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scRNA-seq and snRNA-seq of trophoblast stem cells (TSCs) differentiation into extravillous trophoblast organoids (EVTs)

This dataset is part of a study that aims to compare in vivo human trophoblast differentiation into EVTs to different in vitro trophoblast organoids using single-cell and single-nuclei RNA sequencing. This specific dataset includes scRNA-seq and snRNA-seq data from trophoblast stem cells (TSCs). Trophoblast stem cell (TSC) lines BTS5 and BTS11 derived by Okae and colleagues were grown as described previously (Okae et al. 2018) together with EVT differentiation media. This study shows that the main regulatory programs mediating EVT invasion in vivo are preserved in in vitro models of EVT differentiation from primary trophoblast organoids and trophoblast stem cells. Data for primary trophoblast organoids is available under E-MTAB-12650.

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