A somatic reference standard for cancer genome sequencing with COLO829

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Identification of somatic alterations in cancer has become feasible with the massive adoption of next generation sequencing. However, due to variability in sequencing and informatics pipelines, a common somatic reference is needed. We thus performed paired whole genome sequencing of a metastatic melanoma cell line (COLO829) and a matched lymphoblastoid line (COLO829BL) across three institutions (TGen, Illumina, Genome Sciences Centre at the British Columbia Cancer Agency). We performed a meta-analysis of all data, in combination with the originally reported analysis of these cell lines by Pleasance et al (PMID: 20016485), and report a somatic reference standard based on consensus events. DNA extractions, library preparation, sequencing, and analysis were separately performed at each site. Results were compiled with sequence data previously generated for the cell lines to identify true positive variants, collectively representing a somatic reference standard. Overall, common somatic events include point mutations, small insertion/deletions, and genes affected by concurrent copy ... (Show More)

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Paired PCR-free whole genome sequencing data of a matched metastatic melanoma cell line (COLO829) and normal across three lineages and across separate institutions, with independent library preparations, sequencing, and analysis. The data was generated with mean mapped coverages of 99X for COLO829 and 103X for the paired normal across three institutions. Overall, common events include >35,000 point mutations, 446 small insertion/deletions, and >6,000 genes affected by copy number changes. ... (Show More)

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