Paired-end Whole Exome-seq analysis of multi-centric lower grade glioma

Dataset ID Technology Samples
EGAD00001003795 N/A 15

Dataset Description

This dataset includes Nimblegen SeqCap EZ Exome v3 data for each lesion of three patients with multicentric glioma. For two patients, each lesion was sequenced along with whole blood. For a third patient, 3 pieces from the right lesion and 4 pieces from the left were sequenced along with whole blood. In each case BAM files that have been aligned with BWA mem alignment are available.

Who controls access to this dataset

For each dataset that requires controlled access, there is a corresponding Data Access Committee (DAC) who determine access permissions. Access to actual data files is not managed by the EGA. If you need to request access to this data set, please contact:

Glioma Genomics Committee
Contact person: Joseph Costello
Email: jcostello [at] cc [dot] ucsf [dot] edu
More details: EGAC00001000153


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