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IYDP Indonesian Y chromosome Diversity Project

The IYDP dataset includes BAM files of 126 Y chromosomes extracted from whole genome sequences. These are from individuals from a broad range of Indonesian islands - communities close to mainland Asia through to New Guinea. The original whole genome sequencing libraries were prepared using TruSeq DNA PCR-Free and TruSeq Nano DNA HT kits depending on DNA quantity. 150 bp paired-end sequencing was performed on the Illumina HiSeq X sequencer. Individuals were sequenced to expected mean depth of 30x, with an achieved median depth of raw reads across samples of 43x.

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The IYDP data is released for research purposes only. The IYDP dataset includes BAM files of 126 Y chromosomes extracted from whole genome sequences. These are from individuals from a broad range of Indonesian islands - communities close to mainland Asia through to New Guinea. Data access is granted by the IYDP Data Access committee and Data is released by European Genome-Phenome Archive.

Request to Indonesian Y chromosome Diversity Data Access Committee (IYDP) 1. All research projects must be approved by the IYDP DA committee. 2. Evidence of ethical approvals, including documentation from an Indonesian ethics body, may be necessary for approval to be granted in some cases. 3. In case of approval, signing the Data Access Policy 4.Data released through European Genome-Phenome Archive. Users must be formally affiliated with an officially recognized Institution The User cannot publicly release IYDP data, all rights regarding data release remain with the IYDP committee. The User cannot use IYDP data for for-profit purposes. The User can replicate existing studies published by the Indonesian Y Diversity Project (IYDP) The User cannot undertake studies of a medical or clinical nature without first seeking the approval of the IYDP committee. Evidence of specific ethical approvals, including documentation from an Indonesian ethics board, will likely be necessary for approval to be granted. All uses of the data must have specific prior approval from the IYDP committee A moratorium on publication until a given date may be a condition of data access and use in some cases. Full Data Access Policy:

Studies are experimental investigations of a particular phenomenon, e.g., case-control studies on a particular trait or cancer research projects reporting matching cancer normal genomes from patients.

