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Clinical-Epidemiological (CE) dataset from an Erasmus MC COVID-19 cohort

This dataset comprises of Clinical-Epidemiological (CE) data from an Erasmus MC cohort of 151 individuals who were tested positive for COVID-19.

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Data Access Agreement for Erasmus MC COVID-19 cohort data

Table of Content Section I: Contact and Project Information 2 Section II: harmonised Data Access Agreement (hDAA) 5 Terms and Conditions 8 Agreement 12 Appendix I 13 Acknowledgments 14 Section I: Contact and Project Information A. Data Recipient (including contact details) Please ensure that a full postal address and a valid Institutional email address are included Name of the Principal Investigator: Institution’s Legal Name: Institutional Postal Address: Institutional E-mail Address: Website of the Institution: B. Authorised Representative of the Data Recipient Name: Position: Affiliation: Institutional Postal Address: Institutional E-mail Address: B.1. Authorised Personnel of the Data Recipient Name(s): Institutional E-mail Address: Position/Job Title: Affiliation/ Institutional Postal Address: C. Data Controller(s) (including contact details) Please ensure that a full postal address and a valid Institutional email address are included Name: Prof. dr. Eric van Gorp Institution’s Legal Name: Erasmus MC Institutional Postal Address: Doctor Molewaterplein 40, 3015 GD Rotterdam Institutional E-mail Address: Website of the Institution: D. Authorised Representative of the Data Controller(s) Name: Position: Affiliation: Institutional Postal Address: Institutional E-mail Address: E. Title of the Proposed Research Project F. Research Project (Scientific Abstract): Please provide a clear description of the Project, its stakeholders, its main question and its relevance to the research domain addressed, its specific aims, and duration. Note that any use of the Data, if approved, must fall under the framework of the described Project (500 words max): G. Research Credentials Please provide a list of three Publications, relevant to the Project description, of which the Data Recipient is author or co-author, and, also, attach their (Data Recipient’s) short CV. If the Data Recipient has not authored or co-authored three relevant Publications, please describe their relevant expertise or experience in no more than 150 words; also, notify how the research project will be carried out (e.g. available funding, infrastructure and so on). Section II: harmonised Data Access Agreement (hDAA) Definitions GDPR: This hDAA makes both parties compliant with the Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council, that is, the General Data Protection Regulation (herein referred to as the ‘GDPR’). Data: Refers to controlled access data (the Data). Under this Agreement, the Data is pseudonymised. Data Access/Transfer: Refers to an Institution’s right to request access to the Data and retrieve them from the Data Controller’s Institution upon approval of this hDAA by the corresponding DAC within the Data Controller’s Institution. Data Handling: Refers to an Institution’s ability to analyse and manipulate the Data within its own computer network. Data Controller(s): Refers to an Institution, responsible for the generation of the Data and its pseudonymisation. A key-code permitting relinkage to Data Subjects is kept by the Data Controller(s). Data Subject: Refers to any individual who is the source of any Data covered by this Agreement. Data Recipient (‘You’): Refers to the principal investigator for the Project who requests Access to the Data through this Agreement. Authorised Personnel: The individual(s) at the Data Recipient’s Institution requesting Access to the Data. This includes the Data Recipient (section A), the individuals listed in section B/B.1. Research Project: The Project for which You have requested Access to the Data. A description of the Project is set out in sections E and F. External Collaborator: A collaborator of the Data Recipient and its Authorised Personnel, working for an institution other than the Data Recipient’s Institution. Publications: Refers, without limitation, to any and all articles published in print journals, electronic journals, reviews, books, posters, and other written and verbal presentations of Research that have been accepted by peer review. EU-STANDS4PM: This hDAA was developed by the EU-STANDS4PM, http://www/ and slightly adapted at Erasmus Medical Center (EMC), Rotterdam, Netherlands. Terms and Conditions In signing this Agreement: 1. You, the Data Recipient, agree to only use the Data for the Purpose of the Project, outlined in sections E and F, and only for Research Purposes. 2. You and your Authorised Personnel agree to preserve, at all times, the confidentiality of information and Data pertaining to Data Subjects. You undertake not to use or attempt to use the Data to compromise or otherwise infringe the confidentiality of information on Data Subjects and their right to privacy. 3. You and your Authorised Personnel agree not to attempt to identify Data Subjects. 4. You and your Authorised Personnel agree to take into consideration any usage restrictions (if any), stemming from consent, i.e. the appropriate lawful basis for processing the Data, as well as any usage restrictions stemming from any applicable internal policies of your Institution. 