EGAF00005687077 bai 9.0 MB
EGAF00005687078 bam 129.3 GB
EGAF00005687079 bai 9.0 MB
EGAF00005687080 bam 133.1 GB
EGAF00005687081 bai 8.9 MB
EGAF00005687082 bam 120.5 GB
EGAF00005687083 bai 8.9 MB
EGAF00005687084 bam 129.8 GB
EGAF00005687085 bai 8.9 MB
EGAF00005687086 bam 122.2 GB
EGAF00005687087 bai 8.9 MB
EGAF00005687088 bam 125.2 GB
EGAF00005687089 bai 9.0 MB
EGAF00005687090 bam 123.6 GB
EGAF00005687091 bai 8.9 MB
EGAF00005687092 bam 145.2 GB
EGAF00005687093 bai 9.0 MB
EGAF00005687094 bam 115.9 GB
EGAF00005687095 bai 8.9 MB
EGAF00005687096 bam 149.4 GB
EGAF00005687097 bai 8.9 MB
EGAF00005687098 bam 130.7 GB
EGAF00005687099 bai 8.9 MB
EGAF00005687100 bam 127.5 GB
EGAF00005687101 bai 9.0 MB
EGAF00005687102 bam 137.7 GB
EGAF00005687103 bai 9.1 MB
EGAF00005687104 bam 121.1 GB
EGAF00005687105 bai 8.9 MB
EGAF00005687106 bam 123.8 GB
EGAF00005687107 bai 9.0 MB
EGAF00005687108 bam 137.1 GB
EGAF00005687109 bai 8.9 MB
EGAF00005687110 bam 155.9 GB
EGAF00005687111 bai 9.1 MB
EGAF00005687112 bam 131.4 GB
EGAF00005687113 bai 8.9 MB
EGAF00005687114 bam 128.4 GB
EGAF00005687115 bai 8.9 MB
EGAF00005687116 bam 122.4 GB
EGAF00005687117 bai 8.8 MB
EGAF00005687118 bam 124.5 GB
EGAF00005687119 bai 8.9 MB
EGAF00005687120 bam 132.1 GB
EGAF00005687121 bai 9.0 MB
EGAF00005687122 bam 151.1 GB
EGAF00005687123 bai 9.0 MB
EGAF00005687124 bam 122.8 GB
EGAF00005687125 bai 8.9 MB
EGAF00005687126 bam 137.7 GB
EGAF00005687127 bai 8.9 MB
EGAF00005687128 bam 126.3 GB
EGAF00005687129 bai 9.0 MB
EGAF00005687130 bam 126.1 GB
EGAF00005687131 bai 8.9 MB
EGAF00005687132 bam 109.2 GB
EGAF00005687133 bai 8.8 MB
EGAF00005687134 bam 128.1 GB
EGAF00005687135 bai 8.9 MB
EGAF00005687136 bam 125.0 GB
EGAF00005687137 bai 8.9 MB
EGAF00005687138 bam 121.4 GB
EGAF00005687139 bai 8.9 MB
EGAF00005687140 bam 109.7 GB
EGAF00005687141 bai 8.9 MB
EGAF00005687142 bam 121.9 GB
EGAF00005687143 bai 8.9 MB
EGAF00005687144 bam 125.0 GB
EGAF00005687145 bai 8.9 MB
EGAF00005687146 bam 123.1 GB
EGAF00005687147 bai 9.0 MB
EGAF00005687148 bam 118.4 GB
EGAF00005687149 bai 8.9 MB
EGAF00005687150 bam 113.8 GB
EGAF00005687151 bai 8.9 MB
EGAF00005687152 bam 120.9 GB
EGAF00005687153 bai 9.0 MB
EGAF00005687154 bam 123.0 GB
EGAF00005687155 bai 9.0 MB
EGAF00005687156 bam 138.1 GB
EGAF00005687157 bai 9.0 MB
EGAF00005687158 bam 135.4 GB
EGAF00005687159 bai 9.0 MB
EGAF00005687160 bam 122.6 GB
EGAF00005687161 bai 9.0 MB
EGAF00005687162 bam 130.0 GB
EGAF00005687163 bai 8.9 MB
