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Spectrum of Response to Platinum and PARP Inhibitors in Germline BRCA Associated Pancreatic Cancer in the Clinical and Pre-clinical Setting

Whole genome sequencing data for germline BRCA pancreatic cancer

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OICR Data Access Agreement v2.0. Link to Policy Url here

OICR-DAC manages genomic and transcriptomic data sets generated at the Ontario Institute for Cancer Research 1. To access data, you must complete the OICR Data Access Agreement (DAA, see Policy Url above). Fields in red are mandatory. 2. The DAA should include the name(s) of all investigators who will download and/or analyze data. 3. All investigators must be from the same institution, and institutional email addresses must be used. 4. The DAA must be signed by an institutional signatory who has authority to bind the corporation. 5. Once completed, forward to for review. Data access will be granted upon final execution of the agreement. Note: To access and download data, each investigator must submit a “Request Access” form on the EGA website. A separate DAA is not required if they are already named on a fully executed DAA (as per above).

Studies are experimental investigations of a particular phenomenon, e.g., case-control studies on a particular trait or cancer research projects reporting matching cancer normal genomes from patients.

Study ID Study Title Study Type
EGAS00001002543 Other

This table displays only public information pertaining to the files in the dataset. If you wish to access this dataset, please submit a request. If you already have access to these data files, please consult the download documentation.

ID File Type Size Located in
EGAF00008120459 cram 28.8 GB
EGAF00008120460 cram 41.9 GB
EGAF00008120461 cram 62.8 GB
EGAF00008120462 cram 53.9 GB
EGAF00008120463 cram 41.5 GB
EGAF00008120464 cram 80.8 GB
EGAF00008120465 cram 52.7 GB
EGAF00008120466 cram 45.5 GB
EGAF00008121261 cram 24.7 GB
EGAF00008121262 cram 33.3 GB
EGAF00008121263 cram 26.6 GB
EGAF00008121264 cram 38.3 GB
EGAF00008121265 cram 27.1 GB
EGAF00008121266 cram 35.4 GB
EGAF00008121267 cram 28.9 GB
EGAF00008121268 cram 24.8 GB
EGAF00008122322 cram 25.6 GB
EGAF00008122323 cram 45.8 GB
EGAF00008122324 cram 28.4 GB
EGAF00008122325 cram 53.9 GB
EGAF00008122326 cram 26.2 GB
EGAF00008122327 cram 46.2 GB
EGAF00008122328 cram 28.7 GB
EGAF00008122329 cram 59.3 GB
EGAF00008122330 cram 149.3 GB
EGAF00008122331 cram 56.8 GB
EGAF00008122332 cram 90.1 GB
EGAF00008122333 cram 43.6 GB
EGAF00008122334 cram 76.9 GB
EGAF00008122335 cram 50.2 GB
EGAF00008122336 cram 60.7 GB
EGAF00008122337 cram 36.9 GB
EGAF00008122338 cram 190.0 GB
EGAF00008122339 cram 37.0 GB
EGAF00008122340 cram 57.8 GB
EGAF00008122341 cram 82.5 GB
EGAF00008122342 cram 35.6 GB
EGAF00008122343 cram 39.1 GB
EGAF00008122344 cram 40.8 GB
EGAF00008122345 cram 35.1 GB
EGAF00008122346 cram 25.9 GB
EGAF00008122347 cram 19.9 GB
EGAF00008122348 cram 31.3 GB
EGAF00008122349 cram 27.7 GB
EGAF00008122350 cram 26.9 GB
EGAF00008122351 cram 21.0 GB
EGAF00008122352 cram 21.0 GB
EGAF00008122353 cram 20.6 GB
EGAF00008122354 cram 76.9 GB
EGAF00008122355 cram 27.4 GB
EGAF00008122356 cram 32.9 GB
EGAF00008122357 cram 24.2 GB
EGAF00008122358 cram 33.6 GB
EGAF00008122359 cram 45.9 GB
EGAF00008122360 cram 21.0 GB
EGAF00008122361 cram 27.7 GB
56 Files (2.5 TB)