Clonal architecture of pre malignant and malignant tumours

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EGAS00001001676 Cancer Genomics

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Single cells have been isolated from normal and pre-invasive lung cancer lesions from one patient. These have been grown into colonies that will then be whole genome sequenced. This will reveal the mutational burden in normal and premalignant tissues, and the heterogeneity between different cells.

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That tobacco smoking causes lung cancer is well-established, but we lack quantitative understanding of its effects on genomes of normal bronchial epithelium. We sequenced whole genomes of 632 colonies derived from single bronchial epithelial cells across 16 subjects. Tobacco smoking is the major influence on mutation burden, adding 1000-10,000+ mutations/cell, massively increasing both between-subject and within-subject variance, and generating several distinct signatures of substitutions and ... (Show More)
HiSeq X Ten 644

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