EGAF00005687164 bam 130.4 GB
EGAF00005687165 bai 9.0 MB
EGAF00005687166 bam 124.1 GB
EGAF00005687167 bai 9.0 MB
EGAF00005687168 bam 132.9 GB
EGAF00005687169 bai 9.0 MB
EGAF00005687170 bam 131.6 GB
EGAF00005687171 bai 8.9 MB
EGAF00005687172 bam 110.1 GB
EGAF00005687173 bai 8.9 MB
EGAF00005687174 bam 116.6 GB
EGAF00005687175 bai 8.9 MB
EGAF00005687176 bam 128.7 GB
EGAF00005687177 bai 9.0 MB
EGAF00005687178 bam 117.4 GB
EGAF00005687179 bai 8.9 MB
EGAF00005687180 bam 118.9 GB
EGAF00005687181 bai 8.9 MB
EGAF00005687182 bam 118.4 GB
EGAF00005687183 bai 8.8 MB
EGAF00005687184 bam 123.9 GB
EGAF00005687185 bai 9.0 MB
EGAF00005687186 bam 126.9 GB
EGAF00005687187 bai 9.0 MB
EGAF00005687188 bam 117.6 GB
EGAF00005687189 bai 8.9 MB
EGAF00005687190 bam 123.8 GB
EGAF00005687191 bai 8.9 MB
EGAF00005687192 bam 128.0 GB
EGAF00005687193 bai 8.9 MB
EGAF00005687194 bam 139.9 GB
EGAF00005687195 bai 9.0 MB
EGAF00005687196 bam 123.6 GB
EGAF00005687197 bai 8.8 MB
EGAF00005687198 bam 113.2 GB
EGAF00005687199 bai 8.9 MB
EGAF00005687200 bam 141.2 GB
EGAF00005687201 bai 9.0 MB
EGAF00005687202 bam 113.2 GB
EGAF00005687203 bai 9.0 MB
EGAF00005687204 bam 126.7 GB
EGAF00005687205 bai 9.1 MB
EGAF00005687206 bam 120.4 GB
EGAF00005687207 bai 9.0 MB
EGAF00005687208 bam 122.9 GB
EGAF00005687209 bai 8.8 MB
EGAF00005687210 bam 112.3 GB
EGAF00005687211 bai 9.0 MB
EGAF00005687212 bam 118.2 GB
EGAF00005687213 bai 8.9 MB
EGAF00005687214 bam 125.3 GB
EGAF00005687215 bai 9.0 MB
EGAF00005687216 bam 115.5 GB
EGAF00005687217 bai 8.8 MB
EGAF00005687218 bam 123.4 GB
EGAF00005687219 bai 8.9 MB
EGAF00005687220 bam 131.2 GB
EGAF00005687221 bai 8.9 MB
EGAF00005687222 bam 120.7 GB
EGAF00005687223 bai 9.0 MB
EGAF00005687224 bam 126.1 GB
EGAF00005687225 bai 8.9 MB
EGAF00005687226 bam 119.2 GB
EGAF00005687227 bai 9.0 MB
EGAF00005687228 bam 122.4 GB
EGAF00005687229 bai 9.0 MB
EGAF00005687230 bam 133.2 GB
EGAF00005687231 bai 8.9 MB
EGAF00005687232 bam 125.2 GB
EGAF00005687233 bai 9.0 MB
EGAF00005687234 bam 139.1 GB
EGAF00005687235 bai 8.9 MB
EGAF00005720161 bam 132.7 GB
EGAF00005720162 bai 8.9 MB
EGAF00005720163 bam 95.6 GB
EGAF00005720164 bai 8.9 MB
EGAF00005720165 bam 101.2 GB
EGAF00005720166 bai 8.8 MB
EGAF00005720167 bam 133.9 GB
EGAF00005720168 bai 8.8 MB
EGAF00005720169 bam 100.9 GB
EGAF00005720170 bai 8.8 MB
EGAF00005720171 bam 114.4 GB
EGAF00005720172 bai 8.8 MB
EGAF00005720173 bam 105.1 GB
EGAF00005720174 bai 8.8 MB
EGAF00005720175 bam 122.6 GB
