Primary breast cancers and paired brain metastases sequencing study

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Study Description

Improving management of brain metastases (BM) from primary breast cancer (PBC) is a challenge in which targeted therapies play a promising role. However this approach is impaired by miss-knowledge of molecular patterns of the metastatic and drug-resistance processes.We performed a differential analysis of copy-number-alterations (CNAs) and mutations profiles by using pan-genomic array-CGH and targeted next-generation-sequencing of 494 cancer-associated genes, in a series of 14 pairs of matched PBC/BM and assessed if the observed genomic alterations may be used as a druggable agent in a clinical trial.

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Targeted next-generation-sequencing of 494 cancer-associated genes was done in a series of 14 frozen pairs of matched primary breast cancers and brain metastases (28 samples). DNA libraries of all coding exons were prepared using the Haloplex Target Enrichment System. Sequencing was done using the 2*150bp paired-end technology on the Illumina NextSeq500 platform.
Illumina MiSeq,NextSeq 500 28

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