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Somatic mutations in facial skin from countries of contrasting skin cancer risk

The incidence of non-melanoma skin cancer is 17-fold lower in Singapore compared to the UK1, despite Singapore receiving 2-3 times more year-round ultraviolet radiation (UV)2,3. The ageing epidermis of the skin comprises competing somatic mutant clones4,5, from which such cancers develop. We question if differences in keratinocyte skin cancer incidence are reflected in the mutational landscape by comparing ageing facial epidermis from donors of Singapore and the UK. We find UK skin to be a highly competitive, densely mutated landscape with 4-fold greater mutation burden compared to Singaporean skin and differences in clonal selection by country. We disproportionately observe multiple features common to keratinocyte skin cancers6,7,8 in UK skin, such as UV mutagenesis, copy number aberration and hotspot mutations (in particular TP53 R248W). We conclude that keratinocyte skin cancer incidence is reflected in the somatic clones of non-cancerous epidermis. Finally, we re-analyse squamous cell carcinoma exomes from Korea9 to show, even in low incidence populations, carcinogenesis is driven by UV damage.

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Study ID Study Title Study Type
EGAS00001002512 Other

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EGAF00007389405 cram 282.2 MB
EGAF00007389406 cram 327.2 MB
EGAF00007389407 cram 299.9 MB
EGAF00007389408 cram 347.5 MB
EGAF00007389409 cram 343.9 MB
EGAF00007389410 cram 396.8 MB
EGAF00007389411 cram 370.0 MB
EGAF00007389412 cram 317.1 MB
EGAF00007389413 cram 369.0 MB
EGAF00007389414 cram 323.1 MB
EGAF00007389415 cram 360.7 MB
EGAF00007389416 cram 313.9 MB
EGAF00007389417 cram 380.3 MB
EGAF00007389418 cram 342.8 MB
EGAF00007389419 cram 349.9 MB
EGAF00007389420 cram 337.4 MB
EGAF00007389421 cram 397.2 MB
EGAF00007389422 cram 313.2 MB
EGAF00007389423 cram 454.2 MB
EGAF00007389424 cram 457.3 MB
EGAF00007389425 cram 437.5 MB
EGAF00007389426 cram 455.1 MB
EGAF00007389427 cram 438.2 MB
EGAF00007389428 cram 574.1 MB
EGAF00007389429 cram 415.6 MB
EGAF00007389430 cram 473.7 MB
EGAF00007389431 cram 532.6 MB
EGAF00007389432 cram 562.8 MB
EGAF00007389433 cram 591.8 MB
EGAF00007389434 cram 1.0 GB
EGAF00007389435 cram 653.6 MB
EGAF00007389436 cram 413.2 MB
EGAF00007389437 cram 475.9 MB
EGAF00007389438 cram 563.4 MB
EGAF00007389439 cram 494.4 MB
EGAF00007389440 cram 492.4 MB
EGAF00007389441 cram 532.8 MB
EGAF00007389442 cram 559.4 MB
EGAF00007389443 cram 534.2 MB
EGAF00007389444 cram 558.9 MB
EGAF00007389445 cram 510.6 MB
EGAF00007389446 cram 540.8 MB
EGAF00007389447 cram 695.6 MB
EGAF00007389448 cram 609.8 MB
EGAF00007389449 cram 597.0 MB
EGAF00007389450 cram 644.4 MB
EGAF00007389451 cram 636.9 MB
EGAF00007389452 cram 504.0 MB
EGAF00007389453 cram 579.1 MB
EGAF00007389454 cram 500.5 MB
EGAF00007389455 cram 477.7 MB
EGAF00007389456 cram 599.1 MB
EGAF00007389457 cram 530.0 MB
EGAF00007389458 cram 574.2 MB
EGAF00007389459 cram 519.3 MB
EGAF00007389460 cram 547.6 MB
EGAF00007389461 cram 475.5 MB
EGAF00007389462 cram 519.2 MB
EGAF00007389463 cram 545.1 MB
EGAF00007389464 cram 595.6 MB
EGAF00007389465 cram 514.1 MB
EGAF00007389466 cram 574.4 MB
EGAF00007389467 cram 500.7 MB
EGAF00007389468 cram 542.4 MB
EGAF00007389469 cram 478.9 MB
EGAF00007389470 cram 537.8 MB
EGAF00007389471 cram 674.9 MB
EGAF00007389472 cram 557.2 MB
EGAF00007389473 cram 642.9 MB
EGAF00007389474 cram 475.9 MB
EGAF00007389475 cram 528.5 MB
EGAF00007389476 cram 529.2 MB