EGAF00005720176 bai 8.8 MB
EGAF00005720177 bam 143.6 GB
EGAF00005720178 bai 8.9 MB
EGAF00005720179 bam 99.3 GB
EGAF00005720180 bai 8.9 MB
EGAF00005720181 bam 126.7 GB
EGAF00005720182 bai 8.9 MB
EGAF00005720183 bam 101.9 GB
EGAF00005720184 bai 8.9 MB
EGAF00005720185 bam 94.7 GB
EGAF00005720186 bai 8.9 MB
EGAF00005720187 bam 119.8 GB
EGAF00005720188 bai 8.9 MB
EGAF00005720189 bam 99.5 GB
EGAF00005720190 bai 8.8 MB
EGAF00005720191 bam 107.6 GB
EGAF00005720192 bai 8.9 MB
EGAF00005720193 bam 95.4 GB
EGAF00005720194 bai 8.9 MB
EGAF00005720195 bam 107.6 GB
EGAF00005720196 bai 8.8 MB
EGAF00005720197 bam 101.3 GB
EGAF00005720198 bai 8.9 MB
EGAF00005720199 bam 103.3 GB
EGAF00005720200 bai 8.9 MB
EGAF00005720201 bam 155.9 GB
EGAF00005720202 bai 9.1 MB
EGAF00005720203 bam 102.1 GB
EGAF00005720204 bai 8.9 MB
EGAF00005720205 bam 131.4 GB
EGAF00005720206 bai 9.0 MB
EGAF00005720207 bam 109.0 GB
EGAF00005720208 bai 8.9 MB
EGAF00005720209 bam 124.1 GB
EGAF00005720210 bai 8.9 MB
EGAF00005720211 bam 106.3 GB
EGAF00005720212 bai 8.9 MB
EGAF00005720213 bam 105.0 GB
EGAF00005720214 bai 8.8 MB
EGAF00005720215 bam 96.1 GB
EGAF00005720216 bai 8.9 MB
EGAF00005720217 bam 105.3 GB
EGAF00005720218 bai 8.8 MB
EGAF00005720219 bam 98.7 GB
EGAF00005720220 bai 8.9 MB
EGAF00005720221 bam 109.5 GB
EGAF00005720222 bai 8.9 MB
EGAF00005720223 bam 91.3 GB
EGAF00005720224 bai 8.8 MB
EGAF00005720225 bam 135.7 GB
EGAF00005720226 bai 8.9 MB
EGAF00005720227 bam 113.6 GB
EGAF00005720228 bai 8.9 MB
EGAF00005720229 bam 136.9 GB
EGAF00005720230 bai 9.0 MB
EGAF00005720231 bam 106.9 GB
EGAF00005720232 bai 8.9 MB
EGAF00005720233 bam 101.5 GB
EGAF00005720234 bai 8.9 MB
EGAF00005720235 bam 100.8 GB
EGAF00005720236 bai 8.9 MB
EGAF00005720237 bam 96.4 GB
EGAF00005720238 bai 8.9 MB
EGAF00005720239 bam 122.0 GB
EGAF00005720240 bai 8.9 MB
EGAF00005720241 bam 104.3 GB
EGAF00005720242 bai 8.8 MB
EGAF00005720243 bam 123.8 GB
EGAF00005720244 bai 9.0 MB
EGAF00005720245 bam 102.4 GB
EGAF00005720246 bai 8.8 MB
EGAF00005720247 bam 104.6 GB
EGAF00005720248 bai 8.8 MB
EGAF00005720249 bam 139.2 GB
EGAF00005720250 bai 9.0 MB
EGAF00005720251 bam 99.8 GB
EGAF00005720252 bai 8.8 MB
EGAF00005720253 bam 99.8 GB
EGAF00005720254 bai 8.8 MB
EGAF00005720255 bam 107.6 GB
EGAF00005720256 bai 8.9 MB
EGAF00005720257 bam 134.4 GB
EGAF00005720258 bai 8.9 MB
EGAF00005720259 bam 94.2 GB
EGAF00005720260 bai 8.8 MB
EGAF00005720261 bam 100.0 GB
EGAF00005720262 bai 8.9 MB