5. You agree that in handling this Data You will follow an up-to-date information technology (IT) policy that must include, at a minimum, the following items: a. Logging and auditing of Access to the Data and to the computer network; b. Password protection to computer network and/or strong data encryption; c. Virus and malware protection to computers on the computer network; d. Secure backup procedure; 6. You acknowledge that Access to the Data is granted for the duration of the Project described in Section I, as well as any new Project under the same research field or area. Any use of the Data for a Project of another research field or area will need to be approved under a new Agreement. 7. You recognize that nothing in this Agreement shall operate to transfer to You any intellectual property rights to the Data. 8. You agree not to make intellectual property claims on the Data and not to use intellectual property protection in ways that would prevent or block Access to, or use of, any element of the Data. 9. You can elect to perform further Research that would add intellectual and resource capital to the Data, and decide to obtain intellectual property rights on these downstream discoveries. In this case, You agree to implement licensing policies that will not obstruct further Research, following the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development Guidelines. 10. You agree that the Research Project 1) bears no legal responsibility for the accuracy or comprehensiveness of the Data; 2) accepts no liability for indirect, consequential, or incidental damages or losses arising from use of the Data; and 3) bears no responsibility for the further analysis or interpretation of these Data over and above that published by the Controller(s). 11. You agree to hold the Data Subject(s) and Data Controller(s) harmless and to defend and indemnify all these parties against all liabilities, demands, damages, expenses, and losses arising out of Your use for any Purpose of the Data. 12. You agree to a moratorium on publishing global analyses of the dataset until the Data Controller(s) have published their own global analysis or twelve (12) months, the maximum, have passed from the time the Data were deposited, whichever occurs first. You acknowledge that prompt publication or public disclosure of the results of the Research Project is encouraged. You also agree that by publishing Your global analyses of the Data, you will not disclose any results generated from the Data. 13. You agree to acknowledge the contribution of the Data Controller(s) in all oral and written presentations, disclosures, and Publications resulting from all analyses of the Data. 14. You agree to use the Data in Your laboratory. Any Authorised Personnel shall work under Your direct supervision. You agree to distribute a copy of these terms to the Authorised Personnel. 15. You may not transfer any information included in the Data to anyone unless specifically designated in the Research Project, or by prior specific or general written authorisation of the Data Controller(s) responsible for the generation of the original Data in each case. 16. You may not transfer the Data itself to anyone outside the Institution, unless the Controller(s) has (have) approved such transfer and its terms in writing. 17. Should You wish to share the Data with an external collaborator, the external collaborator must complete a separate Data Access Agreement. 18. You shall ensure that ‘all’ who have Access to the Data, namely You and Your Authorised Personnel, will be listed out, and are made aware and be bound by the terms of this Agreement. You remain solely and fully responsible for Your Authorised Personnel’s non-compliance with the provision of the Agreement and/or applicable laws. 19. In case of a breach of security resulting from ‘accidental’ use of Data by You and Your Authorised Personnel, which leads to disclosure of Data, then You must report this to Data Controller(s) within 72 hours maximum, and follow any relevant rule as provided by the GDPR. 20. In case of a ‘non-accidental or minor’ breach of hDAA by You, You will further be required to destroy any Data held. 21. You accept that this Agreement will terminate immediately upon ‘any’ breach by You, or its termination (see Section I). 22. You endeavour to settle any dispute with the Data Controller(s) amicably. If you are unable to reach an Agreement, you will meet and negotiate in good faith in an effort to resolve the issue. If the issue has not been resolved within a reasonable period (e.g. 30 calendar days), you are both entitled to submit it for resolution by an arbitrator. 23. Further, the language of the proceedings will be ‘English’ if not otherwise agreed. The award of the arbitration will be final and binding upon the parties concerned. 24. This Agreement (and any dispute, controversy, proceedings, or claim of whatever nature arising out of it or its formation) shall be interpreted, governed by and construed in accordance with the Laws of the Netherlands, and shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Dutch Courts. Agreement I have read, understood and agree to abide by the terms and conditions stipulated in this Data Access Agreement. Data Recipient or Authorised Representative of the Data Recipient: Name: Title and position (if applicable): Affiliation (if applicable): Signature: _____________________________________Date: _____________________ Data Controller(s) or Authorised Representative of the Data Controller(s): Name: Title and position (if applicable): Affiliation (if applicable): Signature: _____________________________________Date: ______________________

Studies are experimental investigations of a particular phenomenon, e.g., case-control studies on a particular trait or cancer research projects reporting matching cancer normal genomes from patients.

