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RNAseq of primary mesothelioma cell lines

Mesothelioma is an aggressive cancer associated with previous exposure to asbestos and dismal prognosis. Since a pemetrexed/cisplatin combination was introduced for treatment of mesothelioma, no new first- or second-line therapies have been discovered. Thus, to better understand what drives mesothelioma carcinogenesis and to identify potential targets for therapy, in this project we aim at performing RNAseq analysis of a panel of mesothelioma cells lines.

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Study ID Study Title Study Type
EGAS00001005728 Other

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ID File Type Size Located in
EGAF00008089030 cram 632.4 MB
EGAF00008089031 cram 673.5 MB
EGAF00008089032 cram 694.2 MB
EGAF00008089033 cram 614.8 MB
EGAF00008089034 cram 587.4 MB
EGAF00008089035 cram 634.9 MB
EGAF00008089036 cram 674.8 MB
EGAF00008089037 cram 697.8 MB
EGAF00008089038 cram 613.8 MB
EGAF00008089039 cram 586.7 MB
EGAF00008089040 cram 624.3 MB
EGAF00008089041 cram 664.4 MB
EGAF00008089042 cram 686.7 MB
EGAF00008089043 cram 608.9 MB
EGAF00008089044 cram 584.4 MB
EGAF00008089045 cram 619.6 MB
EGAF00008089046 cram 660.1 MB
EGAF00008089047 cram 682.0 MB
EGAF00008089048 cram 604.8 MB
EGAF00008089049 cram 581.4 MB
20 Files (12.7 GB)