EGAF00005720263 bam 104.6 GB
EGAF00005720264 bai 8.9 MB
EGAF00005720265 bam 124.0 GB
EGAF00005720266 bai 8.9 MB
EGAF00005720267 bam 106.2 GB
EGAF00005720268 bai 8.8 MB
EGAF00005720269 bam 105.5 GB
EGAF00005720270 bai 8.9 MB
EGAF00005720271 bam 105.2 GB
EGAF00005720272 bai 8.8 MB
EGAF00005720273 bam 107.2 GB
EGAF00005720274 bai 8.9 MB
EGAF00005720275 bam 139.9 GB
EGAF00005720276 bai 8.9 MB
EGAF00005720277 bam 100.3 GB
EGAF00005720278 bai 8.9 MB
EGAF00005720279 bam 119.0 GB
EGAF00005720280 bai 8.9 MB
EGAF00005720281 bam 132.4 GB
EGAF00005720282 bai 8.9 MB
EGAF00005720283 bam 107.0 GB
EGAF00005720284 bai 8.9 MB
EGAF00005720285 bam 93.1 GB
EGAF00005720286 bai 8.9 MB
EGAF00005720287 bam 99.6 GB
EGAF00005720288 bai 8.9 MB
EGAF00005720289 bam 107.1 GB
EGAF00005720290 bai 8.9 MB
EGAF00005720291 bam 182.6 GB
EGAF00005720292 bai 9.0 MB
EGAF00005720293 bam 91.6 GB
EGAF00005720294 bai 8.9 MB
EGAF00005720295 bam 98.6 GB
EGAF00005720296 bai 8.9 MB
EGAF00005720297 bam 107.3 GB
EGAF00005720298 bai 8.9 MB
EGAF00005720299 bam 137.3 GB
EGAF00005720300 bai 8.9 MB
EGAF00005720301 bam 134.3 GB
EGAF00005720302 bai 9.0 MB
EGAF00005720303 bam 102.9 GB
EGAF00005720304 bai 8.8 MB
EGAF00005720305 bam 98.9 GB
EGAF00005720306 bai 8.8 MB
EGAF00005720307 bam 105.1 GB
EGAF00005720308 bai 8.8 MB
EGAF00005720309 bam 97.1 GB
EGAF00005720310 bai 8.9 MB
EGAF00005720311 bam 98.5 GB
EGAF00005720312 bai 8.9 MB
EGAF00005720313 bam 110.5 GB
EGAF00005720314 bai 8.9 MB
EGAF00005720315 bam 106.2 GB
EGAF00005720316 bai 8.9 MB
EGAF00005720317 bam 108.4 GB
EGAF00005720318 bai 9.0 MB
EGAF00005720319 bam 104.8 GB
EGAF00005720320 bai 8.9 MB
EGAF00005720321 bam 99.5 GB
EGAF00005720322 bai 8.9 MB
EGAF00005720323 bam 89.4 GB
EGAF00005720324 bai 8.9 MB
EGAF00005720325 bam 124.5 GB
EGAF00005720326 bai 8.9 MB
EGAF00005720327 bam 112.1 GB
EGAF00005720328 bai 8.9 MB
EGAF00005720329 bam 109.0 GB
EGAF00005720330 bai 8.8 MB
EGAF00005720331 bam 106.2 GB
EGAF00005720332 bai 8.9 MB
EGAF00005720333 bam 101.3 GB
EGAF00005720334 bai 8.9 MB
EGAF00005720335 bam 102.7 GB
EGAF00005720336 bai 8.9 MB
EGAF00005720337 bam 103.5 GB
EGAF00005720338 bai 8.9 MB
EGAF00005720339 bam 102.2 GB
EGAF00005720340 bai 8.9 MB
EGAF00005720341 bam 123.5 GB
EGAF00005720342 bai 8.9 MB
EGAF00005720343 bam 95.7 GB
EGAF00005720344 bai 8.8 MB
EGAF00005720345 bam 102.3 GB
EGAF00005720346 bai 8.8 MB
EGAF00005720347 bam 105.5 GB
EGAF00005720348 bai 8.8 MB
EGAF00005720349 bam 111.2 GB
