Multiple Myeloma Total Therapy trial patient sequencing

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The study of multiple myeloma (MM) genomics has identified many abnormalities that are associated with poor progression free survival (PFS) and overall survival (OS). Copy number abnormalities have been extensively studied in many datasets with long follow-up, however, the prognostic impact of mutations have not been extensively studied and available datasets have generally had a relatively short follow-up. These analyses have identified a range of mutations that are associated with prognosis, making it important to extend these observations in larger studies with robust diagnostic technologies. Samples from newly diagnosed MM patients enrolled in Total Therapy trials (n=225) were sequenced on a targeted panel consisting of 140 genes and additional regions of interest for copy number, as well as tiling of the Ig and MYC loci for detection of translocations. Samples were sequenced to a median depth of 452x using 2x75 bp paired end reads. Reads were aligned to hg19 and mutations called using Strelka and filtered with fpfilter. Translocations were called by Manta, and copy number ... (Show More)

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DNA was obtained from either CD138+ cells from the bone marrow of multiple myeloma patients (tumor) or from stem cell harvests or peripheral blood cells from the same patient (control). 100 ng of DNA was fragmented, end-repaired, and adapters ligated using the HyperPlus kit (KAPA Biosystems). After PCR amplification the libraries were hybridized with probes against either a targeted panel consisting of 140 genes and chromosomal regions (Nimblegen) using SeqCap reagents (Nimblegen). Hybridized ... (Show More)
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