Intra-tumor heterogeneity and clonal evolution patterns towards platinum-resistant high-grade serous ovarian cancer

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Although many high-grade serous ovarian carcinoma (HGSOC) patients are initially sensitive to the standard-of-care platinum-based therapy, intra-tumor heterogeneity may fuel selection towards platinum-resistant clones over subsequent lines of therapy. We performed whole-exome coupled to ultra-deep re-sequencing and copy number alteration (CNA) profiling on 31 matched diagnosis and relapse tumors from HGSOC patients treated with platinum. Genetic heterogeneity within tumor pairs varied extremely, with some recurrent tumors being identical and others completely different from the primary tumor. All primary tumors showed evidence of homologous recombination (HR)-deficiency, but none of them carried reactivating mutations in the HR pathway at relapse, also not when becoming resistant to subsequent lines of platinum. We did also not identify other mutations, CNAs or pathways that were enriched in platinum-resistant clones. However, a platinum score consisting of 13 CNAs correlated significantly with platinum-free interval (PFI) after first-line therapy in multiple cohorts of >450 ... (Show More)

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This dataset includes 69 sampels of whole-exome sequencing data of high-grade serous ovarian carcinoma (HGSOC). We included patients with advanced (International Federation of Gynecology and bstetrics [FIGO] stage IIIeIV) HGSOC for which biopsies were obtained during debulking surgery, the first at initial diagnosis and the second at disease relapse. Where possible, matched normal DNA from each participating patient was obtained from a whole-blood sample. Written informed consent was obtained ... (Show More)
Illumina HiSeq 2000 69
Ovarian tumor samples using Illumina

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