EGAF00005720350 bai 8.8 MB
EGAF00005720351 bam 104.3 GB
EGAF00005720352 bai 8.9 MB
EGAF00005720353 bam 104.4 GB
EGAF00005720354 bai 8.9 MB
EGAF00005720355 bam 100.4 GB
EGAF00005720356 bai 8.9 MB
EGAF00005720357 bam 99.5 GB
EGAF00005720358 bai 8.9 MB
EGAF00005720359 bam 135.2 GB
EGAF00005720360 bai 9.0 MB
EGAF00005720361 bam 95.6 GB
EGAF00005720362 bai 8.8 MB
EGAF00005720363 bam 102.2 GB
EGAF00005720364 bai 8.9 MB
EGAF00005720365 bam 94.2 GB
EGAF00005720366 bai 8.8 MB
EGAF00005720367 bam 101.5 GB
EGAF00005720368 bai 8.9 MB
EGAF00005720369 bam 98.7 GB
EGAF00005720370 bai 8.9 MB
EGAF00005720371 bam 101.3 GB
EGAF00005720372 bai 8.9 MB
EGAF00005720373 bam 110.9 GB
EGAF00005720374 bai 8.9 MB
EGAF00005720375 bam 117.1 GB
EGAF00005720376 bai 8.9 MB
EGAF00005720377 bam 106.9 GB
EGAF00005720378 bai 8.8 MB
EGAF00005720379 bam 127.9 GB
EGAF00005720380 bai 8.9 MB
EGAF00005720381 bam 103.9 GB
EGAF00005720382 bai 8.8 MB
EGAF00005720383 bam 135.9 GB
EGAF00005720384 bai 8.9 MB
EGAF00005720385 bam 102.1 GB
EGAF00005720386 bai 8.9 MB
EGAF00005734835 bam 113.8 GB
EGAF00005734836 bai 8.8 MB
EGAF00005734837 bam 101.9 GB
EGAF00005734838 bai 8.9 MB
EGAF00005734839 bam 104.4 GB
EGAF00005734840 bai 8.8 MB
EGAF00005734841 bam 105.6 GB
EGAF00005734842 bai 8.8 MB
EGAF00005734843 bam 106.3 GB
EGAF00005734844 bai 8.9 MB
EGAF00005734845 bam 97.2 GB
EGAF00005734846 bai 8.9 MB
EGAF00005734847 bam 103.7 GB
EGAF00005734848 bai 8.9 MB
EGAF00005734849 bam 107.7 GB
EGAF00005734850 bai 8.8 MB
EGAF00005734851 bam 98.1 GB
EGAF00005734852 bai 8.8 MB
EGAF00005734853 bam 98.8 GB
EGAF00005734854 bai 8.8 MB
EGAF00005734855 bam 119.3 GB
EGAF00005734856 bai 8.8 MB
EGAF00005734857 bam 110.3 GB
EGAF00005734858 bai 8.9 MB
EGAF00005734859 bam 98.5 GB
EGAF00005734860 bai 8.9 MB
EGAF00005734861 bam 98.4 GB
EGAF00005734862 bai 8.8 MB
EGAF00005734863 bam 96.4 GB
EGAF00005734864 bai 8.8 MB
EGAF00005734865 bam 109.4 GB
EGAF00005734866 bai 8.8 MB
EGAF00005734867 bam 92.5 GB
EGAF00005734868 bai 8.9 MB
EGAF00005734869 bam 107.9 GB
EGAF00005734870 bai 8.8 MB
EGAF00005734871 bam 165.1 GB
EGAF00005734872 bai 8.9 MB
EGAF00005734873 bam 114.5 GB
EGAF00005734874 bai 8.9 MB
EGAF00005734875 bam 95.7 GB
EGAF00005734876 bai 8.9 MB
EGAF00005734877 bam 106.0 GB
EGAF00005734878 bai 8.8 MB
EGAF00005734879 bam 133.9 GB
EGAF00005734880 bai 8.9 MB
EGAF00005734881 bam 91.1 GB
EGAF00005734882 bai 8.8 MB
EGAF00005734883 bam 101.3 GB
EGAF00005734884 bai 8.8 MB
