Circulating cell-free DNA analysis in Small Cell Lung Cancer

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Small cell lung cancer (SCLC) accounts for ~250,000 deaths worldwide each year. Acquisition of adequate tumour biopsies is challenging and liquid biopsies present the best option for patient stratification and response monitoring. We present genome-wide and targeted plasma DNA sequencing data that identifies tumour related changes in 91% of limited (LS-SCLC) and 100% of extensive stage (ES-SCLC) patients. Parallel analysis of circulating tumour cells (CTCs, by CellSearch) based on ≥ 1 CTC/7.5ml blood increased tumour detection frequencies to 98% patients (95% for LS-SCLC) where CTC count and plasma DNA readouts correlated with disease stage and overall survival (OS). Targeted plasma DNA sequencing identified potential therapeutic targets in >50% of patients. This approach will support trials of targeted therapies where improved patients outcomes are urgently required.

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This study consists of over 200 data files from cfDNA and germline DNA from 69 patients and 32 healthy normal volunteers discussed in this publication.
Illumina MiSeq 71

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