Novel regional age-associated DNA methylation changes within human common disease-associated loci

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Background: Advancing age progressively impacts on risk and severity of chronic disease. It also modifies the epigenome, with changes in DNA methylation, due to both random drift and variation within specific functional loci. Results: In a discovery set of 2,238 peripheral-blood genome-wide DNA methylomes (MeDIP-seq) aged 19-82 years, we identified 71 age-associated Differentially Methylated Regions (a-DMRs, p < 1.85 x 10-8) within the Linkage Disequilibrium (LD) blocks of the NIH Catalogue of published GWAS SNPs. This included 52 novel regions, 29 within loci not covered by 450k or 27k Illumina array, and with marked enrichment for Poised Promoters and Enhancers across multiple cell types. In a replication set of 2,084 DNA methylomes, 95.7% of the a-DMRs showed the same direction of ageing effect, with 80.3% and 53.3% replicated to p < 0.05 and p < 1.85 x 10-8, respectively. Conclusion: By analysing the functionally enriched disease and trait-associated regions of the human genome, we identified novel epigenetic ageing changes, which could be useful biomarkers or provide ... (Show More)

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MeDIP-seq RPM chromsome BED files for Peripheral Blood from EPITWIN Project (Columns 4-4353 represent samples)
MeDIP-seq 4350

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