EGAF00005734885 bam 94.6 GB
EGAF00005734886 bai 8.9 MB
EGAF00005734887 bam 108.3 GB
EGAF00005734888 bai 8.9 MB
EGAF00005734889 bam 122.1 GB
EGAF00005734890 bai 8.8 MB
EGAF00005734891 bam 103.8 GB
EGAF00005734892 bai 8.8 MB
EGAF00005734893 bam 112.3 GB
EGAF00005734894 bai 8.8 MB
EGAF00005734895 bam 112.8 GB
EGAF00005734896 bai 8.8 MB
EGAF00005734897 bam 101.7 GB
EGAF00005734898 bai 8.8 MB
EGAF00005734899 bam 112.1 GB
EGAF00005734900 bai 8.9 MB
EGAF00005734901 bam 119.4 GB
EGAF00005734902 bai 8.9 MB
EGAF00005734903 bam 106.9 GB
EGAF00005734904 bai 8.8 MB
EGAF00005734905 bam 100.1 GB
EGAF00005734906 bai 8.9 MB
EGAF00005734907 bam 106.5 GB
EGAF00005734908 bai 8.8 MB
EGAF00005734909 bam 104.3 GB
EGAF00005734910 bai 8.8 MB
EGAF00005734911 bam 104.5 GB
EGAF00005734912 bai 8.9 MB
EGAF00005734913 bam 108.7 GB
EGAF00005734914 bai 9.0 MB
EGAF00005734915 bam 96.0 GB
EGAF00005734916 bai 8.9 MB
EGAF00005734917 bam 98.0 GB
EGAF00005734918 bai 8.9 MB
EGAF00005734919 bam 120.8 GB
EGAF00005734920 bai 8.9 MB
EGAF00005734921 bam 104.8 GB
EGAF00005734922 bai 8.8 MB
EGAF00005734923 bam 107.7 GB
EGAF00005734924 bai 8.8 MB
EGAF00005734925 bam 101.6 GB
EGAF00005734926 bai 8.8 MB
EGAF00005734927 bam 100.5 GB
EGAF00005734928 bai 8.9 MB
EGAF00005734929 bam 123.7 GB
EGAF00005734930 bai 9.0 MB
EGAF00005734931 bam 111.6 GB
EGAF00005734932 bai 8.8 MB
EGAF00005734933 bam 90.1 GB
EGAF00005734934 bai 8.9 MB
EGAF00005734935 bam 103.6 GB
EGAF00005734936 bai 8.8 MB
EGAF00005734937 bam 115.6 GB
EGAF00005734938 bai 8.9 MB
EGAF00005734939 bam 119.8 GB
EGAF00005734940 bai 8.8 MB
EGAF00005734941 bam 104.2 GB
EGAF00005734942 bai 8.8 MB
EGAF00005734943 bam 105.7 GB
EGAF00005734944 bai 8.9 MB
EGAF00005734945 bam 172.3 GB
EGAF00005734946 bai 9.0 MB
EGAF00005734947 bam 92.8 GB
EGAF00005734948 bai 8.9 MB
EGAF00005734949 bam 99.5 GB
EGAF00005734950 bai 8.9 MB
EGAF00005734951 bam 103.5 GB
EGAF00005734952 bai 8.9 MB
EGAF00005734953 bam 127.4 GB
EGAF00005734954 bai 8.8 MB
EGAF00005734955 bam 104.3 GB
EGAF00005734956 bai 8.8 MB
EGAF00005734957 bam 96.2 GB
EGAF00005734958 bai 8.8 MB
EGAF00005734959 bam 101.9 GB
EGAF00005734960 bai 8.9 MB
EGAF00005734961 bam 101.5 GB
EGAF00005734962 bai 8.9 MB
EGAF00005734963 bam 100.0 GB
EGAF00005734964 bai 8.9 MB
EGAF00005734965 bam 111.2 GB
EGAF00005734966 bai 8.9 MB
EGAF00005734967 bam 100.5 GB
EGAF00005734968 bai 8.8 MB
EGAF00005734969 bam 102.8 GB
EGAF00005734970 bai 8.9 MB
EGAF00005734971 bam 110.8 GB
EGAF00005734972 bai 8.8 MB
