16S rRNA gene amplification and maternal factors

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Human breast milk contains a diverse community of bacteria but factors that produce variation in the breast milk microbiome are largely unknown. We evaluated if 1) maternal factors including breastfeeding practices modified the diversity and abundance of bacterial communities in breast milk and 2) if subclinical mastitis (SCM), an asymptomatic inflammatory condition occurring during lactation, induced a distinctive microbiota signature.

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We compared bacterial communities in breast milk from teen (≤19 yr, n = 26) vs. adult (>19 yr, n = 56) mothers, normal weight (BMI 18.5-24.9, n = 63) vs. overweight (BMI ≥ 25, n = 19) mothers, primiparous (parity = 1, n = 41) vs. multiparous (parity > 1, n = 44), early (5-46d postpartum, n = 39) vs. established lactation (4-6 mo postpartum, n = 45), breastfeeding (EBF: PBF, n = 72) vs. mixed feeding (n = 11) and mothers with (Na/K ratio < 0.6, n = 75) and without SCM (Na/K ration ... (Show More)
Illumina MiSeq 86

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