Study ID Study Title Study Type
EGAS00001006028 Other
ID File Type Size Located in
EGAF00005803898 bam 1.3 GB
EGAF00005803899 bam 1.4 GB
EGAF00005803900 bam 1.2 GB
EGAF00005803901 bam 985.2 MB
EGAF00005803902 bam 1.2 GB
EGAF00005803903 bam 969.6 MB
EGAF00005803904 bam 1.4 GB
EGAF00005803905 bam 202.2 MB
EGAF00005803906 bam 1.5 GB
EGAF00005803907 bam 1.3 GB
EGAF00005803908 bam 207.3 MB
EGAF00005803909 bam 1.3 GB
EGAF00005803910 bam 1.2 GB
EGAF00005803911 bam 1.1 GB
EGAF00005803912 bam 1.3 GB
EGAF00005803913 bam 1.3 GB
EGAF00005803914 bam 695.1 MB
EGAF00005803915 bam 1.1 GB
EGAF00005803916 bam 975.1 MB
EGAF00005803917 bam 1.1 GB
EGAF00005803918 bam 1.5 GB
EGAF00005803919 bam 804.3 MB
EGAF00005803920 bam 1.5 GB
EGAF00005803921 bam 884.7 MB
EGAF00005803922 bam 1.1 GB
EGAF00005803923 bam 1.4 GB
EGAF00005803924 bam 1.2 GB
EGAF00005803925 bam 208.8 MB
EGAF00005803926 bam 1.3 GB
EGAF00005803927 bam 788.0 MB
EGAF00005803928 bam 1.2 GB
EGAF00005803929 bam 1.2 GB
EGAF00005803930 bam 1.3 GB
EGAF00005803931 bam 992.8 MB
EGAF00005803932 bam 1.1 GB
EGAF00005803933 bam 1.2 GB
EGAF00005803934 bam 1.4 GB
EGAF00005803935 bam 1.4 GB
EGAF00005803936 bam 1.0 GB
EGAF00005803937 bam 880.9 MB
EGAF00005803938 bam 1.4 GB
EGAF00005803939 bam 1.3 GB
EGAF00005803940 bam 1.6 GB
EGAF00005803941 bam 1.2 GB
EGAF00005803942 bam 1.3 GB
EGAF00005803943 bam 1.3 GB
EGAF00005803944 bam 1.1 GB
EGAF00005803945 bam 1.1 GB
EGAF00005803946 bam 1.1 GB
EGAF00005803947 bam 1.1 GB
EGAF00005803948 bam 620.2 MB
EGAF00005803949 bam 1.2 GB
EGAF00005803950 bam 193.3 MB
EGAF00005803951 bam 1.2 GB
EGAF00005803952 bam 1.5 GB
EGAF00005803953 bam 1.3 GB
EGAF00005803954 bam 774.2 MB
EGAF00005803955 bam 1.2 GB
EGAF00005803956 bam 1.4 GB
EGAF00005803957 bam 1.3 GB
EGAF00005803958 bam 1.3 GB
EGAF00005803959 bam 1.5 GB
EGAF00005803960 bam 1.2 GB
EGAF00005803961 bam 1.5 GB
EGAF00005803962 bam 1.3 GB
EGAF00005803963 bam 1.3 GB
EGAF00005803964 bam 1.1 GB
EGAF00005803965 bam 1.2 GB
EGAF00005803966 bam 1.2 GB
EGAF00005803967 bam 964.6 MB
EGAF00005803968 bam 1.2 GB
EGAF00005803969 bam 1.3 GB
EGAF00005803970 bam 1.3 GB
EGAF00005803971 bam 182.8 MB
EGAF00005803972 bam 1.3 GB
EGAF00005803973 bam 1.3 GB
EGAF00005803974 bam 201.9 MB
EGAF00005803975 bam 1.4 GB
EGAF00005803976 bam 1.1 GB
EGAF00005803977 bam 1.1 GB
EGAF00005803978 bam 1.3 GB
EGAF00005803979 bam 1.1 GB
EGAF00005803980 bam 1.4 GB
EGAF00005803981 bam 1.3 GB
EGAF00005803982 bam 1.3 GB
EGAF00005803983 bam 628.0 MB
EGAF00005803984 bam 1.4 GB
EGAF00005803985 bam 933.5 MB
EGAF00005803986 bam 1.1 GB
EGAF00005803987 bam 1.1 GB
EGAF00005803988 bam 1.2 GB
EGAF00005803989 bam 1.1 GB
EGAF00005803990 bam 1.3 GB
EGAF00005803991 bam 1.3 GB
EGAF00005803992 bam 211.0 MB
EGAF00005803993 bam 1.3 GB
EGAF00005803994 bam 806.9 MB
EGAF00005803995 bam 949.6 MB
EGAF00005803996 bam 867.6 MB
EGAF00005803997 bam 202.2 MB
EGAF00005803998 bam 1.2 GB
EGAF00005803999 bam 1.1 GB
EGAF00005804000 bam 1.2 GB
EGAF00005804001 bam 1.4 GB
EGAF00005804002 bam 1.3 GB
EGAF00005804003 bam 1.3 GB
EGAF00005804004 bam 1.5 GB
EGAF00005804005 bam 1.1 GB
EGAF00005804006 bam 226.8 MB
EGAF00005804007 bam 1.4 GB
EGAF00005804008 bam 227.7 MB
EGAF00005804009 bam 866.6 MB
EGAF00005804010 bam 1.3 GB
EGAF00005804011 bam 1.2 GB
EGAF00005804012 bam 1.6 GB
EGAF00005804013 bam 1.1 GB
EGAF00005804014 bam 1.1 GB
EGAF00005804015 bam 1.1 GB
EGAF00005804016 bam 1.4 GB
EGAF00005804017 bam 1.1 GB
EGAF00005804018 bam 1.0 GB
EGAF00005804019 bam 1.2 GB
EGAF00005804020 bam 199.6 MB
EGAF00005804021 bam 1.1 GB
EGAF00005804022 bam 203.2 MB
EGAF00005804023 bam 1.4 GB
126 Files (139.2 GB)