Study ID Study Title Study Type
EGAS00001006574 Other

This table displays only public information pertaining to the files in the dataset. If you wish to access this dataset, please submit a request. If you already have access to these data files, please consult the download documentation.

ID File Type Size Located in
EGAF00007774036 xlsx 30.9 kB
EGAF00007774037 xlsx 23.6 kB
EGAF00007774038 xlsx 30.9 kB
EGAF00007774039 xlsx 30.9 kB
EGAF00007774040 xlsx 36.1 kB
EGAF00007774041 xlsx 30.8 kB
EGAF00007774042 xlsx 30.4 kB
EGAF00007774043 xlsx 30.7 kB
EGAF00007774044 xlsx 28.0 kB
EGAF00007774045 xlsx 28.4 kB
EGAF00007774046 xlsx 30.8 kB
EGAF00007774047 xlsx 31.1 kB
EGAF00007774048 xlsx 36.1 kB
EGAF00007774049 xlsx 31.1 kB
EGAF00007774050 xlsx 31.0 kB
EGAF00007774051 xlsx 31.0 kB
EGAF00007774052 xlsx 30.9 kB
EGAF00007774053 xlsx 30.9 kB
EGAF00007774054 xlsx 30.5 kB
EGAF00007774055 xlsx 30.4 kB
EGAF00007774056 xlsx 30.6 kB
EGAF00007774057 xlsx 28.7 kB
EGAF00007774058 xlsx 30.5 kB
EGAF00007774059 xlsx 36.1 kB
EGAF00007774060 xlsx 31.0 kB
EGAF00007774061 xlsx 30.1 kB
EGAF00007774062 xlsx 26.8 kB
EGAF00007774063 xlsx 31.0 kB
EGAF00007774064 xlsx 31.0 kB
EGAF00007774065 xlsx 30.8 kB
EGAF00007774066 xlsx 30.9 kB
EGAF00007774067 xlsx 31.0 kB
EGAF00007774068 xlsx 31.1 kB
EGAF00007774069 xlsx 31.1 kB
EGAF00007774070 xlsx 31.1 kB
EGAF00007774071 xlsx 30.5 kB
EGAF00007774072 xlsx 30.9 kB
EGAF00007774073 xlsx 31.2 kB
EGAF00007774074 xlsx 31.1 kB
EGAF00007774075 xlsx 31.1 kB
EGAF00007774076 xlsx 31.1 kB
EGAF00007774077 xlsx 31.2 kB
EGAF00007774078 xlsx 24.5 kB
EGAF00007774079 xlsx 30.4 kB
EGAF00007774080 xlsx 30.8 kB
EGAF00007774081 xlsx 36.1 kB
EGAF00007774082 xlsx 31.0 kB
EGAF00007774083 xlsx 30.6 kB
EGAF00007774084 xlsx 31.0 kB
EGAF00007774085 xlsx 31.1 kB
EGAF00007774086 xlsx 31.0 kB
EGAF00007774087 xlsx 29.2 kB
EGAF00007774088 xlsx 22.7 kB
EGAF00007774089 xlsx 31.0 kB
EGAF00007774090 xlsx 30.7 kB
EGAF00007774091 xlsx 30.9 kB
EGAF00007774092 xlsx 35.8 kB
EGAF00007774093 xlsx 30.9 kB
EGAF00007774094 xlsx 25.6 kB
EGAF00007774095 xlsx 31.4 kB
EGAF00007774096 xlsx 31.2 kB
EGAF00007774097 xlsx 30.9 kB
EGAF00007774098 xlsx 36.3 kB
EGAF00007774099 xlsx 31.0 kB
EGAF00007774100 xlsx 21.0 kB
EGAF00007774101 xlsx 35.4 kB
EGAF00007774102 xlsx 35.8 kB
EGAF00007774103 xlsx 36.1 kB
EGAF00007774104 xlsx 36.2 kB
EGAF00007774105 xlsx 36.0 kB
