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RNA-sequencing data

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LungNENomics data access policy

A Data Transfer Agreement will be signed between the Data User and Data Access Committee instituions, including details of data use and storage. The User Institution agrees to only use these Data for the purpose of a Research Project described when requesting access. No embargo period will be asked before publishing peer-reviewed report describing and analysing these Data. The confidentiality of these Data will be preserved and in particular of Research Participant. A request to access these data will contain details of dataset requested i.e., EGA Study and Dataset Accession Number, brief abstract of the Project in which the Data will be used (500 words max) and all Individuals who the User Institution to be named as registered users.

Studies are experimental investigations of a particular phenomenon, e.g., case-control studies on a particular trait or cancer research projects reporting matching cancer normal genomes from patients.

Study ID Study Title Study Type
EGAS00001003699 Other
ID File Type Size Located in
EGAF00002493815 tab 4.4 MB
EGAF00002493818 txt 1.8 MB
EGAF00002493822 txt 1.8 MB
EGAF00002493825 tab 4.4 MB
EGAF00002493831 txt 1.8 MB
EGAF00002493832 tab 4.5 MB
EGAF00002493842 txt 1.8 MB
EGAF00002493847 tab 4.5 MB
EGAF00002493859 tab 4.4 MB
EGAF00002493860 tab 4.5 MB
EGAF00002493868 txt 1.8 MB
EGAF00002493883 txt 1.8 MB
EGAF00002493892 tab 4.4 MB
EGAF00002493896 tab 4.4 MB
EGAF00002493908 tab 4.4 MB
EGAF00002493910 txt 1.8 MB
EGAF00002493914 txt 1.8 MB
EGAF00002493916 txt 1.8 MB
EGAF00002493918 txt 1.8 MB
EGAF00002493919 tab 4.4 MB
EGAF00002493924 tab 4.5 MB
EGAF00002493926 tab 4.4 MB
EGAF00002493930 txt 1.7 MB
EGAF00002493940 txt 1.8 MB
EGAF00002493949 txt 1.8 MB
EGAF00002493955 tab 4.5 MB
EGAF00002493961 txt 1.8 MB
EGAF00002493963 txt 1.7 MB
EGAF00002493965 txt 1.8 MB
EGAF00002493983 tab 4.4 MB
EGAF00002493986 tab 4.5 MB
EGAF00002493989 txt 1.8 MB
EGAF00002493992 txt 1.8 MB
EGAF00002493996 txt 1.8 MB
EGAF00002494007 tab 4.4 MB
EGAF00002494014 tab 4.4 MB
EGAF00002494019 csv 21.2 MB
EGAF00002494021 tab 4.4 MB
EGAF00002494022 tab 4.4 MB
EGAF00002494031 tab 4.4 MB
EGAF00002494038 txt 1.8 MB
41 Files (145.1 MB)