Transcriptome sequencing of Gingivo-buccal Cancer : ICGC-India Project Batch05

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Transcriptome Sequencing of Gingivo-buccal Cancer: ICGC-India ProjectAs a part of the ICGC, India has undertaken genomic studies on gingivobuccal cancer of the oral cavity, which is the most prevalent form of cancer among men in India. There are various known environmental (life-style) correlates of this cancer, the most important of which are tobacco chewing and HPV infection. Transcriptome sequencing of paired RNA samples – isolated from the tumor and adjacent normal tissues of 28 patients – have been performed. Detailed clinical characterization of the patients, collection of data on demographic and environmental exposures, and isolation of DNA samples from adjacent normal and tumor tissues collected from each patient are being done at the Advanced Centre for Research, Treatment and Education on Cancer, Mumbai. Sequencing is being performed at the National Institute of Biomedical Genomics, Kalyani.

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