Gut microbiota analysis after 3months probiotic-like bacteria or placebo treatment in subjects with metabolic syndrome

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Study Description

Background: Probiotic-like bacteria treatment has been described to be associated with gut microbiota modifications. Goal: To decipher if the effects of the tested probiotic-like bacteria are due to the bacteria itself or due to the effects of the bacteria on the gut microbiota. Methodology: In this study, gut microbiota has been analyzed from feces samples of subjects with metabolic syndrome and treated with one of the 2 tested probiotic-like bacteria or with the placebo during 3months.

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The dataset is composed of 62 samples (31 subjects before and after probiotic-like bacteria treatment). Sequencing was performed using Illumina HiSeq 2500. Fastq files are provided.
Illumina MiSeq 61

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