RA-Map, A multi-omic survey of whole blood and subsets in early rheumatoid arthritis and vaccine study controls

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Rheumatoid arthritis (RA) is a chronic inflammatory disorder of unknown aetiology characterised by synovial inflammation with variable disease severity and drug responsiveness. To investigate the molecular heterogeneity and pathogenesis of RA, we performed a comprehensive clinical and molecular profile of 267 RA patients for up to 18 months to establish a high quality biobank of barcoded samples that included plasma, serum, peripheral blood cells, whole blood RNA, RNA from lymphocyte and monocyte subsets, genomic DNA and urine. We have performed extensive multi-omic immune phenotyping, including genomic, metabolomic, proteomic, transcriptomic and auto-antibody profiling. We anticipate that these detailed clinical and molecular data will serve as a fundamental resource for the development and application of targeted therapies for RA and reveal further insights into disease pathogenesis and therapeutic response.

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Genotyping of 244 early RA patients and 44 vaccine recipient controls was performed using the Illumina InfiniumCoreExome-24-v1-1 according to the manufacturer’s SOP. Raw idats from the Illumina iScan instrument were imported into GenomeStudio (v2011.1). Samples < 90 % call rate were excluded. Data was exported to PLINK PED/MAP format on the forward strand. Data was converted from PED/MAP to BED/BIM/FAM using PLINK v1.07.

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