Sampling of multi-centric lower grade glioma influences management and provides insight into gliomagenesis

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Study Description

Rare multicentric lower-grade gliomas (LGG) represent a unique opportunity to study the heterogeneity between distinct tumor foci in a single patient, and to infer their origins and parallel patterns of evolution. In this study, we integrate clinical features, histology and immunohistochemistry for 4 patients with multicentric LGG, arising both synchronously and metachronously. For 3 patients we analyze the phylogeny of the lesions using exome sequencing, including one case with a total of 8 samples from the two lesions. We show that each tumor in multicentric LGG cases may arise independently or may diverge very early in their development, presenting as genetically and histologically distinct tumors suggesting that comprehensive sampling of these lesions can significantly alter diagnosis and management.

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This dataset includes Nimblegen SeqCap EZ Exome v3 data for each lesion of three patients with multicentric glioma. For two patients, each lesion was sequenced along with whole blood. For a third patient, 3 pieces from the right lesion and 4 pieces from the left were sequenced along with whole blood. In each case BAM files that have been aligned with BWA mem alignment are available.

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