EGAF00007774106 xlsx 31.2 kB
EGAF00007774107 xlsx 31.0 kB
EGAF00007774108 xlsx 26.2 kB
EGAF00007774109 xlsx 31.0 kB
EGAF00007774110 xlsx 40.2 kB
EGAF00007774111 xlsx 29.7 kB
EGAF00007774112 xlsx 23.7 kB
EGAF00007774113 xlsx 36.4 kB
EGAF00007774114 xlsx 31.0 kB
EGAF00007774115 xlsx 35.3 kB
EGAF00007774116 xlsx 36.1 kB
EGAF00007774117 xlsx 23.8 kB
EGAF00007774118 xlsx 36.0 kB
EGAF00007774119 xlsx 35.3 kB
EGAF00007774120 xlsx 30.9 kB
EGAF00007774121 xlsx 31.1 kB
EGAF00007774122 xlsx 31.2 kB
EGAF00007774123 xlsx 23.6 kB
EGAF00007774124 xlsx 36.2 kB
EGAF00007774125 xlsx 36.5 kB
EGAF00007774126 xlsx 31.3 kB
EGAF00007774127 xlsx 36.4 kB
EGAF00007774128 xlsx 32.8 kB
EGAF00007774129 xlsx 35.7 kB
EGAF00007774130 xlsx 36.2 kB
EGAF00007774131 xlsx 35.0 kB
EGAF00007774132 xlsx 31.2 kB
EGAF00007774133 xlsx 28.6 kB
EGAF00007774134 xlsx 31.4 kB
EGAF00007774135 xlsx 36.2 kB
EGAF00007774136 xlsx 30.9 kB
EGAF00007774137 xlsx 31.2 kB
EGAF00007774138 xlsx 36.3 kB
EGAF00007774139 xlsx 36.2 kB
EGAF00007774140 xlsx 36.2 kB
EGAF00007774141 xlsx 31.0 kB
EGAF00007774142 xlsx 36.2 kB
EGAF00007774143 xlsx 35.6 kB
EGAF00007774144 xlsx 31.3 kB
EGAF00007774145 xlsx 36.4 kB
EGAF00007774146 xlsx 28.5 kB
EGAF00007774147 xlsx 34.8 kB
EGAF00007774148 xlsx 36.2 kB
EGAF00007774149 xlsx 36.1 kB
EGAF00007774150 xlsx 27.4 kB
EGAF00007774151 xlsx 36.6 kB
EGAF00007774152 xlsx 36.1 kB
EGAF00007774153 xlsx 31.1 kB
EGAF00007774154 xlsx 31.1 kB
EGAF00007774155 xlsx 30.5 kB
EGAF00007774156 xlsx 36.3 kB
EGAF00007774157 xlsx 36.0 kB
EGAF00007774158 xlsx 34.1 kB
EGAF00007774159 xlsx 36.2 kB
EGAF00007774160 xlsx 30.5 kB
EGAF00007774161 xlsx 36.3 kB
EGAF00007774162 xlsx 36.2 kB
EGAF00007774163 xlsx 36.3 kB
EGAF00007774164 xlsx 33.6 kB
EGAF00007774165 xlsx 35.6 kB
EGAF00007774166 xlsx 36.2 kB
EGAF00007774167 xlsx 36.4 kB
EGAF00007774168 xlsx 35.9 kB
EGAF00007774169 xlsx 21.0 kB
EGAF00007774170 xlsx 28.8 kB
EGAF00007774171 xlsx 31.1 kB
EGAF00007774172 xlsx 31.0 kB
EGAF00007774173 xlsx 30.7 kB
EGAF00007774174 xlsx 35.6 kB
EGAF00007774175 xlsx 29.4 kB
EGAF00007774176 xlsx 27.1 kB
EGAF00007774177 xlsx 30.9 kB
EGAF00007774178 xlsx 29.4 kB
EGAF00007774179 xlsx 30.3 kB
EGAF00007774180 xlsx 30.9 kB
EGAF00007774181 xlsx 36.3 kB
EGAF00007774182 xlsx 30.9 kB
EGAF00007774183 xlsx 25.9 kB
EGAF00007774184 xlsx 27.8 kB
EGAF00007774185 xlsx 27.9 kB
EGAF00007774186 xlsx 30.8 kB
151 Files (4.8 MB)