Dataset ID Technology Samples
EGAD00010002310 Illumina Omni Express BeadChip 944

Dataset Description

Renal cell carcinoma (RCC) cases comprised adult patients with histologically proven RCC were collected through two sources within the UK. First, 856 cases from SORCE, a MRC collection of surgically treated RCC cases ascertained through UK clinical oncology centres. Second, 189 RCC cases collected through the ICR and Royal Marsden NHS Hospitals Trust. Cases included 590 clear cell carcinomas (CCCs), 42 papillary carcinomas (PCs), 33 chromophobe carcinomas (CCs) and 19 mixed or other histological subtypes. DNA was extracted from EDTA-venous blood samples using the conventional methods and quantified using PicoGreen (Invitrogen). Cases were genotyped using the Human OmniExpress-12 BeadChip according to the manufacturer's recommendations (Illumina Inc, San Diego, CA, USA). After strict QC, 944 cases were retained. Data provided in plink format. Controls used were data from the Wellcome Trust Case Control Consortium 2 (WTCCC2) 1958 birth cohort and the UK Blood Service Control Group (available as EGAS00000000028). 

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Contact person: Brittany Rex
Email: brittany [dot] rex [at] icr [dot] ac [dot] uk
More details: EGAC00001002629


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