Single-cell TCR sequencing of DQ2.5-hor-3-specific T cells

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In order to characterize the T cell receptor (TCR) repertoire of DQ2.5-hor-3-specific T cells, we performed high-throughput DNA sequencing of rearranged TCR-α and TCR-β genes of the single HLA-DQ2.5:DQ2.5-hor-3- tetramer binding CD4+ T cells isolated from biopsies of celiac disease patients. We also sequenced the TCR of the T-cell clones (TCCs) that were generated by cloning by limited dilution and antigen-free expansion of HLA-DQ2.5:DQ2.5-hor-3-tetramer binding CD4+ T cells from biopsies of ... (Show More)
Illumina MiSeq 14

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