EGAF00005734973 bam 109.4 GB
EGAF00005734974 bai 8.9 MB
EGAF00005734975 bam 124.0 GB
EGAF00005734976 bai 8.9 MB
EGAF00005734977 bam 118.5 GB
EGAF00005734978 bai 8.9 MB
EGAF00005734979 bam 94.3 GB
EGAF00005734980 bai 8.8 MB
EGAF00005734981 bam 93.5 GB
EGAF00005734982 bai 8.8 MB
EGAF00005734983 bam 103.1 GB
EGAF00005734984 bai 8.9 MB
EGAF00005734985 bam 106.9 GB
EGAF00005734986 bai 8.9 MB
EGAF00005734987 bam 116.6 GB
EGAF00005734988 bai 8.8 MB
EGAF00005734989 bam 152.5 GB
EGAF00005734990 bai 9.0 MB
EGAF00005734991 bam 102.6 GB
EGAF00005734992 bai 8.8 MB
EGAF00005734993 bam 107.9 GB
EGAF00005734994 bai 8.9 MB
EGAF00005734995 bam 140.5 GB
EGAF00005734996 bai 8.9 MB
EGAF00005734997 bam 99.8 GB
EGAF00005734998 bai 8.9 MB
EGAF00005734999 bam 96.5 GB
EGAF00005735000 bai 8.8 MB
EGAF00005735001 bam 229.2 GB
EGAF00005735002 bai 9.3 MB
EGAF00005735003 bam 108.9 GB
EGAF00005735004 bai 8.8 MB
EGAF00005735005 bam 96.2 GB
EGAF00005735006 bai 8.9 MB
EGAF00005735007 bam 127.1 GB
EGAF00005735008 bai 9.0 MB
EGAF00005735009 bam 110.8 GB
EGAF00005735010 bai 8.8 MB
EGAF00005735011 bam 109.7 GB
EGAF00005735012 bai 8.9 MB
EGAF00005735013 bam 100.2 GB
EGAF00005735014 bai 8.8 MB
EGAF00005735015 bam 112.7 GB
EGAF00005735016 bai 8.8 MB
EGAF00005735017 bam 133.0 GB
EGAF00005735018 bai 8.9 MB
EGAF00005735019 bam 99.2 GB
EGAF00005735020 bai 8.8 MB
EGAF00005735021 bam 112.5 GB
EGAF00005735022 bai 9.0 MB
EGAF00005735023 bam 103.4 GB
EGAF00005735024 bai 8.9 MB
EGAF00005735025 bam 114.2 GB
EGAF00005735026 bai 8.9 MB
EGAF00005735027 bam 110.6 GB
EGAF00005735028 bai 8.8 MB
EGAF00005735029 bam 99.6 GB
EGAF00005735030 bai 8.9 MB
EGAF00005735031 bam 104.9 GB
EGAF00005735032 bai 8.9 MB
EGAF00005735033 bam 109.8 GB
EGAF00005735034 bai 8.8 MB
EGAF00005735035 bam 103.7 GB
EGAF00005735036 bai 8.8 MB
EGAF00005735037 bam 144.7 GB
EGAF00005735038 bai 8.9 MB
EGAF00005735039 bam 103.2 GB
EGAF00005735040 bai 8.9 MB
EGAF00005735041 bam 104.7 GB
EGAF00005735042 bai 8.8 MB
EGAF00005735043 bam 116.1 GB
EGAF00005735044 bai 8.9 MB
EGAF00005735045 bam 97.2 GB
EGAF00005735046 bai 8.8 MB
EGAF00005735047 bam 102.7 GB
EGAF00005735048 bai 8.9 MB
EGAF00005735049 bam 154.7 GB
EGAF00005735050 bai 8.9 MB
EGAF00005735051 bam 128.4 GB
EGAF00005735052 bai 8.9 MB
EGAF00005735053 bam 151.6 GB
EGAF00005735054 bai 9.1 MB
EGAF00005735055 bam 99.6 GB
EGAF00005735056 bai 8.8 MB
EGAF00005735057 bam 143.2 GB
EGAF00005735058 bai 8.9 MB
1616 Files (98.8 TB)