Non-invasive prenatal diagnosis by genome-wide haplotyping of maternal cell-free plasma DNA

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Whereas non-invasive prenatal testing for aneuploidies (NIPT-A) is widely implemented, non-invasive prenatal testing for monogenic diseases (NIPT-M) is lagging. By capturing and targeted sequencing of 250000 polymorphic SNP loci from maternal plasma circulating cell-free DNA (cfDNA) and DNA from relatives, the fetal haplotype and chromosomal copy numbers are deduced. In all families tested, the cfDNA derived haplotypes are on average 97% concordant with the neonatal and embryo haplotype. This generic non-invasive prenatal diagnostic approach allows cost efficient scrutinizing the fetal genome for the presence of any inherited monogenic disease or trait.

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This dataset contains a total of 10 families and 51 samples presented in 'Non-invasive prenatal diagnosis by genome-wide haplotyping of cell-free plasma DNA' study, in which 9 of them are cfDNA samples and the rest of samples are gDNA samples. All the samples are targeted sequencing data with a custom 45Mb capture library . Raw pair-end fastq files for each sample is available.
Illumina HiSeq 4000,NextSeq 500 51

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