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Resistance towards chemotherapy is one of the main causes of treatment failure and deathamong breast cancer patients.The main objective of this project is to identify genetic mechanisms causing some breastcancer patients not to respond to a particluar type of chemotherapy (epirubicin) while otherpatients respond very well to the same treatment.In the project we will perform genome / exome sequencing of a selection of breast cancerpatients (n=30). These patients are drawn from a cohort where all patients have recievedtreatment with epirubicin monotherapy before surgical removal of a locally advanced breasttumour, and where all patients have been subjected to objective evaluation of the response tothe therapy.Subsequent to sequencing, we will analyse the data and compare with the clinical data foreach patient (object response to therapy). The main aim being to identify mutations that areassociated with resistance to epirubicin.Identification of mutations with strong predictive value, may have a direct impact on cancertreatment since it opens the possibility for genetic testing of a tumour, and desicion on whichdrug is likely to work best, prior to treatment start.

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Dataset ID Description Technology Samples
EGAD00001000264 Illumina HiSeq 2000 29