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the tar archive contains unflitered genotype data from Reich et al AJHG 2011 study in plink format

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These data are available for studies of population history only; additional limitations are outlined in the Data Access Agreement

[Letterhead, which includes contact details such as name, address, phone number, and email] Date: In reference to the genotype data published in Reich et al. AJHG 2011 study on the Denisovan admixture in Southeast Asia and Oceania to comply with the informed consent under which the samples were obtained, I ______________________________________________________________________________ agree to the following five restrictions: (1) The data will only be used for studies of population history; (2) The data will not be used for medical or disease related studies, or for studies of natural selection; (3) The data will not be distributed to anyone else; (4) The data will not be used for any commercial purposes; (5) No attempt will be made to identify any of the sample donors. Signature Name

Studies are experimental investigations of a particular phenomenon, e.g., case-control studies on a particular trait or cancer research projects reporting matching cancer normal genomes from patients.

Study ID Study Title Study Type
EGAS00001006132 Other

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EGAF00006131230 Australia.tar 32.3 MB
1 File (32.3 MB)