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RNA-seq of M-CSF differentiated human peripheral monocyte-derived macrophages (MDMs) - Validation macIDR

Macrophages represent multifunctional leukocytes defined by their stimulus-specific transcriptional reprogramming. As in vivo macrophages are often difficult to obtain, in vitro macrophage models are often used. We aggregated public expression data to define consensus expression profiles for eight commonly-used in vitro macrophage models and built the classifier macIDR, capable of distinguishing macrophage subsets with high accuracy (>0.95). Classification of in vivo macrophages suggested that alveolar macrophages resembled interleukin-10 activated macrophages in general whereas chronic obstructive pulmonary disease patients displayed decreased similarity to interferon-γ stimulated macrophages. Adipose tissue-derived macrophages were classified as unstimulated macrophages, but would resemble LPS-stimulated macrophages more in diabetic-obese patients. Rheumatoid arthritic synovial macrophages were similar to macrophages stimulated with interleukin-10 or interferon-γ. Altogether, our results suggest that macIDR is capable of identifying in vitro macrophages. By projecting in vivo macrophages onto the in vitro macrophages, we were capable of elucidating macrophage-specific changes as a result of tissue and disease.

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Dataset ID Description Technology Samples
EGAD00001004584 Illumina HiSeq 4000 24
Publications Citations
Meta-Analysis of in vitro-Differentiated Macrophages Identifies Transcriptomic Signatures That Classify Disease Macrophages in vivo.
Front Immunol 10: 2019 2887