EGAF00007389477 cram 512.9 MB
EGAF00007389478 cram 555.1 MB
EGAF00007389479 cram 594.8 MB
EGAF00007389480 cram 615.0 MB
EGAF00007389481 cram 570.9 MB
EGAF00007389482 cram 510.9 MB
EGAF00007389483 cram 595.3 MB
EGAF00007389484 cram 534.4 MB
EGAF00007389485 cram 722.9 MB
EGAF00007389486 cram 611.0 MB
EGAF00007389487 cram 573.0 MB
EGAF00007389488 cram 596.1 MB
EGAF00007389489 cram 699.7 MB
EGAF00007389490 cram 597.6 MB
EGAF00007389491 cram 687.0 MB
EGAF00007389492 cram 1.0 GB
EGAF00007389493 cram 649.0 MB
EGAF00007389494 cram 525.8 MB
EGAF00007389495 cram 311.6 MB
EGAF00007389496 cram 497.6 MB
EGAF00007389497 cram 418.4 MB
EGAF00007389498 cram 606.4 MB
EGAF00007389499 cram 639.5 MB
EGAF00007389500 cram 441.6 MB
EGAF00007389501 cram 439.8 MB
EGAF00007389502 cram 580.2 MB
EGAF00007389503 cram 440.7 MB
EGAF00007389504 cram 639.1 MB
EGAF00007389505 cram 331.7 MB
EGAF00007389506 cram 593.7 MB
EGAF00007389507 cram 669.2 MB
EGAF00007389508 cram 438.6 MB
EGAF00007389509 cram 691.1 MB
EGAF00007389510 cram 551.4 MB
EGAF00007389511 cram 549.8 MB
EGAF00007389512 cram 623.5 MB
EGAF00007389513 cram 525.8 MB
EGAF00007389514 cram 543.0 MB
EGAF00007389515 cram 642.4 MB
EGAF00007389516 cram 478.4 MB
EGAF00007389517 cram 511.9 MB
EGAF00007389518 cram 485.9 MB
EGAF00007389519 cram 519.1 MB
EGAF00007389520 cram 474.5 MB
EGAF00007389521 cram 562.4 MB
EGAF00007389522 cram 584.4 MB
EGAF00007389523 cram 457.2 MB
EGAF00007389524 cram 555.9 MB
EGAF00007389525 cram 673.2 MB
EGAF00007389526 cram 471.2 MB
EGAF00007389527 cram 475.0 MB
EGAF00007389528 cram 439.9 MB
EGAF00007389529 cram 557.7 MB
EGAF00007389530 cram 548.0 MB
EGAF00007389531 cram 442.2 MB
EGAF00007389532 cram 550.9 MB
EGAF00007389533 cram 353.7 MB
EGAF00007389534 cram 359.9 MB
EGAF00007389535 cram 395.5 MB
EGAF00007389536 cram 350.6 MB
EGAF00007389537 cram 453.9 MB
EGAF00007389538 cram 411.7 MB
EGAF00007389539 cram 433.3 MB
EGAF00007389540 cram 354.8 MB
EGAF00007389541 cram 359.2 MB
EGAF00007389542 cram 375.5 MB
EGAF00007389543 cram 297.6 MB
EGAF00007389544 cram 405.3 MB
EGAF00007389545 cram 348.8 MB
EGAF00007389546 cram 391.2 MB
EGAF00007389547 cram 356.0 MB
EGAF00007389548 cram 480.2 MB
EGAF00007389549 cram 607.0 MB
EGAF00007389550 cram 533.1 MB
EGAF00007389551 cram 611.9 MB
EGAF00007389552 cram 634.8 MB
EGAF00007389553 cram 569.5 MB
EGAF00007389554 cram 683.9 MB
EGAF00007389555 cram 574.3 MB
EGAF00007389556 cram 599.5 MB
EGAF00007389557 cram 606.7 MB
EGAF00007389558 cram 568.2 MB
EGAF00007389559 cram 517.5 MB
EGAF00007389560 cram 662.9 MB
EGAF00007389561 cram 611.2 MB
EGAF00007389562 cram 569.7 MB
EGAF00007389563 cram 621.7 MB
EGAF00007389564 cram 441.4 MB
EGAF00007389565 cram 350.4 MB
EGAF00007389566 cram 496.9 MB
EGAF00007389567 cram 457.2 MB
EGAF00007389568 cram 503.8 MB
EGAF00007389569 cram 747.6 MB
EGAF00007389570 cram 597.1 MB
EGAF00007389571 cram 445.2 MB
EGAF00007389572 cram 321.7 MB
EGAF00007389573 cram 474.2 MB
EGAF00007389574 cram 534.3 MB
EGAF00007389575 cram 523.6 MB
EGAF00007389576 cram 681.7 MB
EGAF00007389577 cram 562.2 MB
EGAF00007389578 cram 493.2 MB
EGAF00007389579 cram 511.7 MB
EGAF00007389580 cram 524.3 MB
EGAF00007389581 cram 414.7 MB
EGAF00007389582 cram 375.4 MB
EGAF00007389583 cram 410.5 MB
EGAF00007389584 cram 155.7 MB
EGAF00007389585 cram 492.1 MB
EGAF00007389586 cram 637.6 MB
EGAF00007389587 cram 360.6 MB
EGAF00007389588 cram 630.9 MB
EGAF00007389589 cram 544.0 MB
EGAF00007389590 cram 471.3 MB
EGAF00007389591 cram 580.6 MB
EGAF00007389592 cram 700.3 MB
EGAF00007389593 cram 480.2 MB
EGAF00007389594 cram 495.0 MB
EGAF00007389595 cram 341.4 MB
191 Files (97.6 GB)