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Pharmacogenomic profiling reveals molecular features of chemotherapy resistance in IDH wild type primary glioblastoma

We stratified 69 primary IDH-wt GBM patients into TMZ-resistant (n = 29) and sensitive (n = 40) groups, using TMZ screening of the corresponding patient-derived glioma stem-like cells (GSCs). Genomic and transcriptomic features were then examined to identify TMZ-associated molecular alterations. Subsequently, we developed a machine learning (ML) model to predict TMZ response from combined signatures. Moreover, TMZ response in multisector samples (52 tumor sectors from 18 cases) was evaluated to validate findings and investigate the impact of intra-tumoral heterogeneity on TMZ efficacy.

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Samsung Medical Center (SMC) - Institute for Refractory Cancer (IRCR) Data Access Policy

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Studies are experimental investigations of a particular phenomenon, e.g., case-control studies on a particular trait or cancer research projects reporting matching cancer normal genomes from patients.

Study ID Study Title Study Type
EGAS00001006989 Other

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ID File Type Size Located in
EGAF00007942115 bam 2.0 GB
EGAF00007942116 bam 11.8 GB
EGAF00007942117 bam 30.2 GB
EGAF00007942118 bam 11.8 GB
EGAF00007942119 bam 24.5 GB
EGAF00007942120 bam 11.8 GB
EGAF00007942121 bam 25.6 GB
EGAF00007942122 bam 2.4 GB
EGAF00007942123 bam 2.5 GB
EGAF00007942124 bam 5.5 GB
EGAF00007942125 bam 2.4 GB
EGAF00007942126 bam 2.3 GB
EGAF00007942127 bam 2.5 GB
EGAF00007942128 bam 2.6 GB
EGAF00007942129 bam 2.0 GB
EGAF00007942130 bam 10.7 GB
EGAF00007942131 bam 18.0 GB
EGAF00007942132 bam 2.4 GB
EGAF00007942133 bam 2.7 GB
EGAF00007942134 bam 2.3 GB
EGAF00007942135 bam 2.4 GB
EGAF00007942136 bam 2.4 GB
EGAF00007942137 bam 2.5 GB
EGAF00007942138 bam 2.2 GB
EGAF00007942139 bam 3.2 GB
EGAF00007942140 bam 2.4 GB
EGAF00007942141 bam 7.4 GB
EGAF00007942142 bam 7.2 GB
EGAF00007942143 bam 9.2 GB
EGAF00007942144 bam 13.5 GB
EGAF00007942145 bam 2.1 GB
EGAF00007942146 bam 5.4 GB
EGAF00007942147 bam 9.4 GB
EGAF00007942148 bam 7.4 GB
EGAF00007942149 bam 14.5 GB
EGAF00007942150 bam 16.4 GB
EGAF00007942151 bam 12.2 GB
EGAF00007942152 bam 14.5 GB
EGAF00007982045 bam 2.3 GB
EGAF00007982046 bam 4.2 GB
EGAF00007982047 bam 5.7 GB
EGAF00007982048 bam 4.1 GB
EGAF00007982049 bam 2.2 GB
EGAF00007982050 bam 2.3 GB
EGAF00007982051 bam 3.7 GB
EGAF00007982052 bam 3.2 GB
EGAF00007982053 bam 3.1 GB
EGAF00007982054 bam 2.9 GB
EGAF00007982055 bam 2.7 GB
EGAF00007982056 bam 2.5 GB
EGAF00007982057 bam 4.0 GB
EGAF00007982058 bam 2.7 GB
EGAF00007982059 bam 2.5 GB
EGAF00007982060 bam 2.4 GB
EGAF00007982061 bam 2.7 GB
EGAF00007982062 bam 3.7 GB
EGAF00007982063 bam 2.3 GB
EGAF00007982064 bam 4.0 GB
EGAF00007982065 bam 2.5 GB
EGAF00007982066 bam 3.1 GB
EGAF00007982067 bam 2.5 GB
EGAF00007982068 bam 1.9 GB
EGAF00007982069 bam 1.7 GB
EGAF00007982070 bam 2.3 GB
EGAF00007982071 bam 2.2 GB
EGAF00007982072 bam 3.7 GB
EGAF00007982073 bam 2.4 GB
EGAF00007982074 bam 3.8 GB
EGAF00007982075 bam 2.4 GB
EGAF00007982076 bam 2.5 GB
EGAF00007982077 bam 2.6 GB
EGAF00007982078 bam 4.0 GB
EGAF00007982079 bam 3.7 GB
EGAF00007982080 bam 3.9 GB
EGAF00007982081 bam 2.6 GB
EGAF00007982082 bam 2.7 GB
EGAF00007982083 bam 2.4 GB
EGAF00007982084 bam 2.6 GB
EGAF00007982085 bam 2.7 GB
EGAF00007982086 bam 2.6 GB
EGAF00007982087 bam 2.6 GB
EGAF00007982088 bam 2.9 GB
EGAF00007982089 bam 3.1 GB
EGAF00007982090 bam 2.7 GB
EGAF00007982091 bam 2.8 GB
EGAF00007982092 bam 2.4 GB
EGAF00007982093 bam 2.9 GB
EGAF00007982094 bam 2.4 GB
EGAF00007982095 bam 2.4 GB
EGAF00007982096 bam 2.6 GB
EGAF00007982097 bam 2.7 GB
EGAF00007982098 bam 2.2 GB
EGAF00007982099 bam 2.3 GB
EGAF00007982100 bam 3.2 GB
EGAF00007982101 bam 2.4 GB
EGAF00007982102 bam 1.4 GB
EGAF00007982103 bam 1.2 GB
EGAF00007982104 bam 3.1 GB
EGAF00007982105 bam 3.8 GB
EGAF00007982106 bam 4.2 GB
EGAF00007982107 fastq.gz 2.3 GB
EGAF00007982108 fastq.gz 2.3 GB
EGAF00007982109 bam 2.3 GB
EGAF00007982110 bam 1.9 GB
EGAF00007982111 bam 1.5 GB
EGAF00007982112 bam 3.8 GB
EGAF00007982113 bam 9.4 GB
EGAF00007982114 bam 1.7 GB
EGAF00007982115 bam 4.2 GB
EGAF00007982116 bam 3.8 GB
EGAF00007982117 bam 5.1 GB
EGAF00007982118 bam 4.0 GB
EGAF00007982119 bam 4.1 GB
EGAF00007982120 bam 2.8 GB
114 Files (536.1 GB)