Genome-wide study of the effect of blood collection tubes on the cell-free DNA methylome

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Background The methylation pattern of cfDNA, isolated from liquid biopsies, is gaining substantial interest for diagnosis and monitoring of diseases. We have evaluated the impact of type of blood collection tube and time delay between blood draw and plasma preparation on bisulfite-based cfDNA methylation profiling. Methods 15 tubes of blood were drawn from three healthy volunteer subjects (BD Vacutainer K2E EDTA spray tubes, Streck Cell-Free DNA BCT tubes, PAXgene Blood ccfDNA tubes, Roche Cell-Free DNA Collection tubes and Biomatrica LBgard blood tubes in triplicate). Samples were either immediately processed or stored at room temperature for 24 or 72 hours before plasma preparation. DNA fragment size was evaluated by capillary electrophoresis. Reduced representation bisulfite sequencing was performed on the cell-free DNA isolated from these plasma samples. We evaluated the impact of blood tube and time delay on several quality control metrics. Results All preservation tubes performed similar on the quality metrics that were evaluated. Furthermore, a considerable increase in ... (Show More)

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In this study, we evaluated the effect of preservation agens on the effect of the methylation pattern of cell-free DNA. The methylation pattern was assessed with cell-free reduced representation sequencing (cf-RRBS). All 45 samples were sequenced on a NovaSeq6000, and samples are provided as raw fastq files.
Illumina NovaSeq 6000 45

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